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¡Tómalo mi verga!

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

Hung Latinos with huge uncut cocks bulging out of their Speedos and fucking bareback.
Hung Latino sitting on another huge raw cock.

Starring Hugo Arenas and Mario Domenech

Who doesn’t love it when you’re fucking a guy and he’s so into it that he switches to his native language? But sometimes it can be difficult to snag one of those guys without knowing his language first.

That’s why I broke out the Rosetta Stone last night, so I can brush up on my Spanish…and German. I plan on filling this summer with international delights!

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Pass around the Pocket Gay

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

Short, muscular Latino with an erection in his tiny Speedo.
Uncut muscle bear fucking a pocket gay bareback outside by the pool.

Lucas Entertainment
Starring Pedro Andreas and Rafael Lords

OMG. There was an adorable little guy serving us at the restaurant last night. We all agreed he would be super-fun to toss around! But none of us got his number. What’s wrong with us??

Still, it’s given me a hankering for short men again. Like it ever left!

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Big ol’ dick

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Short guy and hung tall guy in Speedos with erections.
Short bearded Latino muscle sucking an enormous white dick.
Hung white male fucking another man bareback with his giant cock.

Lucas Entertainment
Starring Leo Alexander and Rafael Lords

Oh, my god. Even after feeding the bears yesterday, I’m still so fucking horny. I’ve literally been walking around with a boner today. No lie. I went to yoga with a boner. Bought my lunch with a boner. Well, I didn’t buy my lunch with a boner, but I had one while I was in line.

And everyone on Scruff I want is either at work right now or hundreds of miles away. Arrrgh!

Someone’s gotta take care of this big ol’ dick…

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Is it soup yet?

Friday, June 5th, 2015

Heavily tattooed muscle men naked by the pool with erections.
Heavily tattooed muscle men fucking bareback.

Lucas Entertainment
Starring Adam Killian and Dylan James

Men, men, men, men, men, everywhere!! Gay Days is here, and the pools are brimming with hot ink, muscles and big dicks stuffed into very small swimsuits. Some guys don’t even make it back to the room before the dicks come out.


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His place was the shit

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Muscle bears making out by the windows overlooking the pool.
Muscle bears having hardcore gay sex over the pool.

Catch 22, Scene 3
Starring Eddy CeeTee and Hugh Hunter

I don’t know what came over me last night. I met this muscle bear at a photography show in the afternoon. We hit it off, went out to dinner and ended up back at his place.

He had a hot tub out on his deck, which is where we got naked with a couple of drinks. We soaked and laughed and sipped and kissed. It was really fun, considering how much I typically dislike hot tubs. How could I not like this?

Suddenly we’re making out, spilling bourbon into chest hair, pawing at wet, chlorinated muscles. He leads me out of the water, bends over the edge of the tub and demands that I fuck him. Again, how could I not like this??

He spreads his furry muscle butt, and I slide inside him. All the way. This guy is a pro. He calls me “Daddy” and tells me to fuck him…hard. I start banging deep inside him, and he keeps telling me to fuck him harder. It’s like I’ve got ‘roid rage, I’m fucking this guy so hard.

We’re on the hot tub, on the patio furniture, against the wall and even down in the back yard, fucking like animals. Did I mention he has a chocolate Lab? And that’s where it went wrong.

No, the dog didn’t get involved. Not in person anyway. You know that smell when you’re fucking a guy that let’s you know he wasn’t quite “ready” for you? Kiiiinda like that. We had rolled in dog shit.

That’s what happens when you’re gone all day, and doggie uses the doggie door to go outside and relieve himself. You’re not there to clean up the yard before bringing home a surprise trick (that would be me) and having him fuck you all over the place. Literally.

We had a good laugh and a thorough outdoor shower before kissing goodnight and me heading home. I’ll have to check out the master bedroom another time…

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A tight fit

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Gorgeous young hairy muscle stud with chest tattoo in a green Speedo swim brief.
Young guys in Speedos fucking bareback outside are interrupted by a Latino muscle stud who uses a double-headed dildo on them.

Lucas Entertainment
Starring Jackson Fillmore and Jimmie Slater, with Pedro Andreas

The Speedos have started pouring in from every corner of the globe as I make my final selections for Gay Days upcoming pool parties. The built-in cockrings and enhancing cups just get in the way of my junk, and a couple of the suits clearly are cut for a man with a much more substantial butt than I have.

