Daddy knows best

Heavily tattooed, well-hung muscle Daddy fucking his boy bareback.
Heavily tattooed, well-hung muscle Daddy fucking his boy bareback.

Done By A Daddy!
Starring Ray Dalton and Bae CupID

Yesterday was full of play. Two different boys, two entirely different styles of fucking. The first wanted Daddy to make love to him sweetly. The second wanted Daddy to pound him hard. I’m always happy to accommodate, but I made sure each one got a little of both.

Because that’s what pleases Daddy…

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Bending over for Daddy

Mormon Bishop strips an Elder boy out of his temple garment to have gay sex with him.
Mormon boy being fucked in the ass by a Bishop.

Elder Dalton Ch 2: The Calling
Starring Bishop Hart and Elder Dalton

I’ve got two boys on hold for today, one this morning and one this afternoon. Both are young, hung and about to be full of my cum. I tried to schedule them on separate days, but neither one wanted to wait.

What can I say? Millenial boys can’t wait for that Daddy dick…

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Some hair up there

Big-dicked muscle boy stripping out of his black wrestling singlet.
Bearded muscle boy in red athletic socks showing off his hairy hole and big hard dick.

UK Hot Jocks
Featuring Frankie Quinn

I know I said I was going to switch back to hairy guys, but at the pool yesterday, I met a hot little hairless muscle boy, covered in tattoos, who had me getting hard just in the brief moment we were introduced and touched as he was saying goodbye.

I was talking with my friend about him, and five minutes later the kid comes running back over with his number written on a piece of scrap box he must have found in the car. Adorable.

At least he has a beard…

Whiskey in the front, party in the back

Beefy Daddy fucking a ripped fuzzy ginger boy bareback.
Beefy Daddy fucking a ginger boy bareback while he strokes his hard dick.

Chaos Men
Featuring Barton and Thompson

Although I’ve been making plans with a new ginger boy for next week, today is Daddy Day with my black son. And son, is he in for a treat.

Besides the fact that I haven’t fucked anyone in a week, I’m taking him to a whiskey pairing dinner tonight, where he will be accompanying Daddy with a huge load in his ass…

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Sitting pretty

Hairy muscle hunk sucking a huge cock and getting fucked in the ass.
Hairy muscle hunk taking a huge cock in his ass.

Hard Brit Lads
Featuring Damian Boss and Yohann Banks

Ok, so maybe I made out with someone at the bar last night. And maaaybe he sucked my cock in the bathroom. And maaaaaaybe he offered to ride my cock.

But I had to draw the line there.

If we’re fucking, you’re going to be on your back…

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