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Filling up pup

Friday, February 12th, 2016

Bearded Daddy fucking a muscle cub bareback.
Hairy Daddy ejaculating inside a muscle pup from behind.

Dirty Tony
Starring Damon Andros and Aaron Asker

This weekend couldn’t get here fast enough. I’m grouchy, horny and ready for a drink, and those needs don’t need to be filled in that order.

It would help, but I’ll take them as they cum…

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Splitting him in half

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Muscle bear power top hammer fucking a tattooed muscle bottom.
Muscle bear power top hammer-fucking a bodybuilder bareback.

Tim Tales
Starring Dalton Sirius and Antonio Miracle

I’m not usually a rabbit-fucker, but if it’s going to get a reaction like the one Antonio Miracle gives in this video, I’m down!

Fuck, that’s hot!!

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Daddy hunted

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

Heavily tattooed muscle Daddy fucking a twink bareback by the pool.
Muscle Daddy ass and twink ass during an outdoor bareback fuck.

Bareback Me Daddy
Starring Ray Dalton and Colton Suede

Since I started using Daddyhunt, I definitely have expanded my hookup pool. Hot “misters” for sure, but getting messages from all the “hunters” out there has been newly exciting.

I’m leaning more and more toward sharing my time-tested, expert topping skills with younger men. I feel it’s my obligation to provide the next generation with the tools they need to…aww, fuck it. I just like their tight little butts!

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Can’t rape the willing

Sunday, February 7th, 2016

Twink fucked by a well-endowed man hiding in his apartment.
Smooth twink ass sitting down on an enormous cock.

Sexperiment, Episode 4
Starring Rocco Steele and JD Phoenix

This twink has been hounding me not just to fuck him, but to break into his house and rape him. He’s gone into great detail about how he wants it to go down, but he’s forgetting that he won’t be the one in control.

It’s just like the guy who rode my cock last night and didn’t want to cum right away. I had him in a position where he had no choice. He was so pissed, but turned on at the same time that someone finally got him to experience forced ejaculation for the first time. And he has rape fantasies, too.

Wait a minute. Do I look like a rapist??

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Like a father to me

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

Older male therapist seducing his male patient.
Bearded straight guy giving a blowjob to his male therapist.
Hung Daddy fucking his male patient.

Straight Boy Seductions 2
Starring Rodney Steele and Brendan Patrick

A guy I met last summer at a pool party fundraiser has become kind of a role model for me. He’s mature, successful, calm and extremely fit. He’s also super-friendly and very handsome, which sometimes causes me to have funny feelings about him.

He’s sort of like my gay Dad. And I shouldn’t be having sexual feelings for my Dad, right?

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How Daddy stays fit

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Mustache Daddy in a jockstrap with his male running coach checking him out.
Scruffy, muscular running coach getting fucked in the ass by a hung muscle Daddy.

Joe Gage Sex Files #20: The Runners, Scene 1
Starring David Anthony and JR Bronson

The temps are like summer here, so I’m calling in sick, hopping on my bike and heading over to the pool at the gay resort.

I get to enjoy the weather, have some great exercise and sip cocktails with hot guys in Speedos. Nice!!

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Lunch break

Monday, February 1st, 2016

Tattooed and hairy muscular men eating each others cum.
Tattooed muscle Daddy swallowing a load of fresh cum.

TIM Suck
Starring Hugh Hunter and real-life boyfriend Dolf Dietrich

I’ve got one of my favorite cocksuckers lined up for a quickie a few hours from now, and I couldn’t be more excited. His throat is amazing and, frankly, better than a lot of asses I’ve fucked!

Happy Monday!!

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