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The furrier, the better

Friday, October 21st, 2016

Extremely hairy cub fucking a tattooed and pierced man bareback.
Man with hair all over his body fucking another man bareback.

Guy Bone
Starring Dustin Cross and Shane Rock

Bear Bust is this weekend, but since I have relatives coming into town tonight, I’m going to miss almost all of it. Almost.

I was able to get far enough ahead with work to take the afternoon off, so I’m going to stop by the host hotel’s pool and sneak in some afternoon petting…

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I love how mesh breathes

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

Bearded muscle stud with his huge cock hanging out of his black mesh singlet.
Hairy Daddy getting fucked bareback by a guy with a huge uncut cock.

Cazzo Club
Starring Aymeric Deville and Alberto Esposito

I don’t typically go to the Tuesday underwear nights, but last night I made an exception. I wore a hot pair of mesh briefs that really showed off my cock nicely and was rewarded with lots of friendly groping that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Cold front, schmold front…

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Daddy receives

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

Tattooed muscle Daddy in a jockstrap getting fucked bareback by a guy with a huge cock.
Tattooed muscle Daddy taking a raw dick in his ass.

Bareback That Hole
Starring Tommy Deluca and Ray Dalton

I think maybe word has been spreading that I’ve bottomed a few times…and liked it. True, I did enjoy myself so much that I’ve casually been talking to some tops I’ve always wanted to fuck to see if they want to fuck me instead. So far, it’s been resounding yeses all around, but I have yet to make any commitments.

I’ve been realizing that these guys are all well-hung, so this might prove to be quite a challenge. But who knows, maybe I’ll get a few flips along the way!

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Locker room talk

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

Men in jockstraps making out in the locker room and grabbing their dicks.
Older and younger muscular guys get naked in the locker room and have gay sex.

Post Workout Romp
Starring Marc Giacomo and Mike De Marko

A friend of mine was telling me about all the fun he has in the locker room at his gym, and it was making me totally jealous. Where I go, it’s not really set up to lend itself to cruising. But I guess when I think about it, I’d rather not shit where I eat, if you know what I mean.

Still, every now and then I get an eyeful, and my dirty mind goes places fast. You know, locker room talk…

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Hang loose

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

Leather cop fantasy with gay fisting and a jock who can take anything in his ass.
Guy with a bubble butt in a jockstrap and boots squatting on an enormously huge dildo.

Cazzo Club
Starring Nico Lust, Alexx Stier and Ashley Ryder

I was talking with a well-hung friend of mine the other day who also occasionally has problems with asses being too tight, and it got me thinking, I’ve been hooking up with all these tops, out of practice bottoms and newbies.

What I really need is to go back to slutty bottoms! A nice loose hole sounds great right about now…

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Ready for dick

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Nude ginger muscle hunk showing his perfect round ass.
Ginger muscle hunk having gay sex with a hairy stud with a huge cock in jockstraps.

Buff and Scruff, Scene 2
Starring Bennett Anthony and Spencer Whitman

I got a little distracted with friends yesterday to follow through on my gloryhole plan, but that’s okay. My hung flip is sure to please this afternoon, followed by a cocktail party tonight.

I’m taking the day off!

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Sunday, September 25th, 2016

Muscle Daddy and otter eating each other in the ass
Bearded otter getting his ass rimmed by a tattooed muscle hunk.

Bareback Cum Pigs
Starring Hugh Hunter and Stephen Harte

I love eating ass. Furry ass. Smooth ass. Tiny ass or big bubble butt. There’s always something I can find to enjoy.

Lately, I’ve especially been fascinated by taking a firm, open-mouthed bite on the egg-shaped mass of muscle at the base of the glute on either side.

It’s easier to find if the guy is face down, and not everyone likes it, but give it a try sometime. It really drives some guys totally fucking nuts.

In fact, I plan on using the trick (once again) on my young muscle otter pup just a few hours from now…

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