Shut up and fuck him

Muscular blonde prisoner guard with a big dick being fucked by a hung, tattooed prisoner.
Hairy blonde bottom with a big dick being fucked by another guy with a huge cock.

Stiff Sentence, Scene 2
Starring Sean Duran and Brian Bonds

I’m not the biggest fan of Sean Duran in this video, but Brian Bonds sure woke my crotch up.

Actually, the chemistry and action were good. It was really the dialogue that kind of sucked. Too serious to be cheesy and kind of unsexy.

But, oh, those furry muscular bodies and huge cocks!

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I like little butts

Naked straight guy tickle tortured and jerked off.

Perky, smooth white butt of a naked straight guy face down in a male bondage and tickling scenario.

Tickled Hard
Starring Seamus

Speaking of taking control of straight guys, I’d love to get my hands on a straight guy like Seamus, tie him up and have my way with him. The way that tight little butt moves around! I just want to bury my face in that!!

Or maybe it’s just that I’m learning I like tiny fit butts. This new little guy at the gym the other day was wearing workout tights, and it was all I could do to keep from staring at his tiny, cute butt.

But he set off my gaydar. So probably it’s more about taking control of a cute little butt than it is about him being straight…

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Str8 shaming

Short straight guy sucks his first big dick.
Straight guy embarrassed by his small penis after encountering a huge gay cock.

The Agreeable Guy
Starring Brett Bradley and Lance Bar

I typically prefer a big-dicked guy, but with all the power play I’ve been practicing lately, I’m becoming interested in straight guys who are into being humiliated. Specifically, guys who get off on being humiliated for their small dicks.

You know I’ve got an extra-large piece, so I’d love to pull it out and humiliate some straight guy over how much bigger I am than he is. Then demand he worship my cock…

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Because otters love to play

Scruffy Latin otter fucking a tattooed muscle power bottom.
Hairy otter fucking a tattooed muscle bottom.

Butch Dixon
Starring Dani Basch and Max Duran

Last night I hooked up with one of my otter buddies, trading beard rubs, eating out his furry hole and filling him up to overflowing with my seed, primed for the next guy.

With my dick still inside him, he sheepishly asked if anyone had bred me lately. But when I told him it’s been 20 years since someone came in my ass, his eyes lit up. “Really???” He then very excitedly told me how much he wanted to fuck and breed me.

I think that’s why I’ve been holding off on taking his dick. I love this otter buddy, but I’m just not sure I want him to take my cumhole virginity. I mean, other guys have fucked me, just not bred me. And I know he won’t be totally happy fucking me unless he finally gets to breed me.

That said, we’ve known each other for years, and he’s a pretty adorable, playful otter. So maybe I’ll let him be the one after all…

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Wanna touch it?

Arrogant straight man with a mustache jacking off on the couch.
Mustachioed straight guy jacking his cock with both hands.

Workin’ Men XXX
Starring Rob

I was talking with a friend of mine about why we get turned on by cruising, and we agreed that it’s because we both grew up in conservative, remote areas, where all of our early sexual encounters were clandestine. Cruising parks and tea rooms were staples for us both.

And guys like Rob here were pretty much the best one could hope for…

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My kind of selfie

Ginger muscle stud helps his hairy workout buddy suck his own cock after a male massage.
Muscle ginger fingering the ass of another man while he sucks his own cock.

Bad Puppy
Starring Tom Vojak and Alan Carly

Internet in my neighborhood was down all morning, so instead of spending my morning with porn, I traded pics and vids with this cute guy who was desperate for me to fantasy rape him. I pulled out some of my best verbal domination, and the conversation (and trades) got blazing hot.

My dick was so swole and leaking it was ridiculous, so I finally laid back with my heels over my head and sucked myself off. Yeah, I’m flexible enough to self-suck.

Thanks, yoga!

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