Jacking with the gymnasts

August 23rd, 2016

Muscular straight guy shows off his freckled nude body while he masturbates to porn magazines.
Muscular blonde man ejaculating.

The Casting Room
Starring Nick

I’m not the hugest fan of sports, including the Olympics, but who doesn’t get off on men’s diving and gymnastics. Team USA is particularly hot this year!

I get hard for all sorts of me, but today I’m in a dirty blond muscle mood…

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Givin’ it up for Daddy

August 22nd, 2016

Tattooed muscle Daddies sucking their cocks and getting ready for gay anal sex.
Olive-skinned muscle hunk sitting on the big dick of a salt and pepper silver fox.

Starring Dallas Steele and David Benjamin

Although I didn’t get the hookup I hoped for at the pool party yesterday, it was super fun chatting with the guys and just socializing in general.

I was more disappointed that the weather didn’t cooperate, so we all kind of got stuck inside as a sweaty, overheated crowd. Hot, not hot.

I’m leaving later this week anyway on another trip to visit my Gay Days Husband, so I can’t complain. I’ve got a long weekend full of beard and cock and tattooed stud flip-fucking ahead of me…

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Yeah, I’ll fuck your boyfriend

August 21st, 2016

Muscular gay couple having a three-way with a hunky Latino Daddy.
Muscular stud sitting on a big dick while a muscle Daddy steadies him.

Hard Pounding Threesome
Starring Rocky Torres, Rocco Banks and Ross Hurston

The naked pool parties continue today, and I’m really looking forward to get into trouble. There’s a hot muscle couple I know that’s going to be there, and I’ve heard they’ve been talking about getting me in a three-way.

These dudes are known to be amazing rough-fuckers and very exclusive with whom they invite to join them, so I’ll be honored to fuck their brains out!

Actually, it’s more like we’ll fuck his brains out. One is a total top and the other a greedy bottom…

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Keeping him on edge

August 20th, 2016

Hunky guy with a porn moustache bound and edged by two other leathermen.
Older and younger leathermen edge a hunky stud who they have tied up in bondage.

Men On Edge
Starring Dale Cooper

Well, I got the married muscle hunk I wanted! His partner was out of town and he was horny AF, so he pounced on my invitation to hook up.

I fucked and fucked and fucked this guy until we were both sweaty and aching to cum. On top of all the other sounds this verbal bottom made, he kept saying to me, “not yet, Daddy, not yet! I want you to keep fucking me!”

And I did. I sucked his huge cock and fucked his sweet, muscular ass until he was begging for my cum. Finally, this talented fuck creamed himself as soon as I began unloading inside him.

It was a major score that I’m glad was as hot as hell because I have no doubt it’ll be at least another year before I get a piece of him again!

Unless I can get to know his husband…

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Gotta love the vocal ones

August 19th, 2016

Hung muscular guy fucking a vocal, hairy muscle power bottom.
Short, hairy bottom with huge muscles taking a big dick in his ass.

Dicklicious, Scene 2
Starring Myles Landon and Bruno Bernal

It’s Friday! Maybe you’ll be joining a few friends for cocktails after work, or maybe you’re like me and planning on fucking someone who really appreciates a good dicking down.

On my list for today, I’ve got that ginger fireman who loves getting fucked, my puppy (who’s on call for work and may be unavailable) and this Italian muscle hunk I hooked up with back when I was doing a lot of married guys.

I’m really hoping for (at least) #3, since he was the biggest and loudest…

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Ain’t life Grand!

August 18th, 2016

Hairy muscle Daddy being sucked and rimmed by a butch, bald guy
Bald muscle Daddy eating a furry muscular ass.

Alpha Males
Starring Butch Grand and Ray Stone

Holy fuck, Butch Grand is as hot as ever! That thick fur. Those big muscles. That sexual energy.

I would take that man any way I could get him. Woof!

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Why do it alone?

August 17th, 2016

Two fit guys taking turns jacking each other with a Fleshjack.
Two guys fucking a Fleshjack at the same time.

A Friend’s Toy
Starring Jimmie Slater and Brandon Rivers

There was tons of fun flirting and petting last night. The singlet I wore was definitely a hit!

But although I was bonered out pretty much the entire time, I didn’t shoot my load. So this morning I’ll be logging on to one of my new secret obsessions…a dirty gay video chat room I found where guys love watching me jack off as much as I love showing off.

Why just stroke one out when I get a much more powerful orgasm by having a room full of guys watch me and tell me how much they want me to fuck them?

I think today I’ll use my cock extender as a jack off sleeve for the fellas to enjoy. I just hope I can last a few minutes before spraying my load everywhere!

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