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Old school

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Male student comes on to his burly professor to help him figure out is he is gay.
Burly Daddy fucking his college student with his thick cock.

My Favorite Teacher
Starring Max Sargent and Toby Springs

I never hooked up with any of my professors in college. In fact, there’s only one (ok, two) of them who I would have even considered having sex with.

I was too busy cruising the gym showers and hooking up with guys who posted ads online…on a BBS!

It’s so much easier to hook up these days, but the old taboo ways will always be exciting. And now I get to be the Daddy…

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Visible penis line

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Muscular male wrestlers eyes the penis outline his coach is showing in his athletic shorts.
Muscular young wrestler sucking dick and being fucked in the locker room by his coach.

My Coach’s Bulge
Starring Justin Star and Andres Moreno

Despite Andres’ muscular build and delicious ass, I normally wouldn’t be after him or Justin Star. But this setup is just too good. Wrestling singlet, demanding Coach, visible penis line and an invitation to suck his cock?

I know what I’m wearing to the gym today…

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Hair of the dog

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Muscle man in white biker shorts with a perfect bubble butt being fucked by a hairy Daddy in a suit and OTC dress socks.
Huge muscle guy sitting on a hard, uncut cock.

Under the Influence
Jessy Ares and Flex

What an incredible night last night! I’m completely exhausted…and a little hung over, which is rare for me.

Good thing I have plans to go to a performance/improv/theater thing with friends at a local dive bar today. Emphasis on the “bar.”

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A man I can floss with

Saturday, March 21st, 2015

Hunky hairy construction worker covered in tattoos masturbating in the nude.
Hairy tattooed muscle nude jacking off in the living room.

Spunk Worthy
Starring Chris

I’m off of smooth young blondes, I swear! I’ll be burying my paws in a big furry chest tonight, fucking the hell out of him and petting him until morning.

But if I run across any mature, hirsute blondes, I’ll be sure to let you know…

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It’s sprung, alright

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Bearded bear grabs the ass of a scruffy Spanish guy while he changes out of his sports gear.
Hairy Spanish stud with a huge uncut cock getting fucked by a dark Latino bear.

Hairy and Hard Locker Room Fuck
Starring Alessandro Del Toro and Craig Daniel

I feel awesome! Weigh-in this morning was great. Totally on track with body composition. Just need to add more muscle. More muscle! More muscle!!

Testosterone is stirring. Welcome Spring! My god, if I was on steroids, I’d probably punch someone in the face right now. Or fuck them like the fucking beast that I am!

Where’s my Black Book…

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But who’s the better kisser?

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Hairy muscle men in bed together naked
Bearded Latino muscle men with huge uncut erections.
Hung Spanish muscle stud getting fucked senseless by another hung stud.

World of Men
Starring Diego and Felix Barca

I started watching this video expecting to see Felix Barca pounding away at his little buddy with his huge uncut cock, but was pleasantly surprised to see it turned out the other way.

I’m kind of into this Diego guy! It looks like he would be a good kisser, which is definitely a requirement in the real world…

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At least he’s dirty blonde

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Young blonde twink gets naked and jacks off.
Tan young blonde guy totally nude and shooting his load.

Straight Fraternity
Starring Cameron

See! Another young blonde thing has turned my head. What’s wrong with me?? There better not be any twinks at the gym today. Just burly, bearded, bear-like men.

I need to reset my sexual compass!

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