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Don’t bite the dick that feeds you

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

Twink bondage sucking a hairy tattooed Daddy dick.
Hairy, inked Daddy fucking a younger men bareback while he's suspended from the ceiling with rope.

TIM Fuck
Featuring Drew Sebastian and Luke Bennet

My dick has been healing nicely since the most recent bruising incident, so I’m tempted to take it a little rougher tonight. Or at least tie him up and use him from behind.

As long as I don’t break the damn thing!

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Shaving puppy

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Leather pup about to have his beard shaved off by his Sir.
Male sex slave in a leather jock is shaved and fucked by his Master.

Pup Grooming
Featuring Drake Jaden and Mike Gaite

Noooooooo! Why would Drake Jaden agree to shave off his beard, even for the sake of a domination/humiliation scene?

Yes, he’s still cute and I know it will grow back, but damn. He’s so much hotter with a beard…

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Underwear night gets a little out of hand

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Muscle bottom in a bright orange jockstrap being rimmed by a hung guy in printed briefs.
Muscle man sucking and fucking a blonde bodybuilder in his jockstrap.

Dirty Fuckers, Scene 2
Featuring Jimmy Durano and Johnny V

Last night, I finally hooked up with this crazy guy with a hot little body I’ve been interested in bedding for a long time and had given up on. It was sudden, unexpected and very hot, with the whole thing going down on the back deck of the bar while a buddy inside watched my stuff.

Maybe it was all the free drinks people were plying me with, but apparently I let the rough play go a little far. I woke up this morning with sore nipples, a bruised dick and a busted lip…

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Now that’s a handful

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Scruffy young guy in a jockstrap exposing his enormous white dick.
His huge cock is so big he uses both hands at the same time to jerk off.

Preston Cole may be a little weak in the chin, but that’s the only place he’s small.

20 years old? I would definitely break my lower age limit for him…

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If only my maintenance men looked this hot

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Hairy, muscular construction workers in jockstraps having a gay sex orgy.
Hairy muscle men in jockstraps gay bukkake.

US vs. Europe: 7 Man Orgy
Featuring Dominic Pacifico, Spencer Reed, Billy Baval, Damian Boss, Aitor Crash, Valentin Alsina and Adam Killian

I’m so horny this morning, I’d actually welcome a big, sloppy 7-man orgy in my living room.

I just need to stay home and call in the plumber, electrician, gardener, roofer, pool guy and handyman…

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Hung up over muscle butt

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Muscular man in red jockstrap strung up and waiting to get fucked bareback by his bald, bearded boyfriend.
Horny blad guy fucking his muscular boyfriend bareback.

Butch Dixon
Featuring Bruno Fox and Nick North

Call me greedy, but after this weekend, all I want to do is breed more and more muscle butt.

And there were some nice ones at the gym today…

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Of course I trimmed my toenails

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Sex pigs getting fucked with male fists and feet.
Tattooed man slipping his two greasy feet into another man's anus.

Fist and Foot-Fucking
Featuring Matthias takes Ashley Ryder’s fist until Eddie

I got some great compliments on my feet from my fuck buddy last night and thoroughly enjoyed the long, deep foot massage he gave me.

Maybe next time I bend him over, I’ll have to stretch his sweet hole with my long toes and high arches…

Break out the tub o’ grease

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Rubber pig bottom is fucked and fisted by two French skinheads with big uncut cocks.
Bearded men in leather chaps taking double-fisting with tons of anal lube and viscous spit.

Cazzo Club
Featuring Matthieu Paris, David Castan and Nicolas Torri

My viscous spit is extremely popular among the men in my Big Black Book, but I concede that for a good deep-fisting, I would have to crack open a bottle of lube.

Unless I can find a guy with the rare and coveted self-lubricating ass…

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Grease-covered punch fuck

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Gay orgy of men covered in ass grease fisting each other.
Fisting pig bottom getting punched fucked in his rosebud.

War and Grease, Part 4
Featuring Aaron Summers and Lee Heyford

Ok, so maybe there wasn’t any punch-fucking at the pool party yesterday, but if you swap that grease out for suntan lotion, you’re in the right neighborhood for how shit went down…

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That muscle ass, those socks!

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

One muscle jock in rugby socks sucking another stud's big dick through his jockstrap.
Muscular men in jockstraps and over-the-calf athletic socks having gay sex in their sports gear.

Dirty Fuckers, Scene 1
Featuring Johnny V and Sean Zevran

Although I was initially in it for Sean Zevran, I kind of fell in love with Johnny V in this scene. Dedicated performance, slammin’ body and some vocals that really made me leak.

Plus, he reminds me of this one blonde guy I fucked once who was super hot, before he went nuts on crystal meth…

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Time for a 3-way, not a throuple

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Three heavily tattooed men having gay bareback sex.
Three guys bareback and shoot five cumshots.

Blue Bailey gets his choice of two tops for a scene and brings in hung stud Dolph Dietrich and daddy Luke Thomas. Dicks are slobbered on, asses are eaten and 5 loads are dropped. Oh yeah, these guys had fun.”

I’m warming up to the idea of a threeway again, but I think only if it’s two strangers… and totally NSA.

I don’t need any boyfriend-boyfriend drama in my life.

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Goddamn, that’s a lotta muscle and dick

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Tattooed muscle men displaying their huge hard cocks.

Inked muscle man fucking another tattooed bodybuilder with his enormous cock.

Under My Skin – Part 1, Scene #03
Featuring Trenton Ducati and Seven Dixon

I know my cock is big, and I’ve been doing tons of legs at the gym.

But, damn! I’ve gotta step up my game…

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The Blow-A-Bear Factory

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Bald bear sucking the big dick of a tattooed muscle bear.
Bearded bear sucking another bear's dick to completion.

Tim Suck
Featuring Rocco Steele and Adam Russo

Today was so fucking busy that I almost didn’t have time to plan any fucking. Luckily for me, my bearfriend is back in town, and I’m stoked to go see him tomorrow for a relaxing evening of dirty gay lovin’.

Did I just say “stoked”? Ugh.

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Fuck that jockstrapped bottom

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Bottom in a jockstrap worshipping muscle top in lycra shorts.
Bearded bottom in a jockstrap worships his top's muscles in boxer briefs.

Thick Dicked Bruno Fucks Hungry Hole
Featuring Bruno Fox and Dolan Wolf

Add some CBT to the muscle worship and domination, and this is pretty much how it went down for me yesterday.

That, and he took my load with him…

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