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Everlasting love…of underwear

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Mature muscle jocks fucking on gym equipment.
Tattooed muscle stud fucking Ross Hurston in the ass through his open back jockstrap.

Muscle-bound Gym Sex
Starring Rocco Banks and Ross Hurston

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been attending lots of skill-building exercise workshops or the fact that I’ve been spending so much time in the gym, but my fantasies really have been turning toward men in jockstraps and athletic socks lately.

I’m grateful that I respond to a much wider range of sexual stimuli as a full-grown man, but this video reminds me of simpler times, when jockstraps and underwear were almost the only thing that would get me off.

Sidebar: It’s nice to see Ross Hurston again!

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Breakfast is served

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

Hairy gay men sucking cock in the kitchen.
Hairy muscle otter rimming a beefy muscle bear.
Muscle otter and muscle bear having gay bareback sex in the kitchen.

Dudes Raw
Starring Jimmie Slater and Alessio Romero

Out-of-town bearfriend came through town late last night exhausted from an extended work week, so we had a few drinks and crashed in bed.

He’s still there, and here I am, recharged and ready for him to get up!

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Fuck any body you want

Friday, June 26th, 2015

Muscle bear topping a muscle cub.
Hairy bearded guy fucking another guy in the ass raw with his huge cock.
Muscle Daddy barebacking a muscular cub with his gigantic dick.

TIM Fuck
Starring Drew Sebastian and Victor Savio

Although I didn’t get to meet him, I did see Drew Sebastian walking around at Gay Days earlier this month. Yes, he’s hot in videos (even this older one), but good goddamn, that is one big, beefy dude!

I have to admit I’m a little jealous. While I’m happy to have a lanky yogi’s body, I’ve always dreamed of being a beefed-up monster. At least while I work towards becoming more of a giant, there are still plenty of beefy fireplugs who love taking my big dick…

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Beef is served

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Beefy straight cub with thick thighs receiving a blowjob.
Beefy straight guy receiving a blowjob from another man.

Spunk Worthy
Starring Nash

Hmmm. I have a date with local bearfriend on the books for tonight, but just got a message from out-of-town bearfriend that he’s coming into town a day early. What to do? What to do?

I would introduce them, but they might run off together! LOL!

Since out-of-town bearfriend doesn’t get in until late this afternoon, local bearfriend is about to became a lunch date.

Good thing this otter loves to eat!

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Happy Father’s Day!

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Beefy, hairy Daddy in the nude with another guy grabbing his erect penis.
Hairy Daddy fucking a younger tattooed guy bareback and breeding his ass.

Gay Videos Network
Starring Alessio Romero and Nick Cross

Be sure to treat your Daddy right today. You know what he wants!

And if you don’t have a Daddy, why not try taking a six-pack with you to the park? I’m sure you’ll find some DILF there who’s just a few drinks away from sneaking off to the bathroom with you…

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Keeping cool with hot hole

Saturday, June 20th, 2015

Hung Daddy with an erection meeting a bearded ginger in a jockstrap.
Well-hung muscle Daddy fucking a bearded stranger bareback.

TIM Fuck
Starring Steven Richards and Pete Summers

Ok. So it’s like Africa hot outside today, and I don’t have a pool at my new place. It’s definitely time to get to the bathhouse.

Pool, check. Dark, air-conditioned sex maze, check!

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Insert here!

Friday, June 19th, 2015

White muscle Daddy in a jockstrap getting fucked by a young black man.
White Daddy with a porcelain muscle ass sitting on a dark black cock.

Butch Dixon
Starring JP Richards and Giorgio Arsenale

The overacting in this video was way too much for me. Total boner killer. But then I think about what it would be like to fuck Giorgio Arsenale myself, and schwing!!

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Muscle bear madness

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Hairy muscle bears naked with big hard-ons.
Mature Spanish muscle bears flip-fucking bareback.

Casting Couch #343
Starring Felipe Ferro and Jose Quevedo

¡Hola, Jose!

Now that’s a man I could really sink my teeth and everything else into.


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Big black cock, coming right at ya!

Friday, June 12th, 2015

White Irish guy sucking a huge 11-inch black cock.
Well-hung black man fucking a little white guy bareback and shoving cum into his ass.

Gay Videos Network
Starring Jerry Stearns and Patrick O’Connor

Usually I don’t see dick at my gym…it’s not that kind of gym. But good god damn this ripped, muscular black guy stepped out of the shower as I was walking by, and his huge black cock was just swinging for all to see. And then he winked at me!

If I hadn’t been so caught off guard, I would have followed him into the changing cubicle and started a sword fight…

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Don’t let him go unfulfilled

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Gym guys checking out a attooed muscle stud changing in his black jockstrap.
Tattooed muscle hunk getting spit-roasted by two guys in the gym locker room.

I Need Big Cock
Starring Dimitri Kane, Luke Milan and Hugh Hunter

I didn’t find a little brother yesterday to play with, but I was very happy with what I did get.

I’d been talking with this (relatively new) porn star off and on over the past year, and yesterday he messaged me to let me know he was going to be in town. He also asked if I could host. Hell, yeah, I can host! I gave him my address and about half an hour later he had made it through the pouring rain to my front door.

