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Sweaty jocks turn me on

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Muscle Daddy catches a twink in the locker room sniffing his sweaty jockstrap.
Muscle Daddy fucking a twink in the locker room of his gym.

Towel Boy
Starring Myles Landon and Kyler Ash

When I was a teenager, I used to sneak around the locker room of the local gym and sniff guys’ jockstraps while they were in the shower. Sometimes I’d even steal them from their lockers or from the sauna where they’d be drying them out.

They were sooo salty and musky that I’d practically cum on the spot…

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Doing a load

Monday, April 17th, 2017

Muscular weatherman fucking in a gay bar.
Scruffy Middle Eastern weatherman being fucked in the ass by a hunky muscle Daddy.

Two Dick Minimum
Starring Manuel Skye and Mick Stallone

It turns out I was able to sneak in a hookup yesterday after all, and fuck, was it hot!

I’d been wanting an anonymous hookup, and this guy came over for a quick breeding. I took him out to the carport and into the attached shed, shut the windows and bent him over the laundry table.

I lubed up my cock and his hole with my viscous spit, then slowly slid inside him while he wagged his tail. His moans were so loud that even with the windows shut, I knew my neighbors on the patio next door would hear, so I put my hand over his mouth to muffle them, which made him squeal even more.

I filled up his tight, furry little hole, wiped the cum off my dick with a used dryer sheet and sent him on his way…

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Bear trapping

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Ginger Daddy bear getting a hand job while his nipples are sucked by another man.
Ginger Daddy bear fucking a younger man in a jockstrap bareback.

Hairy and Raw
Featuring Dalton Hawg and Alex Mason

I had to pass on a new hookup yesterday after a last-minute dinner sidetracked my plans. That’s okay, though. I’ve got a ginger muscle cub who I’ve been wanting to fuck for a long time set up for tomorrow afternoon.

Hopefully this time around will be a go ’cause Daddy’s gotta cum…

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Missing the gym

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

Hairy muscle stud strips in the locker room and plays with his erection.
Tattooed muscle hunk showing off his erection at the gym.

UK Hot Jocks
Featuring Dani Robles

I’ve been playing by the pool so much that I haven’t been getting to the gym as much as I need. My six-pack is disappearing and slowly being replaced by a soft, furry tummy. It’s nice to pet and would totally be a hit at the Gay Days Bear Pool in June, but if I can’t burn it back off by then, at least I should blow my pecs up more to counterbalance it…

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Sowing the seed

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Fit hairy Daddy getting a blowjob and fucking his heavily tattooed cub bareback.
Hairy Daddy breeding his ginger cub.

Bareback Cum Pigs
Featuring Damon Andros and Zack Acland

My Dick Twin and I have called off our plans for today. It turns out the guy we were going to DP is actually just a very curious top and not the experienced total bottom we thought he was.

So we’ll move on to greener pastures, which probably means another day or two at the pool, drinking and carousing. And secretly flip-fucking and breeding each other when we get back to my house…

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Ginger clubbing

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Heavily tattooed ginger cubs fucking bareback.
Heavily tattooed ginger cubs fucking bareback.

Butch Dixon
Featuring Zack Acland and Chase Acland

I went out last night to meet up with a friend for drinks and ended up ditching him for a hairy little fireplug of a guy with a thick ginger beard. He had just gotten into town for a family visit, but wanted to get some tail his first night here. And he did!

He described his dick as “small to comfortable,” which to a size queen like me means “small.” But he made up for it by keeping his bright blue eyes open while we made out. And the super-soft, thick fur on his chest and ass was amazingly pettable…

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Send nudes

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Tattooed muscle hunk in a jockstrap using a penis pump on his hard cock.
Hairy muscle stud in white OTC tube socks masturbating.

UK Hot Jocks
Featuring Aarin Asker

My cute fantasy man sent me a video this morning of him jacking off in the bathroom at work. He shot it at the request of someone else but sent it to me, too, the hot little fucker.

So now I’m all distracted at my desk, not sure what to do with myself. Actually, I know exactly what to do. I’ll stroke one out to that video he sent!

He looks a little like Aaron Asker, but with a better body. Impossible, I know…

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