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For the love of Daddy

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Muscle Daddies fucking and jacking off on the couch together.
Hairy Daddy ejaculating next to another male bodybuilder.

One Big Horny Family
Starring Nick Capra and Mitch Vaughn

Ok. Y’all know I like a good porno storyline. This series? I’m not so sure.

It’s pretty hot in the father-son seduction scenes and the dirty talk between Dads that reference each other’s sons. I guess my problem is with the romance angle. I don’t like that they’re weaving dirty gay fantasy sex into something we can finally see as realistic and mundane.

So quasi-incest works for me, but having breakfast together beforehand crosses the line? Yep.

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Take your pick

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Furry muscle butt and big thick cock
Hairy, bearded guy flip-fucking with his huge cock and thick ass with a Latino guy

Lucas Entertainment
Starring Spencer Whitman and Rafael Lords

Driving up to bearfriend’s country home today for a little Hump Day fun, humping included. I’m finding it harder and harder to decide whether I want to try taking his big dick or just enjoy fucking his muscular ass.

We have so little time on our visits lately, there’s only so much he can handle!

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Talk dirty to me!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Straight muscle guys show off their hairy bubble butts.
Muscular, hairy Cuban men with bubble butts having anal sex.

Almost Straight From Cuba
Starring Armando De Armas and Fernando Del Rio

When it rains it pours! I got laid again last night. I’ve been so fucking horny lately, and guys keep hitting me up exactly when I have breaks in my schedule.

Anyway, I had fucked this guy before, so I had a good idea of what I was in for. He’s a beefy Latino muscle stud who’s very passionate and loves when I fuck him. Everything was all sexy and amazing like usual, and then he starts talking to me in Spanish. Dirty Spanish. Very dirty Spanish!

It was so fucking hot I couldn’t stop cumming. I’m fucking and fucking and cumming so hard inside him, while he’s cumming and swearing in Spanish and looking deeply into my eyes. It was so fucking hot!

And I made sure he knew that his dirty talk is welcome next time and every time…

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Giving puppy a drink

Monday, October 5th, 2015

Bearded male sucking the cock of a hairy Daddy bear.
Bearded man about to take a load of fresh cum in his mouth.

TIM Suck
Starring Eric Hassan and Jay Banks

My puppy is back on the leash, and I couldn’t be happier! To be honest, he was never really completely off the leash, *wink, wink*.

Besides the fun and power play, he’s the best damn cocksucker I’ve ever met in my life. And I love getting my cock sucked.

He’s got tricks like no other, tricks that I still can’t figure out…

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He’s a goddamn carnival ride

Sunday, October 4th, 2015

Two shirtless cowboys having gay sex outside.
Muscle man lifts another man up by his thighs so he can eat his ass from a headstand position.

Total Exposure 1, Scene 10
Starring Austin Wolf and Brian Bonds

I didn’t pick up a straight guy last night, but I did get laid. Majorly.

This guy was a total freak and wanted my dick however he could get it. On his knees, on his back, face down, motherfucking upside down… No lie!

For a couple of nerds, we turned out some serious carnival-crazy sex. Totally inspiring and fun, but damn, does my body hurt today!

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Curious to try a big dick?

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

Straight guy sitting down on a huge fat cock.
Bearded hunk fucking a straight guy with his huge cock.

His Sister’s Lover, Scene 4
Starring Tommy Defendi and Duncan Black

I’m attending a technology conference this weekend and going to a cocktail mixer tonight. Time to get my nerd on and seduce me a straight guy!

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Get more than you ask for @AarinAskerXXX

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

Submissive sex pig getting tied up and fisted in the locker room by another man.
Hairy muscle stud tied up with rope and fist-fucked by anoither man.

Men On Edge
Starring Jessie Colter and Aarin Asker

To my delight, I found Aarin Asker in my inbox this morning, but I was kind of disappointed by what I saw. Not because of Aarin Asker, but because I know his talented ass can handle much more than an average (albeit thick) dick.

So I looked up this crazy hot fisting and edging scene instead.

You’re welcum!

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