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They can be trained

Sunday, April 5th, 2015

Hairy straight hunk jacking off in the nude to a girlie magazine.
Nude straight hairy hunk right at the moment when he busts his nut.

My straight buddy is going to be at underwear night tonight. So after spending the day brunching and visiting with family, I’ll be sending them home whilst I go on my hunt for Peter Cottontail.

Yeah, I said “whilst!!”

It’s taken a while, but I’ve gotten my buddy to the point where he’s ready to suck his first dick. Mine.

Patience pays off…

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A man I can floss with

Saturday, March 21st, 2015

Hunky hairy construction worker covered in tattoos masturbating in the nude.
Hairy tattooed muscle nude jacking off in the living room.

Spunk Worthy
Starring Chris

I’m off of smooth young blondes, I swear! I’ll be burying my paws in a big furry chest tonight, fucking the hell out of him and petting him until morning.

But if I run across any mature, hirsute blondes, I’ll be sure to let you know…

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At least he’s dirty blonde

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Young blonde twink gets naked and jacks off.
Tan young blonde guy totally nude and shooting his load.

Straight Fraternity
Starring Cameron

See! Another young blonde thing has turned my head. What’s wrong with me?? There better not be any twinks at the gym today. Just burly, bearded, bear-like men.

I need to reset my sexual compass!

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Finger-licking good

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

Straight, hung muscle stud strips off his suit and masturbates his cock with a handful of his own spit.
Nude straight guy about to jack-off on the couch.
Naked guy with a big dick masturbating for the camera.

Sultry Getaway
Starring Cody Cummings

I can see how he appeals to a lot of guys, but Cody Cummings usually doesn’t do it for me. I just happened to catch this solo performance, though, and I have to say it totally got me leaking.

In fact, I just had to stop and shoot my load!

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Straight men can’t trim

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Uncut straight guy jacking his huge cock.
Uncut straight Latino jacking his thick cock and shooting an enormous load.

Island Studs
Starring Oscar

What’s up with the shave job on Oscar’s pubes? Oh, yeah. He’s straight.

It’s fun to watch him jack his thick, uncut cock though. Nice load!

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His first man-ass

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Young straight guy goes gay for pay with a tattooed muscle Daddy.
Straight guy grabbing a handful of another man's muscular ass.
Straight guy fucking a muscle Daddy in the ass.

The Man and the Boy
Starring Dimitri Kane and Hugh Hunter

Who, straight or gay, could refuse a handful of such a nice, big muscle butt? I know I can’t!!

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What their girlfriends don’t know

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Young, hairy straight guys fool around together behind their girlfriends' backs.

Forbidden Encounters 2
Starring Ty Roderick and Alexander Greene

What brought the hotness to this scene was not so much the pairing as it was the set up. Straight guys going behind their girlfriends’ back to hook up?

I love it when that happens…

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Surprised by the size

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Hung uncut straight guy bound and milked before sucking dick for the first time.
Hairy latino muscle hunk jacking a huge cumshot out of a beefy Daddy and his enormous cock.

Straight Fraternity
Starring Victor and Franco Dax

So far, so good! I’ve been getting drained all weekend, so we’ll see what kind of load(s) I produce today…

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Let’s go surfin’ now

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Fit, mustachioed surfer pissing like a racehorse on his way to the beach.
Mustached 70's hunk surfing in the nude and jacking off at the beach.

Island Studs
Starring Hugo

I loves me a good porn ‘stache, and I put Hugo’s squarely in that category. Not just for the ‘stache, but for the way he stands, the way he looks, the dirty sexual energy he projects…


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Out in his garage

Friday, February 6th, 2015

Hairy muscle Daddy fucked by his son's friend in his garage.
Hairy muscular Dad being fucked by his son's friend in the garage.

Fathers and Sons, Scene 3
Starring Ty Roderick and Nick Capra

I’m sorry, but if my friend’s Dad looked like Nick Capra, I’d be hunting him down and fucking him, too. Sounds like a Craiglist fantasy waiting to happen…

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Ain’t he sweet

Friday, February 6th, 2015

Straight muscle hunk obeys Daddy tickling his feet.
Straight 21-year-old muscle stud with huge balls getting his feet sucked by another man.
Straight nude muscle hunk goes crazy when another man tickles his big feet.

Tickled Hard
Starring Rocky and Franco Dax

Sure, he’s smooth, but I have to admit that’s some pretty impressive muscle for a 21-year-old. And he’s so sweet and genuine with his reactions to the male foot fetish and tickling experience, which is completely foreign to him.

I kind of want to see him tied up and tickle tortured next time…

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Drapes, meet carpet

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Young redheaded straight guy stripping nude and showing his uncut cock erect.
Young ginger bear posing nude with an erection.
Tattooed ginger bear with a swollen hard dick.

Spunk Worthy
Starring Finn

At first, I thought, Finn is not my kind of guy. But then he’s got this swarthiness about him that I’m really getting into, and he puts out a very strong sexual vibe. And I have to admit I’ve been getting more turned on by gingers lately. So, verdict? I dig.

Just a beard. Please. Show me you can grow a beard…

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What Daddy does for extra money

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Straight guy with a mustache lets another man suck his dick for money.
Hairy straight man getting a blowjob from another blue collar guy.
Hairy straight guy getting blown by another man and giving him a cum facial.

Workin’ Men XXX
Starring Mike and Barry

I love a good mustache, and Mike’s got one. There have been a lot of hot mustachioed men in my life, but I have to wonder how many of them I would consider hot now. I mean, all I can remember from a lot of them is a vague shape with a great ‘stache.

Maybe this month I’ll start asking guys with good mustaches for pictures and turn it into some kind of book. You know, for my personal use.

Every man likes a compliment on his facial hair, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Push-brooms and handlebars to the front of the line!

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Spread ‘em!

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Straight male boxer stripped by three older men in suits.
Straight male boxer stripped nude and spread eagle while three older men in suits fondle him.

Clothed Males vs. Nude Male
Starring Henry

You know those straight guys at the gym who don’t know that what they’re doing arouses the gay guys? Not the ones who think so much of themselves that they think even gay guys want them, but the oblivious hot ones who bend over at the waist to pick up the bar. The same ones who lift up their shirts to wipe their faces or do squats like they’re sitting on a big dick?

Well, one of them at my gym (a soccer coach, I think) wore a sleeveless shirt today and it was like watching a Michelangelo sculpture exercise. Damn. I’d love to see him stripped and manhandled by me and a couple of my friends…

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