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Joy ride

Monday, May 16th, 2016

Muscle cub mechanic being fucked by a slim tattooed guy with a big white dick.
Ginger bear cub being fucked in his muscular bubble butt.

Big Dick Negotiation
Starring Jimmie Slater and Derek Parker

Derek Parker was a nice way to wake up this morning. A gingery, beefy cub who just keeps getting hotter and hotter?

Two scoops of “hell, yeah!!”

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Thick and thin

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Beefy white nerd and a smooth straight Blatino stud boy.
Ripped muscle straight young man tricked into fucking a hairy, beefy white dude.

Black & White and White
Starring Jay Alexander and Luke Ewing

Although I sometimes lean in one direction or another, I like to think that I find a wide variety of men attractive.

Jay and Luke are great examples. A hairy, beefy man usually is my favorite to plow, but I’ll do a smooth guy if he’s ripped. Or maybe I’m just horny all the fucking time!

Damn. Now I’m hard and late for work…

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Foot massage?

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Hairy muscle hunk showing off his big bare feet.
Furry muscle guy in jeans with bare feet.

My Friend’s Feet
Featuring Jet

Making plans for an upcoming visit with my new Papa Bear has got me hard, but also makes me wonder how he’s going to react as he begins to understand how, um, non-traditional I am.

I’m a big old horn dog with a penchant for underwear and socks…among a lot of other things. And my sex drive is through the roof, although he says he tends to match the drive of whoever he’s with.

So I’m just trying to enjoy the excitement without expectations. In the meantime, I could use a foot massage…with benefits…

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Papa’s got a worn old bag

Friday, May 6th, 2016

Mustachioed Daddy wearing nothing but an old jockstrap.
Hairy Daddy in a jockstrap with his balls hanging out.
Hairy Daddy jacking off in his worn out jockstrap.

Workin’ Men XXX
Featuring Dale

I hooked up with this extra-furry, mature man recently, and the sex was pretty intense. He was an assertive bottom, which I’ve enjoyed before, but this muscular man was so strong, he could pick me up and put me where he wanted me, which was exciting and new. Plus, he was wearing this worn out old jockstrap…the best kind of jockstrap.

This guy is the perfect example of why I’ve always liked older men. There’s a certain comfort in being with a man who knows exactly what he wants…and he comes with accessories!

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He leaves the blinds open

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Nude muscle hunk getting naked in his living room.
Nude muscle hunk showing his muscular butt as he poses on the couch.

Dirty Tony
Starring Alec Hudson

There’s a hot guy in my neighborhood who never wears clothes at home and often leaves his blinds open. It made me wonder if he wanted to be watched, so recently my bike chain came off (wink-wink) right across the street from his house.

Although he didn’t gesture at me to cross the street and come in, he definitely wanted to be watched. My hands were covered in grease (and my cock was leaking down my leg) by the time I got out of there…

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Bring out the big guns

Sunday, May 1st, 2016

Monster cock erection in white briefs.
Male nude with big muscles and a monster cock.
Ripped, muscular stud stroking his enormous white monster cock.

Hard Brit Lads
Starring Stefan Stewart

I love a gay pool party, and there’s a new one this weekend with DJ’s, drag queens and (most importantly) a Speedo and underwear dress code.

Visible penis lines? Amen!

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Straight guys stroking it

Monday, April 4th, 2016

Straight guy stroking his pierced dick while he watches porn.
Straight guy masturbating with his underwear down around his ankles.

Str8 Boyz Seduced
Starring Troy

I’m pretty exhausted and not looking forward to a day traveling. Of course, I can always make it more fun by seeing who I can catch masturbating along the way.

And join them.

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