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Time for a Seattle vacation

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Heavily tattooed punk jerking off.
Horny, inked stud with a hard-on.

Except for Gay Days, all the guys I’ve been hooking up with this year are so clean cut. I kind of miss the heavily inked freaks of the world like Greve.

BTW, if I’m not mistaken, that tattoo on his ass is the bar code for a 2 lb. bag of light brown sugar.


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I’m getting lucky at the bar tonight

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

Hairy, tattooed bottom getting fucked in a leather bar by a huge uncut Latino cock.
Hairy bottom sitting down on a huge uncut cock and taking it deep.

The Pack, Episode 3: Lucky Night at the Bloc
Featuring Rafael Alencar and Marcus Isaacs

Last night did turn out to be my lucky night in terms of pounding hairy hole, so tonight I’m going out for a different kind of luck.

There’s this super hot straight guy I know who gets off being a j.o. exhibitionist around other guys and rarely gets the chance to do it. But I just found out he’s going out tonight, and I know which bar he’s going to. Plus, his curiosity gets the better of him whenever he sees my big dick, and he always wants to stroke me off right there at the bar.

So fucking dirty, and no luck required…

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Stay for the hung muscle bears

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Well-hung, hairy Latino dad jacking his enormous uncut cock.
Muscle bear showing off his swollen 9-inch dick.

Before packing my bags for Canada, maybe I should consider staying here in the United States and getting my hands on some prime Latino muscle bear dick like straight hunk Victor’s…

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Inked muscle men in need of service

Friday, July 11th, 2014

Massive muscle men having gay sex in the locker room.
Huge muscle man shooting his load in another guy's mouth.

Warming Up With Sean Duran
Featuring Zeb Atlas and Sean Duran

See, this is why I have to put my blinders on at the gym. One minute I’m checking out a guy’s tattoos, the next I’m fucking him in the locker room…

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Kentucky Jack on Knob Creek

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Long-haired tattooed fit bisexual guy jacking off.
Scruffy guy shooting his load on his furry abs.

Kentucky farm hand and bi dude Ricky Wayne is the kind of guy who I wouldn’t necessarily want to fuck, but who I like watching jack off.

But then again, I like watching almost anyone jack off…

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I usually don’t miss a show like this

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Tattooed muscle stud sliding a metal butt plug into his muscular bubble butt.
Fucking himself with a metal dildo.

Featuring Jimmy Clay

I’m usually right on time when I go places, but I far exceeded even Gay Time for yesterday’s pool party. And from what I hear, I missed out on some great action.

Where are the bisexual men with hungry, muscular butts when you need them?

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Tickle torturing muscle men

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Beefy, muscular straight guy in bondage and tickled tortured by another man.
Straight stud tickle tortured freestyle by a hairy Daddy.

If you’re not going to fist anyone today, at least wrangle up a beefy, straight stud like Victor to tie down and tickle torture.

I mean, seriously. Who wouldn’t want to have a guy like that utterly in his control…

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I’m thinkin’ this lil’ dogie ain’t straight

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

Straight man going gay for pay.

Tattooed straight guy fucking ass and getting fucked.

I’m not particularly enamored with Dustin Steele (or Alexei Porizkov, for that matter).

I just think it’s funny when a model is released as a straight guy on one site around the same time another site is featuring him being bred by a big old dick.

Ride ‘em cowboy, indeed…

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The fur beneath my fingers

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Short, very hairy muscular guy with a beard tickled by older men.
Little muscle cub in sportswear being tickled while in shackles.

I’d love to have a good laugh this afternoon…and completely dominate someone at the same time. I should really invite myself over to one of my tickling buddies’ houses. I just need to find a hairy little piece of muscle like Chase to come along for the ride…

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Don’t forget Daddy

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Bound straight guy gets free and, with his captor, cum and piss on a voyeur in a businessman's suit.
Hung uncut men piss and cum on an Italian man in a suit.

101 Things To Do With A Straight Guy: Tie Him Up
Featuring Denis Vega, Paco and Caleb Roca

This Father’s Day, why not invite your Dad along with you to the cruisy warehouse down in the industrial part of town. He might really get into it!

Besides, if he’s anything like my Dad, he’s probably into far kinkier shit than you anyway…

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Straight guys are good for something

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Hairy Daddy ties up a straight guy nude and tickle tortures his vulnerable body.
Young straight male bound naked and tickled.

Or maybe I should call my friend Franco this afternoon and see who he’s got strapped to his tickling table. Because I sure would be fine with cumming on the face of some bound straight guy like Damian…

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Some cocks DO look alike

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

26-year-old fit, stocky guy jacking his thick cock.

My favorite new muscle bear is working out of state right now, but he was sweet enough to tease the hell out of me by sending me a video of him jacking off this morning.

He bears little similarity to Damian here, but their cocks are not too far off the mark from each other. Average to above average length and nice and thick. Perfect.

He looks right into the camera when he cums.

And they both get into it when they’re stroking…

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Pull out some cash and invite him inside!

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Hung straight guy masturbating to Internet porn and fingering his asshole.

Gene is one of those rugged straight guys you see out working on a landscaping crew. Or he’s the technician who’s helping install your new A/C.

Either way, with his big dick, he’s the kind of guy I want to watch jack off…

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Writing sex stories for him is good practice for in-person dirty talk

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Cocky 19-year-old straight guy with a huge uncut cock jacking off.

I just can’t help myself. Even though I know he’s a flake and that it’s never going to happen, I keep chatting with this young straight guy online who’s totally infatuated with me. I write dirty stories for him that play into his fantasies, and it’s intoxicating to know I’m getting someone off on the spot with just words (I quit sending him pics a while ago and make him beg for more). It’s also been helping me increase the amount of dirty talk I use with the guys I actually meet.

And the live pictures and videos he sends of himself don’t hurt. He’s got a tight little body like Eric Blade here, but without the boner-killing cockiness. If only his dick was as big…

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