Brown Monday

Interracial gay threesome where every man has a huge cock.
Hung gay interracial three way.

28 Inches of Cock!
Starring Jay Alexander, Noah Donovan and Jack Andy

I always heard that the day after Pride Weekend was called “Brown Monday,” which I thought meant everyone was so hungover that we all “called in gay” to work. I’m definitely going to do that today, but I’d like to extend the definition to include hooking up with my black and Latino brothers.

That’s a Brown Monday I can really get behind…

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It’s what’s for brunch

Tattooed muscle stud fucking a younger man with his enormous cock.
Tattooed muscle hunk tea bagging a younger man while they both cum all over him with their huge loads.

Hard Brit Lads
Featuring Harley Everett and Chase Reynolds

I’m dying to get laid, but most people are out of town at various Pride events this weekend. At least there’s great weather, so I’ll be having a late brunch by the pool. And you never know who I could meet.

I’m putting the energy out there for tattooed muscle hunks…

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