All-American Heroes — Straight… or STR8?

God bless America!

There’s something about large back tattoos that’s hard to forget, and I’m pretty damn good with faces. So when I saw tattooed Rusty and red-faced Beau on All-American Heroes, I instantly recognized them.

These two minor league players have made their rounds, and it’s obvious from looking at them why they’d be popular. But, come on… straight? Even foot fetish grand poobah FootFriends claimed these guys were straight during their recent shoots there.

I just don’t see it. And I don’t see the fireman schtick working either. Put on a pair of red suspenders and a yellow slicker for Pete’s sake. Then put on Pete!!

Not that I care too much. Hot body on one, hot ass on the other, and they’re having a hot old time. I’d just prefer a spade being called a spade… and a cocksucker a cocksucker! < Get Dirty >

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