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Hairy Greek men in Speedos are welcome to beat off in front of me

Hairy Greek man beating off in front of other men at the sea shore.

Maybe it’s just the video angle, but in this shoot Tom Neris comes across as a little less fit than I remember.

Still, the outdoor setup is boner-inducing, and he totally looks like this hot str8 Greek Daddy I beat off with in Ibiza last year…

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Why does a Speedo tan line make me so hard?

Horny Irishman with a tight body picks up a Spanish muscle hunk in a Barcelona public park.

Despite the fact that Diesel O’Green and Julio Rey have little body hair between them and the distinct possibility that Rey is stoned out of his gourd, this is still one hot little hole pounding.

Which has a lot to do with the hot little hole being pounded and my dirty gay Speedo tan line fetish…

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