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Muscle bear in a suit vs. Zac Efron one-off

Muscle bear in a suit coerces a young male actor to have gay sex on the casting couch.

Austin Wolf continues his role as hunky side of beef for the twinks of Randy Blue, who just seem to keep outshining him.

Yes, Wolf has more physical appeal, but Justin Owen obviously is the better actor and helped me get into the scene more. So which one just give me this raging boner?

Being into younger men would ruin my reputation!

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Briefs, bareback, muscles and moaning… It all adds up

Muscular, tattooed Native American guy fucks an older bald man bareback.

Although he needs to stop trimming so much, Sage Daniels has a good look and looks even better in briefs.

And Mason Garet? Not really my type, except for all the vocalizations. Plus, the fact that he’s like a dirty gay version of Woody Harrelson cracks me up!

Putting it all together works for me. And my boner.

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I didn’t know Kick-Ass 2 had so much ANAL in it

Hairy, muscular Italian with tons of tattoos fucks a look-alike of celebrity christopher mintz-plasse.

Scene 3 from Stag featuring Alessio Romero and Brayden Forrester didn’t exactly get my dirty gay rocks off.

But I still had fun imagining that Forrester is sort of a gay porn version of that lispy kid from the Superbad and Kick Ass movies, Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

The real Christopher Mintz-Plasse:


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What Morgan Spurlock would look like with a full beard… and a dirty gay video career

Hairy, muscular lumberjack and male celebrity look-alike is milked of a huge load of semen.

Beating off to furry stud Colby Keller, with his inviting eyes and moans, is a great way to wake up in the morning. Or to watch over and over all afternoon, fantasizing about being more than just his cameraman.

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And after a while, I finally figured out that (especially in the voice) he reminds me of a hotter, dirty gay version of Morgan Spurlock.

The real Morgan Spurlock:

The real Morgan Spurlock