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What happens at the pool party…

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

Straight guys jacking off together on the couch watching porn.
Straight guy giving his straight buddy a blowjob.
Straight guys trading blowjobs to help each other get off.

Defiant Boyz
Starring Sean and Johnny B

Multiple pool parties today! But which to choose, straight or gay? I’m actually leaning more toward to one of the straight ones because they have better DJ’s on the slate.

C’mon. With thumping house music, surely my buddy and I aren’t going to be the only gay ones there.

Or does that even matter? We could always find some straight guys who don’t mind sucking a dick for a blowjob in return…

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I touch myself

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Cocky young straight cub stripping for the camera.
Young cub shows off his ass in black briefs.
Young cub showing off his erection and starting to masturbate.

Man Avenue
Starring Maxim Moira

Getting back to the grind isn’t so bad when that grind includes 90 minutes of morning eye candy.

Guys at the gym can be so ridiculous flexing in the mirror, but when a guy gets turned on by himself, well, that’s a different story…

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Keep on truckin’

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Beefy, hairy, bearded trucker sidles up to a smooth blonde man in nothing but a towel.
Burly trucker fucking a blonde houseboy in the living room of the mansion where he works.

Big Rig Breakdown
Starring Jaxton Wheeler and Morgan Shades

My continuing, super-high level of horniness has really become a major nuisance. Especially now that I noticed a round, red spot on my dick and have to wait 3 days for the test results.

Not only is it possible that all the wild fucking I’ve been doing has led to an STD, but now that I have to wait, it’s going to be even more annoying to be distracted by a throbbing boner all day and no one to take care of it but me.

Bring on the porn!

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What he must look like naked

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Short straight muscle man stripping.
Straight muscle man with six pack abs nude.
Straight muscle man jacking off to a porno magazine.

The Casting Room
Starring Georgi

This super hot muscle guy taught the arm-balancing workshop I went to this afternoon. It was hard enough trying to concentrate and hold my body in a pose mid-air without having images of this straight hunk and what he must look like naked flooding my brain!

Why do I always end up crushing on the only straight guys in the circus…

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Keepin’ it clean

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Straight muscle guy humiliating a gay bottom.
Straight hairy muscle guy shooting his enema from his asshole into the mouth of another man.
Submissive man taking an enema to the face then eating a straight man hairy muscle ass.

Brutal Tops
Starring Jaime and a humiliated sub

Ever notice how some bottoms are super-secretive about how they “get ready”? I’m guessing it’s that they don’t want cleaning out to be part of the sexual experience.

So clearly, someone out there is going to have a fetish for it.

It’s not my thing. It doesn’t turn me on. But I had to watch this video. You know this guy must have douched for hours before they shot this scene!

I hope…

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Beef is served

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Beefy straight cub with thick thighs receiving a blowjob.
Beefy straight guy receiving a blowjob from another man.

Spunk Worthy
Starring Nash

Hmmm. I have a date with local bearfriend on the books for tonight, but just got a message from out-of-town bearfriend that he’s coming into town a day early. What to do? What to do?

I would introduce them, but they might run off together! LOL!

Since out-of-town bearfriend doesn’t get in until late this afternoon, local bearfriend is about to became a lunch date.

Good thing this otter loves to eat!

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In search of furry muscle

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Hairy surfer strips naked outdoors and gets an erection in front of his surfboard.
Ripped, muscular surfer ejaculating on his rock hard hairy abs.

Island Studs
Starring Gibson

Finally back on track after the verrry long weekend, just in time for the next weekend. I thought my muscle-y, furry puppy was going to be here to play with, but since he’s out of town, I’m going to have to find another petting zoo.

Maybe paddleboarding, naked yoga or even a pool party. Whatever.

Just as long as there are hairy pecs and abs involved…

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Too close to shave

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Tattooed muscle hunks in Speedos.
Muscular gay-for-pay porn stars flip-fuck bareback.

Lucas Entertainment
Starring Sebastian Young and Sergeant Miles

Since I won’t be able to make it to IML again, the Gay Days countdown has begun instead. I still have new Speedos to buy and, er, other supplies. But in terms of appearance, I only have a few days left to perform the ever-important chest trim.

Not too close. Just enough to keep my masculine edge, fur pattern and coloring. It’s a delicate operation for a Silver Fox who also happens to be a Giant Otter…

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Tickled pink

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Hairy muscle hunk in tight briefs, gay bondage and male tickling.
Hairy muscle stud bound and having his feet tickled by another man.

My Friend’s Feet
Starring Aspen

I was totally horny for breeding my hairy puppy’s sweet hole this morning, but he’s out of town working…or so I thought.

With no prospect for release in sight, I took matters into my own hands. I even shot a video of it, you know, just in case. Within minutes of popping my load, a text comes in. Puppy. I knew I should’ve texted him when I was thinking of him!

Anyway, we went out for a late lunch, then came back to my place for dessert. His butt wasn’t available, but man, does pup know how to suck a cock! And we might be getting together in a little bit for drinks…and that wagging tail he promises will be ready for me.

What does this have to do with tickling? Nothing. Aspen’s hairy armpits just reminded me of my furry little guy’s pits at lunch…and how hard I got seeing them every time he lifted his fork to his mouth…

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Gl├╝cklich zu sehen

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Heavily tattooed gay hunk naked with gay male triplets.
Heavily tattooed bisexual German stud having sex with gay triplets.

What A Lucky Guy, Scene 3
Starring The Visconti Triplets and Logan McCree

Awww, Logan McCree. I miss seeing him perform. This re-released scene with the Visconti Triplets kind of sucks (even Logan says so), but from his social media presence, it looks like Mr. McCree might be gearing up for another go.

And I’ll be happy to have him back!

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Getting bigger

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Heavily tattooed, straight bodybuilder pulling down his athletic shorts and and exposing his big, veiny erection.
Skinhead bodybuilder jacking off on the couch.

Hard Brit Lads
Starring Lee Tyler

My god. How do these young kids end up with massive, muscular bodies if not from steroids? I mean, if that’s natural (doubt it), he’s going to be huge his entire life.

I love my fit yoga body, but it would be fun to be bigger. And at my height, I would be a muthafuckin’ giant…

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They can be trained

Sunday, April 5th, 2015

Hairy straight hunk jacking off in the nude to a girlie magazine.
Nude straight hairy hunk right at the moment when he busts his nut.

My straight buddy is going to be at underwear night tonight. So after spending the day brunching and visiting with family, I’ll be sending them home whilst I go on my hunt for Peter Cottontail.

Yeah, I said “whilst!!”

It’s taken a while, but I’ve gotten my buddy to the point where he’s ready to suck his first dick. Mine.

Patience pays off…

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A man I can floss with

Saturday, March 21st, 2015

Hunky hairy construction worker covered in tattoos masturbating in the nude.
Hairy tattooed muscle nude jacking off in the living room.

Spunk Worthy
Starring Chris

I’m off of smooth young blondes, I swear! I’ll be burying my paws in a big furry chest tonight, fucking the hell out of him and petting him until morning.

But if I run across any mature, hirsute blondes, I’ll be sure to let you know…

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At least he’s dirty blonde

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Young blonde twink gets naked and jacks off.
Tan young blonde guy totally nude and shooting his load.

Straight Fraternity
Starring Cameron

See! Another young blonde thing has turned my head. What’s wrong with me?? There better not be any twinks at the gym today. Just burly, bearded, bear-like men.

I need to reset my sexual compass!

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