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Watch for gay werewolves

Saturday, August 29th, 2015

Muscular, hairy straight guy nude with an erection.
Hairy young muscle fucking the cum out of his bearded Sugar Daddy.

Sugar Daddies, Scene 3
Starring Ty Roderick and Dirk Caber

With a full moon looming, hopefully tonight will be full of crazy surprises.

My dick is ready for anything! Hairy men better watch their backs!!

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Bend over and do a god’s work

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Hung stud fucking a hairy muscle bottom.
Tattooed muscle stud with a beard being fucked by well-hung muscle bear Daddy.

First Time, Part 2 – Chapter 1
Starring Sergio Serrano and Aymeric Deville

Today was sooo long and drawn out…again. Ugh.

Please, Universe. I need some ass. And make it attached to a hot muscle guy like Aymeric Deville.

Thank you in advance.

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Hump Day indeed!

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

Hairy businessmen in suits fucking at the office.
Hairy German office workers in suits having anal sex in the hallway of their office building.

Cazzo Club
Starring Wolf Wagner and Michael Selvaggio

I’ve had a couple of heavy work days in a row, and I could really use an outlet for my stress. I need someone detail-oriented who can take my dictation, if you know what I mean…

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Daddy chasing Daddy

Friday, August 21st, 2015

Hung muscle Daddies flip-fucking with their big dicks.
Hung muscle Daddy pulling his huge cock out of the other man and cumming on him.

Blue Collar Ballers, Scene 3
Starring Dallas Steele and Dirk Caber

My schedule’s been changing so much that I’m ending up at the gym at all different hours. It’s been nice seeing some familiar faces and meeting new people, but today it was like a muscle Daddy competition up in there!

Chiseled, hairy older men with big muscles and tight asses, driving this silver fox crazy. I finally understand guys with profiles that say they’re both Daddies and Daddy Chasers. Woof!

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Lifeguards make me hard

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Hairy, tattooed muscle man in a tank top and red Speedo.
Hairy, bearded, muscular stud in a red Speedo stripping nude.

All-American Heroes
Starring Hugh Hunter

I haven’t gotten to the beach nearly enough this year, and the summer pool parties are already starting to wind down. So I really need to make an effort and get out there before all the men in Speedos disappear.

Guys in spandex banana hammocks turn me on so much that I practically pop wood just at the sight of one. Put Hugh Hunter in a Speedo and I don’t even need to see the rest of this jack-off scene for me to bust my nut.

Seriously, I’ve got butterflies in my stomach just from watching him slide his suit down around his ankles and off one foot. It makes me want to pounce!

Want my attention? Put on a Speedo…

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A tight fit

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Hairy bear and cub fucking bareback in the steam room at the gym.
Daddy bear squeezing his raw hairy dick into an extra-tight bottom.

Breed Me Raw
Starring Luke Harrington and Aaron Burk

Another Scruff score today! It was a guy I haven’t hooked up with in a long time who’s private, dark and very intense. His muscular little butt was so tight that he kept forcing me out of him, but he kept telling me how badly he wanted it… and I knew from past experience that he could take me.

I kept adding more spit and more lube, letting go of his legs so he could wrap them around me, propping his ass up on a pillow and doing everything I could to keep my balance after a heavy leg workout at the gym this morning.

I could tell he was holding back from cumming until I did. I could see it in his eyes and by how he was handling his cock. That, and he kept begging me to breed him. He popped me out one last time, just about squeezing the life out of me.

I stroked my dick while he fingered his hairy hole, and it was such an amazing sight that suddenly I was ready to pop. I quickly shoved my hard dick in his ass alongside his finger, and his eyes opened wide with surprise. As I pumped wave after wave of cum deep inside him, he shot his load, too. It was like my semen was shooting through him and out his dick.

Sweaty. Sticky. Everywhere.

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Irresistible sex appeal

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Veiny, hairy muscle Daddy with a big bulge in his red Speedo.
Veiny, muscular Daddy in a Speedo showering outside and masturbating by the pool.

Big Buddies, Scene 2
Starring Dallas Steele

Last night I ran into an old fuck buddy of mine who clearly had been drinking all day. His partner was nowhere to be found, and he happily planted a big wet one on me while grabbing at my dick through my shorts. Even sober this guy is like Dallas, oozing sex and sending out an irresistible vibe that he wants you. Heavy-duty, industrial strength flirting, for sure.

He’s a great kisser, so I had to enjoy that for a little bit. But in the end, I called a cab and sent his cute little drunk ass home to his partner.

It’s not all that I was trying to do the right thing… My dick is still sore from Saturday night!

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