Like scouting, for grown-ups

September 2nd, 2015

Park ranger punishes a rogue scout by fucking him bareback.
Twink sitting on the raw dick of a heavily tattooed Daddy.
Heavily tattooed Daddy fucking a pale twink bareback.

Bareback Me Daddy
Starring Jerry Kaytton and Leo Ocean

Last night I pushed my bearfriend’s limits by fucking out in the woods. He gets turned on by nature, but isn’t exactly turned on by the idea of being caught.

Or so I thought.

He got so into me fucking him that he actually started making animal sounds. I thought we were going to have a Bambi woodland creature scene there for a minute! I held off long enough to flip it and sit on his dick, but that didn’t last long. As soon as I had him inside me, I shot a huge load all over his face and open mouth. He kept fucking me like crazy, then pulled out and sprayed his hot, wet load all over my back while I kissed him and fed him my cum with my tongue.

Talk about woofing!

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The Otter and the Cub

September 1st, 2015

Hairy blonde otter giving a blowjob to a bearded muscle cub.
Blonde otter getting into bed naked with a hung cub with a hard-on.

Cum Pig Men
Starring Blake Riding and Billy Warren

My sexual drought cums to an end today! Bearfriend is heading up to his country house this week, and although he’s going to be busy most of the time, at least I get to spend tonight with him.

I hope he’s hungry ’cause Daddy’s balls are full

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@AarinAskerXXX – Ask for him by name

August 31st, 2015

Scruffy muscle hunk Aarin Asker in leather boots and a jockstrap.
Blonde muscle hunk fisting a hairy, heavily tattooed power bottom.

Fist Pumpers, Scene 1
Starring JR Bronson and Aarin Asker

The more I see of Aarin Asker, the more I want. This hot little Daddy’s boy has an amazing hairy body and knows how to work that ass.

And check out the scorching sex vibe he sends out in this scene with JR Bronson. Good boy!

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Get a (sling) room!!

August 30th, 2015

Heavily tattooed muscle men fucking bareback in a leather sling.
Inked muscular stud being fucked from behind by another muscleman in a leather sling.

Starring Antonio Miracle and Aymeric Deville

Pool party today, different from the party last weekend. This one’s a fundraiser, loaded with loaded men in loaded Speedos getting loaded.

But like last weekend, I’ve booked a room at the host hotel. You know, so I have a place to put my, er, stuff…

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Watch for gay werewolves

August 29th, 2015

Muscular, hairy straight guy nude with an erection.
Hairy young muscle fucking the cum out of his bearded Sugar Daddy.

Sugar Daddies, Scene 3
Starring Ty Roderick and Dirk Caber

With a full moon looming, hopefully tonight will be full of crazy surprises.

My dick is ready for anything! Hairy men better watch their backs!!

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Hey, beardo!

August 28th, 2015

Thick-bearded muscle bear with a big hard-on.
Well-hung, muscular men, hairy-chested and heavily tattooed, flip-fucking.

Lucas Entertainment
Starring Valentino Medici and Dylan James

Today was one of those days on Scruff where everywhere I wanted to fuck was a thousand miles away. Literally.

Maybe I should just strip it down to basics. Got beard? Woof!

(Not to imply that Valentino Medici is basic in any way!)

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Bend over and do a god’s work

August 27th, 2015

Hung stud fucking a hairy muscle bottom.
Tattooed muscle stud with a beard being fucked by well-hung muscle bear Daddy.

First Time, Part 2 – Chapter 1
Starring Sergio Serrano and Aymeric Deville

Today was sooo long and drawn out…again. Ugh.

Please, Universe. I need some ass. And make it attached to a hot muscle guy like Aymeric Deville.

Thank you in advance.

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