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Sunday, September 25th, 2016

Muscle Daddy and otter eating each other in the ass
Bearded otter getting his ass rimmed by a tattooed muscle hunk.

Bareback Cum Pigs
Starring Hugh Hunter and Stephen Harte

I love eating ass. Furry ass. Smooth ass. Tiny ass or big bubble butt. There’s always something I can find to enjoy.

Lately, I’ve especially been fascinated by taking a firm, open-mouthed bite on the egg-shaped mass of muscle at the base of the glute on either side.

It’s easier to find if the guy is face down, and not everyone likes it, but give it a try sometime. It really drives some guys totally fucking nuts.

In fact, I plan on using the trick (once again) on my young muscle otter pup just a few hours from now…

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Yes, Papa!

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

White beard muscle Daddy in the nude showing off his tattoos and male bikini tan lines.
Muscle Daddy flip-fucking with a big bear cub.

Starring Bo Bangor and Lanz Adams

After a long day trapped inside yesterday, I was ready to blow off some steam. Thankfully, this short, furry muscle Daddy I met last weekend was ready and eager for me to fuck him.

He’s actually a schoolteacher with a very naughty side, so when he has a chance to let loose, he goes for it. He couldn’t get enough of my big dick and, being versatile, wanted to fuck me, too. Since all our communication has been about me fucking him, I wasn’t exactly ready for that one.

But next time, you hot fuck…

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Fun in the sun

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Nude muscle Daddy pissing and relaxing in the pool.
Muscle Daddy shooting his huge load of cum.

Island Studs
Starring Miller

This new work schedule of mine is definitely a lot to handle, but I’m grateful to have the work. And even though today may be the last official day of summer, there are still some hot days left I can get out to enjoy.

And hot Daddies to pick up at the pool…

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Your nasty gay uncle

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

Well-hung nude man with a huge erection.
Hung, hairy young man having gay sex with his muscular, hung uncle.

Say Uncle, Scene 2
Starring Bruce Beckham and Matthew Bosch

My work schedule has changed, adding a lot of extra hours to the mix, but I was still able to sneak in a few hours of fucking late yesterday afternoon.

It was this young muscle otter who I’d flirted with before. He had gotten my number and was texting me to see how I was doing. Out of nowhere he tells me he need a sensual man to fuck him and asks if I’ll be that man. After dancing with him shirtless and seeing his amazing body and crazy hot ass, of course I said yes.

Casual sex is not this guy’s thing, so I wasn’t surprised when the day got later and later without hearing from him. Eventually he showed and told me he had nearly chickened out. We’re both glad he didn’t.

We made out in the living room first, then my office and the kitchen before heading back to the master bedroom. I slowly undressed him and kissed and licked every furry spot on his ripped, fit body while his eyes rolled back in his head.

He was wearing a harness he bought last weekend and wanted to keep it on through the whole experience. I pulled him close with it and kissed him all over while he leaked pre-cum through his boxer briefs. I stripped those off and flipped him over, spreading his perfect cheeks and going to town eating his ass.

Flipping him back over, I finally gave him what he wanted. It look longer than usual for his tight hole to accommodate my cock. I’m the biggest guy he’s ever been with, but with patience, comforting attention and a few sniffs of poppers, he finally opened up for me.

We fucked a few different ways over the next three hours, but my favorite was holding his harness and taking him from behind. Or rather, he backed up on me like a pro twerker! It was incredible, and he let me know that he doesn’t do that for hardly anyone, but did for me since I turned him on so much. Lucky me!

It was a stormy evening to remember, and one I hope to repeat…

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Nasty Daddy Monday

Monday, September 19th, 2016

Salt and pepper businessman strips down to his sheer socks while stroking his huge cock.
Hung Daddy businessman pulls his trousers around his ankles and sheer socks to show off his huge white cock.

Daddy’s Home
Starring Derek Anthony

Monday’s aren’t that bad when you’re a dirty bastard like me. My imagination goes wild at all the businessmen in suits and what they’ve got packing.

I know I’ve got some special gear on this morning. You never know who you might meet in the tower bathroom…

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Now that’s a romp!

Saturday, September 17th, 2016

Three otters share a bareback gay sex romp.
Stephen Harte getting covered in cum in an otter bareback group bukkake finish.

Bareback Otter Romp
Starring Damon Andros, Dusty Williams and dirty gay favorite Stephen Harte

I got very lucky last night at the underwear bear party, scoring a hot hookup with a couple of muscle otters. It was one of those rare cases where the three of us had equal attraction and all of our sexual energies were totally compatible.

I was more of the top, while the others were versatile and bottom. It was as if we were all just one big sexual machine, pleasing each other at the same time and getting off on seeing the others being pleased. So much muscle and fur everywhere! We ate each other’s asses, sucked cock and flip-fucked until everyone came multiple times…on each other, in each other and all over the room!

It’s the best otter romp I’ve had in a very long time. Maybe the best ever…

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Whatever breed you need

Friday, September 16th, 2016

Furry muscle Daddy fucking a gay otter bareback.
Hairy muscle Daddy cumming in the ass of a younger man.

Bareback Cum Pigs
Starring Damon Andros and Alex Mason

Tonight there’s an underwear bear party at the big gay bar, and I can’t wait. Otters like me tend to be pretty popular at these events…although I recently was told again that I’m more of a fox or wolf than an otter.

Whatever gots paws, I can be! I’m just horny and ready for play!!

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