Daddy’s turn

Hairy muscle bear being fucked bareback by a young Latino hunk with a big dick.
Hairy muscle bear being fucked bareback by a hung Latino.

Featuring Camilo Uribe and Louis Ricaute

My Puerto Rican puppy came over yesterday afternoon to play, and I was so happy that he did. He’s got a thick mustache right now that felt amazing to ride while he lapped at my hole. Then I surprised him by taking a handful of my famous spit and smearing it not on his hole, but mine.

Puppy’s eyes opened really wide when he realized I was sliding my hole from his face down to his hard dick. He flipped me on my back and got this wild look in his eyes that said “I’m about to fuck Daddy!!!”

He spit on me and fucked me hard, legs spread and legs together. It didn’t take long before his look of amazement screwed up so that I knew he was cumming in me. That, and he started shouting, “oh my God! Oh my God!! Oh my God!!!”

I let him rest while we laughed together about how it was to flip the script. Then I put him on all fours in front of the mirror so he could watch me breed him with my big white dick.

And happily we went out to lunch with each other’s loads in our asses…

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