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Friday, January 30th, 2015

Straight male boxer stripped by three older men in suits.
Straight male boxer stripped nude and spread eagle while three older men in suits fondle him.

Clothed Males vs. Nude Male
Starring Henry

You know those straight guys at the gym who don’t know that what they’re doing arouses the gay guys? Not the ones who think so much of themselves that they think even gay guys want them, but the oblivious hot ones who bend over at the waist to pick up the bar. The same ones who lift up their shirts to wipe their faces or do squats like they’re sitting on a big dick?

Well, one of them at my gym (a soccer coach, I think) wore a sleeveless shirt today and it was like watching a Michelangelo sculpture exercise. Damn. I’d love to see him stripped and manhandled by me and a couple of my friends…

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Like an orgy in my head

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Hung latinos in suits start a gay orgy.
Bareback Latino orgy with three guys fucking one bottom raw.
Three hung Latinos cumming in the ass of a fourth muscular bottom.

Lucas Entertainment
Starring Joey Pele, Fernando Torres, Rafael Carreras and Tomas Lopez

I’ve been getting lucky so often lately that sometimes it feels like there’s a virtual orgy going down. I’ve actually been referring these guys to each other, too, so I have to imagine that (at least) a 3-way is somewhere in my near future…

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Get up and go

Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Bearded businessman wakes up his boyfriend to fuck him before he goes to work.
Fit older man squatting on the cock of a bearded bear.

Late for Work
Starring Max Sargent and Justin Beal

An old friend and his partner are passing through town tonight, and although I don’t think anything’s going to happen that would make me late for work tomorrow, you never know.

We’re starting with drinks and things before heading to dinner where there’s sure to be many more drinks. Hey, I just realized I have no idea where they’re planning on staying tonight…

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I want THAT pic

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Gay muscle man in a suit gropes a sleeping hairy guy and makes him fuck his perfect male ass.
Hairy muscle guy takes a selfie of him fucking a muscular Latino businessman.

Selfie Sex
Starring Adam Champ and Flex

I’m generally not a fan of taking pics while I’m fucking someone. I’m usually too in the moment to think of it, and the spit and lube get everywhere. Still, sometimes it’s just so fucking hot that you’ve gotta snap a few to capture the moment.

I wish I had done that yesterday.

Good goddamn that was some fucking hot sex. Furry muscle and perfect ass. Hot kissing, shivering and grunting, and that’s just how it started. He knows all my hot spots, so he had me on edge right away. I held back by sucking on his big, gorgeous cock…which had him on edge right away. Suddenly he hopped up on the couch where I was sitting and squatted down on my hard cock, riding me like the horse I am. I started howling and cumming in his ass, and he shot his huge load all over my hairy chest. But it’s not over! He pulls off me, leaking my load from his muscular butt while I continue to shoot. Incredible!

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It’s called a power suit

Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Hairy businessman with his cock out and the smooth young office worker in his underwear.
Muscular, hairy-chested businessman getting a gay blowjob while he's still wearing his suit.
Two male office workers fucking bareback and cumming on each other.

Lucas Entertainment
Starring Adam Russo and Jed Athens

I’ve seen Jed Athens perform in much more arousing scenarios, but who doesn’t love a furry muscle stud in a suit?? Adam Russo is hot to begin with, but damn!

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The men’s room is always open

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

Businessmen in suits using a tearoom gloryhole.
Muscular, bearded businessman playing with another man's cock at the office gloryhole.
Bearded businessman gets fucks in the ass by another male suit in the office building tearoom.

Men’s Room
Starring Andrew Justice and Alessio Romero

I know it’s the weekend, but I’ve been seeing a lot of downtown gloryholes open today, and my balls aren’t yet completely drained from yesterday.

It would be a quick fix, and so close. But I have to wonder who’s working the other side of the hole…

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Who is that bearded man?

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

Bearded businessman has his dress socks and feet worshiped by another man.
Tommy Defendi masturbating in the nude having his feet licked by another man.
Two men jack off while one sucks on the other's feet.