His tank top was soaked, and a spray of rain beads covered his massive, steaming, heavily tattooed shoulders. He flashed a big smile and laughed as he came in out of the rain and slipped a bit in the doorway. I offered him a drink, but he had brought his own, so we toasted and immediately started making out. Clothes started coming off and I grabbed him a towel to dry him off some more. He grabbed a tissue and blew his nose…I thought.

He’s sitting on the bed now, grabbing my waist and thrusting my hard cock in his mouth and all the way down his deep throat. He looks up into my eyes, and I signal him to get on his back. Without hesitation he spreads his muscular butt cheeks and exposes his hole, then spreads his spit there and on my throbbing cock.

Like magic, I’m balls-deep inside him. It’s a perfect fit. He wraps his arms and legs around me and matches his thrusts to mine. We’re pounding away, sweating and grunting, moving from one position to another until I’m on my back with him riding me. Suddenly, a look comes across his face…

“Um, I think I’m bleeding.”

It was his finger. He had cut it on the metal door frame when he slipped coming inside. Thinking it was minor, he had grabbed a tissue to put pressure on it and make it stop. It hadn’t stopped.

Blood was everywhere. On the floor. On the pillows. On the bed. On me. Bloody streaks smeared in a finger pattern across my back and left side. It was hilarious!

We wiped the blood off ourselves, bandaged his finger and had a drink. Then we pushed the dirty sheets aside and finished the job. Sweaty and exhausted, he told me I had taken his “vacation cherry.” Haha!

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I just can’t get enough

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Muscle Daddy in a black jockstrap licking his hairy armpit.
Muscular man with a mustache posing in his jockstrap then showing off his uncut erection.

Butch Dixon
Starring Giorgio Arsenale

Even though my body is still recovering from all the partying last weekend, my libido is doing just fine. In fact, it’s actually super high and kinda distracting. I’ve had to beat off a bunch of times already just to get through the day. It’s like hair-of-the-dog for fucking my brains out!

And I’m definitely leaning toward mustachioed muscle Daddies…

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Muscle bear underwear

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Muscle bear Daddy in boxer briefs on the couch showing his big feet.
Hairy muscle Daddy stripping out of his boxer briefs and jacking off with his uncut cock.

Dirty Tony
Starring Alex Lebue

I got up sooo early this morning. Rested, just early. So well-rested, in fact, that my boner wouldn’t go down.

A minute here, a minute there, but I couldn’t get the horny out of my head. I didn’t want to try to negotiate something online, so I came up with another idea.

Bearfriend is out running a jobsite this morning with early morning crews, so I texted him and told him to go to the bathroom, pull down his pants and send me pics. I waited for about a half hour and was just about to stroke it to something else…pre-cum was running down my leg, after all…when my phone chimed.

Boom! Muscle bear in underwear. Hot!

Even hotter though was his message. “Hope these help. Ran inside to take them.” HOT!!!

I studied the pics as I walked over to the full-length mirror in the hallway, getting painfully hard. I tapped on my phone’s camera, and with a handful of pre-cum and viscous spit, I recorded a stellar jack-off to thank him. Even I was surprised by the huge volume of cum that kept shooting and shooting and shooting out of my cock. I was so fucking turned on!

So I may not have hooked up today, but I sure did clean the pipes out!

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His place was the shit

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Muscle bears making out by the windows overlooking the pool.
Muscle bears having hardcore gay sex over the pool.

Catch 22, Scene 3
Starring Eddy CeeTee and Hugh Hunter

I don’t know what came over me last night. I met this muscle bear at a photography show in the afternoon. We hit it off, went out to dinner and ended up back at his place.

He had a hot tub out on his deck, which is where we got naked with a couple of drinks. We soaked and laughed and sipped and kissed. It was really fun, considering how much I typically dislike hot tubs. How could I not like this?

Suddenly we’re making out, spilling bourbon into chest hair, pawing at wet, chlorinated muscles. He leads me out of the water, bends over the edge of the tub and demands that I fuck him. Again, how could I not like this??

He spreads his furry muscle butt, and I slide inside him. All the way. This guy is a pro. He calls me “Daddy” and tells me to fuck him…hard. I start banging deep inside him, and he keeps telling me to fuck him harder. It’s like I’ve got ‘roid rage, I’m fucking this guy so hard.

We’re on the hot tub, on the patio furniture, against the wall and even down in the back yard, fucking like animals. Did I mention he has a chocolate Lab? And that’s where it went wrong.

No, the dog didn’t get involved. Not in person anyway. You know that smell when you’re fucking a guy that let’s you know he wasn’t quite “ready” for you? Kiiiinda like that. We had rolled in dog shit.

That’s what happens when you’re gone all day, and doggie uses the doggie door to go outside and relieve himself. You’re not there to clean up the yard before bringing home a surprise trick (that would be me) and having him fuck you all over the place. Literally.

We had a good laugh and a thorough outdoor shower before kissing goodnight and me heading home. I’ll have to check out the master bedroom another time…

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In search of furry muscle

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Hairy surfer strips naked outdoors and gets an erection in front of his surfboard.
Ripped, muscular surfer ejaculating on his rock hard hairy abs.

Island Studs
Starring Gibson

Finally back on track after the verrry long weekend, just in time for the next weekend. I thought my muscle-y, furry puppy was going to be here to play with, but since he’s out of town, I’m going to have to find another petting zoo.

Maybe paddleboarding, naked yoga or even a pool party. Whatever.

Just as long as there are hairy pecs and abs involved…

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