New Site Alert! — Broke and horny straight men

Throw that straight guy a bone!

It’s the latest in gay-for-pay adventures, Because you know that when straight guys are both broke AND horny, there’s only one logical conclusion. Do gay porn for money!

For me the excitement is about humiliating the fuck out of these guys, but this newest gay-for-pay site really spends more time exploiting amateurs for their hotness. Everyone can be bought and sold for the right price, so why not enjoy exerting the power of control while they’re choking down on your dick! < Get Dirty >

All-American Heroes — Straight… or STR8?

God bless America!

There’s something about large back tattoos that’s hard to forget, and I’m pretty damn good with faces. So when I saw tattooed Rusty and red-faced Beau on All-American Heroes, I instantly recognized them.

These two minor league players have made their rounds, and it’s obvious from looking at them why they’d be popular. But, come on… straight? Even foot fetish grand poobah FootFriends claimed these guys were straight during their recent shoots there.

I just don’t see it. And I don’t see the fireman schtick working either. Put on a pair of red suspenders and a yellow slicker for Pete’s sake. Then put on Pete!!

Not that I care too much. Hot body on one, hot ass on the other, and they’re having a hot old time. I’d just prefer a spade being called a spade… and a cocksucker a cocksucker! < Get Dirty >

Fisting Central — Better Man Caves

Gimme that Man Cave!

I recently saw a commercial for a new show on the DIY network called “Man Caves.” It’s about creating macked-out pads for men’s men.

What I immediately thought of instead was Mancaves released last June by Fisting Central. And I’m here to tell you that the FC men are a lot tougher than those punks on the DIY network! I’d give anything to get a fistful of Mason Garet‘s hot muscled ass! < Get Dirty >

HDK Raw — For the love of cum

Time to help Daddy unwind!

There are only a handful of reliable cum fetish video producers out there, and Hot Desert Knights is one of them. Unlike some of the other studios that will use any partway decent model willing to bareback, HDK typically picks from what I consider the better end of the real man spectrum. A good amount of muscle, cute-but-filthy twinks, hung players and horny, vocal gang-bangers are all in the mix. < Get Dirty @ HDK Raw >

Xtra Inches — What a campsite!

I don’t think it really counts as “extra” if you just keep adding more cock to the scene until you reach a certain number of inches. That said, Luke Hass wields an admirable piece of meat. If only he didn’t need someone to tell him what to do with it!

For a verbal guy like myself, I get off on the added forcefulness Derrick Hanson gives with his directions, but I know it will be distracting to some who only manage to hear: “you’re not doing it right!”

Still, this voyeur-exhibitionist-voyeur meat sandwich with Ryann Wood is worth a view. It may be missing Xtra Inches, but you’ve still got the makings of a hot outdoor 3-way. < Get Dirty >