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Worship time

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Soccer player nude from the waist down and grabbing his dick.
Hairy muscle bear forcing another man to worship his feet and take his cock outside a subway station.

Cazzo Club
Starring Macanao Torres and Rick Lous

It’s been a long time, so I’m excited that my puppy is back in town! I love the power play, and dressing up makes his tail wag…and my dick hard.

He’s especially into sportswear, so this afternoon, puppy will be worshiping Coach…

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Yellow hanky night

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Middle Eastern German stud in yellow briefs and OTC rugby socks.
Spanish muscle bear pissing on a bearded hunk and fucking him in the ass.

Cazzo Club
Starring Alberto Esposito and Samir Landser

I finally did it. I got over my pee-shyness. At least for a night. Underwear night, specifically.

I was out back having my last beer last night when a hot guy I didn’t know asked me if I needed to piss. When I said that I did, he motioned me back behind one of the fences where he got down on his knees, opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue.

Since I’d had quite a few, I needed to piss really badly…and my internal sensor was pretty well shut off. After taking a quick look around to make sure we were alone, I hauled out my cock and immediately starting pissing into this guy’s mouth.

It was a lot of piss, and after his first swallow, the guy lifted up his shirt and leaned forward to get my horse stream all over his chest. He was completely soaked on his torso and the front of his jeans. It looked like he’d pissed himself, too.

When I finished, he turned around and pulled his pants down, exposing his cute little butt. He spread his cheeks and gazed back at me with an expectant look in his eyes. So I shook the piss off my dick, spit in his hole and after a few strokes I was hard enough to slide inside him. I fucked him doggy style right there and somehow he muffled his moans so that our encounter stayed private.

I quickly came inside him, after which he hopped up, zipped up and headed out the back exit with a wink and a smile. Definitely a great introduction to public watersports…

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Who’s the Puppetmaster now?

Saturday, July 9th, 2016

Hairy stud fisting a Latino bottom before he fists himself.
Latino bottom in a jockstrap engaging in male anal self-fisting.

Howlers, Scene 7
Starring Brian Bonds and Adrian Alvarez

A hunky Puerto Rican friend of mine just hit me up to “hang out” with him and his husband this weekend. It’s not the first time. The problem is that I’m not sexually attracted to his husband. I think he’s a great guy. He just doesn’t turn me on.

Believe me, if he did, things would have gone down a lot sooner than this. My hunky friend happens to be a fisting pig bottom who’s dying to sit on my wrists, and I’d love to open him up…

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My teddy has a mustache

Friday, July 8th, 2016

Mustachioed, furry bear cub tickled hard and prostate milked.
Furry cub jacking off while a bearded Daddy fingers his asshole.

Tickled Hard
Starring Franco Dax and Colton Steele

Oh, my god. Colton Steele. He’s so little and adorable! That short, furry cub body and thick mustache. I just wanna grab him up, tickle him and give him a hug.

Then let him beg for my cock…

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Bringing seedy back

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

Heavily tattooed male couple fucking in a sling at the leather bar.
Leather men fucking bareback in a sling.

Bareback That Hole
Starring Dolf Dietrich and Hugh Hunter

Last night, we went to a big gay club that used to be known for being seedy. I guess we’re the ones who brought the seediness back!

Okay, so maybe we got told to “keep it in your pants, gentlemen!” by security, but none of the guys watching us seemed to mind…

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Heel, boy!

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Greek muscle god dominates a young leather and rubber twink with sex toys and caning before fucking him.
Greek dom top leash-fucking a twink in leather and rubber.

Hangin’ Hardcore, Scene 2
Starring Jaxton Wheeler and Alexander Gustavo

My puppy is in town for one more day, and he’s let me know that he’s been bad and needs to be disciplined. Perfect!

After Saturday, I need my boots cleaned and polished, and I’ll definitely need an outlet for my stress after work today…

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There’s the beef

Sunday, June 26th, 2016

Leather stud worshipping a huge Latino underwear bulge.
Leather hunk fucked bareback by a Latino muscle stud with a huge uncut cock.

Bang Bang Boys
Starring Marcelo Mastro and Andy Star

Holy fuck, last night was fun. Yes, there were tons of guys out in leather, but even better, tons of guys were there in underwear, too.

And y’all know I have an underwear fetish.

Big muscle men with even bigger bulges parading around, brushing up against me with their massive pouches as they walked by. In no time I was leaking and heading back to the fences to check out the action, and it didn’t disappoint.

Three big guys back there had their huge cocks out, circle jerking over a hot hunk in leather who was kneeling on the ground. I joined in the fun, and the group quickly swelled. By the time the first guy started shooting, there must have been at least 10+ guys in the circle.

One load triggered another and another and another, until the whole group was cumming all over this guy. The millions of our sperm mixed all over his face as he lapped it up and a few more guys behind him shot all over his shoulders, dripping down his back pouring into his ass crack. One of the guys next to me dropped down and slurped the rest off my cock (and a few other guys) before zipping up.

Happy Pride!

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