A night he won’t forget

Tattooed, bearded muscle hunk taking a raw monster cock in his ass.
Riding a monster uncut cock bareback.

Tim Tales
Starring Dalton Sirius and Mario Domenech

Last night was interesting. My new, um, Sugar Daddy took me out for a lovely dinner at one of my favorite upscale restaurants, then we had a nice moonlit stroll together around the lake.

It was very sweet and romantic, and he was a perfect gentlemen…until we got back to his place. That’s where our nightcap turned into some of the roughest bareback fucking I’ve ever perpetrated on a guy, and he loved every second of it.

In the shower afterward, it was all sweet petting and kissing as we soaped each other down. And even though he asked me to stay, I kissed him goodnight and came home. I think I’m going to see this guy again. I know he’s going to still feel me in the morning and want more of that dick.

Always leave them wanting more…

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Trophy date

Young French Canadian muscle stud lifting his shirt and showing his ripped abs.
Smooth muscle stud in a mask stripping out of his underwear and jacking his long dick onto his abs.

Starring Jake

My ex, of all people, has set me up with his doctor’s single friend who’s looking for someone smart, sexy and fun who he can spoil. I was apprehensive at first, but then my ex showed me pictures. Not only is this guy loaded, he’s also super hot!

I may not be in my 20’s anymore, but I still make excellent arm candy…

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The Boyfriend Experience

Tattoed, muscular gay couple fucking.
Tattooed muscle hunk getting fucked by his equally hunky boyfriend.

Couples Fantasy
Starring Dolf Dietrich and Hugh Hunter

Although I enjoy my single, slutty side, I’ve also been enjoying hanging out lately and going on dates (like the one I have tonight). They help me keep myself disciplined, so I don’t completely spin out of control.

And even though the sex still can be piggy, it’s definitely different with someone I’m dating versus a hookup or FB.

I’ll admit, though, that sometimes it can be tricky to distinguish a date from a friend with benefits. #feelings…

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Happy puppy, happy Daddy

Hairy businessman with a big, uncut erection sticking out of the front of his trousers.
Hairy hunk flip-fucking with the tax auditor who shows up while he is masturbating.

Taxman Cumeth, Scene 3
Starring Nick Prescott and Adam Ramzi

Late last night I learned that my puppy was coming back into town after a long trip. Just in time!

The thought of filling up that sweet puppy hole with Daddy dick was sooo arousing that I could practically feel his magic ass on my throbbing cock as I texted him before bed, planning for him to hit me up first thing this morning.

Today at the gym, I get a text that reads, “Arff Arff.” And with a quick confirmatory “Rrrowff” that he was ready for Daddy dick, I ditched my workout and headed to his place.

I ate up his hairy hole and pits, getting his smell all up in my beard before having him throat my cock. And when I couldn’t wait any longer, I had him present his tail to me, and pounded the hell out of him.

Did I mention he looks like Adam Ramzi?

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Hail to the “B”

Bearded Belgian hunk nude.
Hairy guys swapping blowjobs.

Amateurs Do It
Featuring Tyson and Batt

I’m heading in for a beard trim in a couple of days, and I’m planning to cut it back hard for the summer. It’s going to be hard to let go of, especially considering how much interesting new tail it’s helped me get in the past six months.

Hmm. Now that I think about, maybe I should keep it longer longer…

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