I can cum for miles and miles

He shoots his enormous cum load after swallowing a monster cock.

Tim Tales
Featuring Caio Veyron and Jonathan Miranda

First my relatives are in town, then my main computer goes down. So while my friends are wrapping up their Carnival debauchery, I’m stuck here with no time to hook up and no porn to watch.

Thank goodness for FaceTime and bathroom breaks. I’ve got a dirty little piggy I need to call…

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A different kind of #DP

Hairy muscle hunks double-penetrate a Latino power bottom with their big dicks.
Two guys fuck a third guy in the ass at the same time.

Breeding Prince Charming
Starring Sergeant Miles, Rico Marlon and Ken Summers

Although there’s no chance for me to hook up today, I do have a new realistic dildo to keep me company. Problem is, the more I use it, the more I want to use it on someone else as my DP partner. The logistics would be so much easier!

No chance of hooking up today?? Argh.

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Fitting it in

Short power bottom taking a big raw white dick in his little ass and stretching out his hole.
Short muscle stud taking a big white dick deep in his ass.

Tim Tales
Featuring Fostter and Fabio Toba

I might be spending a little too much time with my dick-twin, but the sex just keeps getting better. Besides, tonight will be the last time I see him in a while. My sister is coming into town tomorrow and staying all week, so I’ll be lucky if I can sneak in any fucks at all.

Of course, I do have a couple of guys who love taking that big dick before work in the morning…

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He knows what he’s got

Muscle hunks having gay sex in the sauna.
Blonde hunk taking a big dick in his muscular butt.

Bathhouse Ballers, Scene 3
Starring Woody Fox and Johnny V

I’m usually not into guys with long hair, but there was this muscle stud with long locks at the gym this morning who was hard not to watch. I mean, he was so jacked you could see his muscle fibers through his sweats.

I got caught checking him out, but he just smirked and kept lifting…

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Back in black

Hairy blonde hunk taking a huge black dick in his ass.
Blonde muscle stud cumming while he is being fucked by a hung black man.

Breeding Prince Charming
Starring Sean Xavier and Brian Bonds

A little too much partying combined with some brutal leg days and other lifting has left me a little battered and sore. Good thing I have my black son coming over tonight to do some body worship. Lots of massage, a tight little ass and a big black handle to hold onto while I’m fucking him.

Who knows? I might even hop on him, too…

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Listen up

Hairy, bearded muscular ginger man nude.
Bearded muscle ginger straight male getting his cock sucked by another man.

Chaos Men
Featuring Caspar and Lorenzo

Being a tall man with a deep voice can be intimidating, so I try to be a gentle giant in public.

Behind closed doors, however, is another story. Sometimes gentle, oftentimes dominating. It’s the role I’m meant to play.

Listen to Caspar in this video and you’ll hear what I’m talking about…

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