My Friends Feet
Starring Tommy Defendi and Cameron Kincade

My favorite flight attendant is growing out his beard and mustache, and they’re surprisingly fluffy and soft. I wonder if that’s the case with Tommy Defendi. Yes, you heard me. That’s Tommy Defendi under all that beard!

Care to comment, MFF? Are TD’s whiskers as soft and fun to play with as his feet?

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At the foot of the bed

Saturday, December 27th, 2014

Bearded cub gives a businessman a foot massage.
Stocky bearded guy rubbing another man's bare feet.
Bear cub gives another man an erection by rubbing his feet, then mounts him for gay anal sex.

Tender Treatment
Starring Marxel Rios and Jake Jennings

Having the heat on is leaving me totally dehydrated, which for me means foot cramps. I could really use a sweet little bear cub rubbing my feet…

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Don’t unwrap ’til Xmas

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

Militant faction kidnaps blonde businessman for gay sexploitation.
Blue-eyed businessman in a suit tied up with rope and his mouth closed shut with duct tape.
Sexy blonde businessman is forced to suck big uncut military man's cock before being fucked by him through his torn suit.

Starring Ronnie Bonanova and Malek Tobias

Or maybe you prefer your Christmas a little on the rough side. If so, good for you!

I can’t wait to peep through your window and be surprised as I drive around tonight checking out the Christmas lights…

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Open air and ass for days

Sunday, December 21st, 2014

Hot muscular Latino with his motorcycle pants pulled down showing off his amazing bubble butt.
Muscular silver fox in a suit with his button down shirt open revealing his chest.
Businessman in a suit picking up his motorcycle and fucking the hunky mechanic with a spectacular ass.

Fired Up
Starring Flex and Axel Brooks

Biking around town today was a great way to work through my hangover, and leaving Scruff on the entire time made for some pretty exciting pit-stops.

Still, I could really use some extra sleep tonight. I’m exhausted!

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Somebody’s watching me

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Blue collar male voyeur stumbles upon a hotel guest masturbating in his hotel room.
Gay voyeur masturbating outside another man's hotel room who is jacking off to porno websites..
Male maintenance worker jacking off in the hallway and cumming a big load his hand.

Alpha Males
Featuring Adam Dacre

Earlier today my favorite flight attendant came over and about broke my dick off in his ass. The sex was so loud and rough that I’m sure my neighbors heard, and whoever was walking down the street certainly got an eyeful.

Like I said, the blinds have been open all week…

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He’s no Hugh Jackman, but I’ve got a position to fill

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Bearded drunk businessmen having gay sex in a dark bar.
Hairy stud fucking another tattooed macho business from behind.
Hairy muscle men fucking in nothing but over-the-calf dress socks.

Drunk in Lust
Dani Robles and Denis Vega

Although I skipped out on the drunken debauchery of leather night last night (I heard it was a good one), I thoroughly enjoyed watching Hugh Jackman’s giant muscle physique and naked ass walk across the screen in the latest X-Men movie:

Hugh Jackman naked in X-Men Days of Future Past

I think it was a fair trade, especially since I already made plans to get with my hairy muscle pup this afternoon…

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Muscle cubs are for cuddling

Saturday, November 29th, 2014

Dirty blonde balding bearded muscle cub with an erection.
Redneck muscle cub fucking his hairy, high-class realtor on the couch at a private home showing.

Cut to the Chase, Scene 2
Featuring Mike Tanner and Anthony London

Mike Tanner is so cute and cuddly, sort of like a dirty blonde version of my bearfriend. Which is probably why I want to see him bottoming, despite the fact that he looks like he makes a perfectly fine top…

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Blue balls? Corner pocket.

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

Hairy, muscular men in suits making out after a game of pool.
Beefy man in OTC dress socks fucking another guy doggy style on the pool table.
Hairy masculine men fucking in a dimly lit pool hall.

Break Point
Featuring Jessy Ares and Gabriel Vanderloo

Instead of watching football all afternoon, why not take up a new hobby this holiday? Go down to the pool hall (which I’m sure is open right now) and find a beefy muscle bottom to play with.

It’s a great way to burn off all those extra calories…

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