For a brief cut fetishist like myself, it’s hard not to get hard trying them all on so I can make sure I look right both stiff and soft. Believe it or not, I occasionally will be soft once or twice that weekend. So I try to take breaks and cold showers in between fittings.

I just can’t help thinking about all the attention I’ll be getting (and giving!) while I’m out there sporting it, and all the dirty gay action that’s going to go down…

See! Boner!!

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Too close to shave

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Tattooed muscle hunks in Speedos.
Muscular gay-for-pay porn stars flip-fuck bareback.

Lucas Entertainment
Starring Sebastian Young and Sergeant Miles

Since I won’t be able to make it to IML again, the Gay Days countdown has begun instead. I still have new Speedos to buy and, er, other supplies. But in terms of appearance, I only have a few days left to perform the ever-important chest trim.

Not too close. Just enough to keep my masculine edge, fur pattern and coloring. It’s a delicate operation for a Silver Fox who also happens to be a Giant Otter…

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Time to go shopping!

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Muscle men in tank tops shopping for Speedos and and underwear together.
Guys popping boners in the underwear store and fucking in the men dressing room.

Starring Rikk York and Hugh Hunter

It’s almost May and conversations are turning toward Gay Days. All the Last Minute Marys are hitting the gym, desperate to get in shape before the pool parties begin, and all I can say is: Too late, girl. You should have started 6 months ago…or more.

Not trying to be a hater, but please put down your phone and at least try to use the equipment you’re making me wait for. I’ve gotta wrap up this workout and go buy me some new Speedos…one size smaller.

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Where are the sea men?

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Scruffy, slender young man with his hands down his pants.
Muscular college jock in a Speedo fucking a scruffy young man in the ass on his boat.

A Wicked Game, Scene 2: Stormy Seas
Starring Ryan Rose and Duncan Black

Yes, Ryan Rose has got an impressive body and it makes much more sense to find him here versus a dark fantasy scene, but I still prefer his little sailing buddy Duncan Black.

Not sure what he’s going to think about that giant penis tattoo in a couple of years (nice cover-up!), but I’m excited to see what he’ll look like when he grows up…

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Ripped in all the right places

Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Smooth young muscle guys flip-flop ass fucking by the pool with their huge cocks.
Muscular stud fucking a younger muscle man with his huge uncut cock.

Poolside 1, Scene 1
Starring Darius Ferdynand and Brent Corrigan

I was just talking the other day about how I like my furry men to have a little meat on them. The flip side of that coin is that I have little or no interest in smooth guys unless they’re totally ripped. Then today all these smooth, ripped guys start swarming around at the gym.

Talk about calling something into being…

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Hairy ass back-up plan

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Naked man with a very hairy ass ogling a Bulgarian man in a wet black Speedo.
Scruffy otter sucking uncut cock and getting fucked in his very hairy ass.

Gran Vista, Scene 3
Featuring Goran and Dario Beck

It looks like my favorite extra-furry bottom isn’t going to be able to cum over today.

Good thing I have another eager otter on deck…

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Romance is in the air?

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

Muscle cub fucked poolside by his tall Latin lover.
Muscle cub being fucked doggy-style outside by the pool.

Gran Vista, Scene 2
Featuring Donato Reyes and Lucas Fox

Hmm. I was kind of disappointed by this one. Maybe it’s that they’re fucking in what looks like the middle of nowhere, in other words, with no chance of getting caught.

I don’t need a pretty view to inspire me to fuck someone, so maybe they’re trying to sell romance? I just don’t get that vibe here…

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If only he had worn a Speedo and put out

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Muscle man tanning in his Speedo waiting for his husband to come home from the office and fuck him.
Business man fucking his muscular trophy husband in his Speedo.

Trophy Husband
Featuring Cameron Kincade and Trenton Ducati

My initial reaction to this storyline was negative. It reminded me of an ugly period in my past when I was the breadwinner and my partner was, well, less than a trophy. But it was easy to push aside those feelings as the video quickly turned to sex, sex that I could be having by my pool or in my living room with either one of these studs.

It definitely gave off an exhibitionist/voyeur kind of vibe…

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Aye aye, Cap’n

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Muscular men on a yacht in tight bikini Speedos.
Arabian muscle god fucking his well-hung passenger on his yacht.

Men In Ibiza, Part 2
Featuring Abraham Al Malek and Paddy O’Brian

I may not have made it out on the water yesterday, but I’ve got all of today to try again.

Besides, the ocean air would be great for my hangover…

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