Fuck his butt for good luck

July 30th, 2014

Fit bearded men rimming and fucking with a cum facial.

Tattooed bearded model fucking a muscle cub from behind.

Lust Fuck
Featuring Colt Rivers and Dale Cooper

I really enjoy watching Dale Cooper fuck another guy, and the last time I posted one of his scenes, I got lucky on underwear night.

Well, what do you know? It’s underwear night tonight…

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Time to take a load off

July 30th, 2014

Hairy tattooed Daddy fucking a blonde bearded guy bareback.

Barebacking another guy with his large veiny cock.

Featuring Drew Sebastian and Logan Stevens

Everyone is surprised (including me!) that I didn’t have nearly as much sex last weekend as I expected. More importantly, I did not breed a single man.

Hopefully that changes tonight…

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Getting dumped on at the office

July 29th, 2014

Corporate boss breaking in two new male hires with bareaback gay sex.
Tattooed, bearded businessman taking a cum load in the face.

Gentlemen 12: Barebacking in the Boardroom
Featuring Derek Parker, Comrad Blu and Nigel Banks

Obviously, Comrad Blu’s not going to do it for me, and I much prefer Derek Parker receiving than giving. Still, watching Parker spill his seed down the upside-down hole and back of Nigel Banks was kind of worth it.

So is the cum load he takes to the face…

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Into the woods

July 29th, 2014

Young, scruffy hikers flip-fucking in the woods.
Scruffy young blonde fucking his male friend on his back in the woods.

Outdoor Flip-Fuck
Featuring Chris Harder and Levi Michaels

After spending the weekend at the beach, maybe my next trip should be to the mountains. I hear the gay campground there has some friendly trails…

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Leather hot pants are perfect for hairy men in summer

July 28th, 2014

Hairy leather top with a thick beard and his blonde sub.
Dark, hairy leatherman fucking a subordinate in a sling.

Featuring Rich Kelly and Jonny Kingdom

I may not have ended up fucking one in a sling, but last night was a sea of hot leathermen with a whole lot of tan-lined white muscle butts. You gotta love leather bars at the beach!

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One bottom too many

July 28th, 2014

Not typically handsome bearded men with body hair and body muscles sporting erections.
Short bearded guy fucks a tall muscular man in gay bondage.

Although I like Alfie Stone and Scott Hunter individually, I didn’t like them together. In my mind, they’re both talented bottoms.

Insert a big hairy muscle top or two to fuck them, and you’ve got a video!

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Should I shower first?

July 27th, 2014

Incredibly muscular Spanish men fucking in the bathroom.
Muscular inked Latino covered in cum from his buddy's huge penis.

The Favor
Featuring Gabriel Vanderloo and Goran

Big-dicked muscle, and the sex is super hot, but who has fun fucking when there are hair clippings sticking to everything?

By the way, sand in your lube isn’t exactly a cake walk either…

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I’ll take the hot blonde bottom, thank you

July 27th, 2014

Smooth, burly, tattooed man fucking a tight muscular blonde bareback.
Ripped bearded blonde guy receiving a load of cum on his exposed asshole.

I know plenty of guys who would go for Sebastian Young, but I’d prefer Christopher Daniels over him any day.

Tight, muscular body with a handsome, manly face. And the way he has sex? Hot.

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What happens in Berlin…

July 26th, 2014

Gay men having sex freely on the dancefloors of the gay clubs in Berlin.
A guy on all fours getting penetrated with a dildo in front of a dance club full of gay men.

At The Club
Featuring Erik Finnegan and Patrik Ekberg

And to my buddy whose vacation took him overseas this weekend, I hope you’re going to get crazy in the Berlin clubs tonight!

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Would you like to take a dirty bath in my suite?

July 26th, 2014

Olive-skinned men sharing a romantic bath together.

Fucking his tight Spanish ass from behind in the spa tub.

Love and Lather
Featuring Rikk York and Damien Crosse

This afternoon I leave for my vacation at the beach, and although I don’t expect there to be any romance, I am staying at a gay B&B in the heart of the gay district.

Just sayin’…

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When you’re really into each other

July 25th, 2014

Handsome muscle men in white briefs fucking on a white background with nothing but a towel.
Fit furry top fucking a tattooed muscle man.

I dig how the white background sets off the fur and muscles of Jarec Wentworth and Richard Pierce, but really you could put these two in any setting and I’d want to watch. Great chemistry, and they’re having fun!

I love being able to disappear into a guy when I’m fucking him. In more ways than one…

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Is that a boner in your pocket or are you just tickled to see me?

July 25th, 2014

Slim, fit white guy tickled while his big hard dick is jacked.
Athletic man laughing hysterically as he's tickled naked and erect by another man.

Everyone knows I’m usually not into smooth guys, but I totally popped wood for Clay, all tied up, with his big dick flopping around while he was being tickled by Franco.

And you can clearly see that Clay’s into it, too…

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Since when do I have to wait my turn?

July 24th, 2014

Military men gang bang their straight, muscle-bound male prisoner.
Straight guy getting fucked by multiple army men in his hairy, muscular ass.

Prisoner of War, Part 4
Featuring Paddy O’Brian being pounded by Alex Brando, Damien Crosse, Allen King and Gabriel Vanderloo

So last night didn’t turn out exactly as I expected. Although my boy came over and I did rim and fuck the hell of out his hole, something was definitely off. At first I thought it was that he hadn’t cleaned himself out properly, but I can power through something like that. Then we changed positions, and it seemed more like a problem of air getting trapped in my spit. Either way, he was far too loose and squishy, so I had him clamp down on my dick to make me cum and then milk out every last drop.

When we go to clean up, I can tell there’s definitely more than my super-viscous spit and his ass juice there, so I ask if he pre-lubed. He says “sort of.” Turns out he still had someone else’s load inside him. Well, that’s just rude not to ask me first if that’s okay or if I wanted to participate. Besides, he should know by now that I always get the first turn with his ass!

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Turn your head and cough

July 24th, 2014

Doctor in a suit and tie examining a muscular male athlete.
Ripped muscle athlete fucks a bearded doctor wearing a suit.

Dr. Dani Examines Maikel
Featuring Dani Robles and Maikel Cash

Despite his impressive muscle development, Maikel Cash just doesn’t do it for me.

What did stiffen my stethoscope was the scenario, specifically an athletic man with a big dick in his tight, white briefs being inspected and groped by an inappropriate doctor on the exam room table…

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