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Fun in the sun

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Nude muscle Daddy pissing and relaxing in the pool.
Muscle Daddy shooting his huge load of cum.

Island Studs
Starring Miller

This new work schedule of mine is definitely a lot to handle, but I’m grateful to have the work. And even though today may be the last official day of summer, there are still some hot days left I can get out to enjoy.

And hot Daddies to pick up at the pool…

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While they watch

Saturday, September 10th, 2016

Suburban Dad masturbating in a park bathroom while two cops watch behind a one-way mirror.
Bearded man masturbating in a public bathroom in front of a one-way mirror.

Show Hard, Scene 1
Featuring Dirk Caber

I’ve always had a little exhibitionist streak, but I feel like it’s becoming stronger every day. I’ve really been enjoying jacking it in video chat rooms, for example. It’s the modern, safe way to show off.

But I do miss the thrill of the danger of getting caught masturbating in public. I haven’t stroked one out in a public park or bathroom for furtive viewers in a long time.

Hmmm… I think I’ll add a bathroom stop to my bike ride this morning…

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Straight older men

Friday, September 9th, 2016

Fit, straight older male masturbating.
Mature straight guy masturbating in bed.

Workin’ Men XXX
Featuring Craig

Maybe he doesn’t have the biggest cock or a thick beard like I like, but there are other reasons why this scene turns me on so much. Mainly it’s that this guy could be the Dad next door or just some confirmed bachelor stroking one out at home. With the blinds open.

What can I say? I get a huge boner watching mature straight men masturbate…

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He deserved it

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Dom businessman controls his mature male sub with gay bondage.
Submissive male licks cum off the shoe of his Master.

Brutal Tops
Starring Master Leonardo and his sub

As I get older, I’m getting more and more requests from guys to dominate them. The young pups are always so cute, but it’s the older men who I find fascinating.

A lot of these guys hold powerful positions and have big, worked-out bodies. It’s such a turn-on when they relinquish control to me and want to be flipped around and fucked hard.

The last guy I fucked like that could only get hard if he was wearing a collar and having it pulled on. I’d slip my fingers between the leather and his neck, choking him a little bit, and he’d get rock hard. A begging look would come into his eyes, and he would pant with disbelief that finally someone understood and could deliver exactly what he deserved…

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Jacking with the gymnasts

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Muscular straight guy shows off his freckled nude body while he masturbates to porn magazines.
Muscular blonde man ejaculating.

The Casting Room
Starring Nick

I’m not the hugest fan of sports, including the Olympics, but who doesn’t get off on men’s diving and gymnastics. Team USA is particularly hot this year!

I get hard for all sorts of me, but today I’m in a dirty blond muscle mood…

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Open that codpiece

Friday, August 12th, 2016

Blonde muscle hunk modeling new assless warrior leggings.
Masculine blonde hunk in warrior leggings exposing his huge uncut cock from beneath the codpiece.

Jockstrap Central
Featuring Caleb King

I’m going to a fetish night this weekend where I hope some guys are wearing leggings like these. Besides the fact that they look incredible on Caleb King (as most things do), there’s something very strong and sexy about the styling of them that I think would work on a lot of guys.

And who doesn’t love an easy-access, attached codpiece with an opening at the top for you (or someone else) to reach in a release the beast…

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Milk(ing) does a body good

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Smooth blonde bodybuilder getting his cock milked by a sex machine.
Blonde bodybuilder with his uncut cock in a milking machine.

Milked Brad
Starring Brad

Did I mention that I finally got to try Tesla this weekend (the drug, not the car)? It was super strong and made me amazingly high which, having not done anything like that in a long time, was a fun surprise gift from my pal.

The problem was that, although I loved petting every hairy guy around me and hugging them, I was too insanely high for my dick to function. So even though there were a bunch of guys ready to play, after the first guy sucking my dick couldn’t get me hard, I went back to my hotel room and crashed.

So now that I’m back and everything’s in working order, I really need to shoot my load. Although I’m craving a blowjob, I think I might order up some ass instead. I’m worried my load my not taste right with the chemicals that were recently in my system, and I have a reputation for good taste to maintain.

And since I don’t own a milking machine, someone’s ass will have to do the job…

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