Titan Men — Playbook demands squats!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dirty gay readers. For VD this year, I hope you find a guy who will squat-fuck you so long that he gets to skip “legs” at the gym this week… and stays hard while he’s doing it!

If that’s not in the cards this year, then have sex with yourself using Playbook as your guide. Take it from me: their promo clip above isn’t nearly as hot as the rest of the video! < Get Dirty >

Randy Blue — David Gets Dirty

David Chase is on the case!

Blue, blue, blue, Randy Blue. Their materially certainly can get overplayed. I personally am tired of Leo Giamani’s performances, which seem to become more plastic with every fuck.

On the the other hand, enter fuzzy little pup David Chase and his Pacific Northwest style. Very endearing, less egomania and a better end result for the swelling in my pants. I just hope he doesn’t get as quickly used up and tired as Giamani has become. < Get Dirty >

Butch Dixon — Cigar Daddy

Sometimes I feel like Christian, hungry for fat cock and eager to get my ass fucked. And sometimes I’m like Oliver, the cigar smoking Daddy with a swagger and a big-knobbed piece that needs to be serviced.

Put them together and you get dynamite (or in my case, narcissism). This is classic leather Daddy sex. Awesome. < Get Dirty >

Daddy Action — My anal virginity

Give it to him, Daddy!

I usually only skim through Daddy sites that feature Gay/December sex, but something caught my eye over at DaddyAction.com [site closed] this week. Their shoot featuring Max & Jeremy reminded me of the big, hairy Swiss guy who took my anal virginity. Or I guess it would be truer to say I gave it to him… willingly!

Ahh, the good old days. Wish I had been smart enough to charge for it back then!