Stretch out that Daddy hole

Hairy Daddy otter taking an enormous uncut cock bareback.
Hairy Daddy taking an enormous black cock bareback.

Bareback That Hole
Featuring Saul Leinad and Mickey Carpathio

I called it. Yesterday went exactly as expected, and after the gym today, we’re off for more of the same. I’m grateful for all the fun play time, but man, my hole is beat up from all the flipping I’ve been doing.

It’s okay, though. My hole gets a break tomorrow when some of my Seattle friends are spending the afternoon with me…and we’re not fuck buddies…

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Sowing the seed

Fit hairy Daddy getting a blowjob and fucking his heavily tattooed cub bareback.
Hairy Daddy breeding his ginger cub.

Bareback Cum Pigs
Featuring Damon Andros and Zack Acland

My Dick Twin and I have called off our plans for today. It turns out the guy we were going to DP is actually just a very curious top and not the experienced total bottom we thought he was.

So we’ll move on to greener pastures, which probably means another day or two at the pool, drinking and carousing. And secretly flip-fucking and breeding each other when we get back to my house…

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Playing it straight

Straight guys masturbating to porn together.
Straight guys masturbating together.

Str8 Boyz Seduced
Featuring Franco and CJ

I was hanging out with my Dick Twin last night, and he tends to attract a lot of so-called straight guys. I’m waiting to pay the bar tab and glance out the window to where he was smoking and see this beefy straight dude talking to him…and pulling up his shorts.

I quickly go outside to catch the guy walking off and my DT tells me the guy just showed him his ass after DT had told him that we want to DP him. Turns out this straight guy is actually gay, but for some reason totally flies under the gaydar. DT calls out to him to do it again for me, and he drops them again to show his hot ass while he’s walking away.

We’ll see what happens, but plans are already being made for the three of us to play tomorrow…

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Is it bad that I fantasize about him?

Muscular mustachioed European men fucking bareback in a beachside condo that overlooks the sea.
Mustachioed muscle bottom being fucked bareback by another man.

Tim Tales
Featuring Jonathan Miranda and Dano Guerre

Although I’ve been getting my fair share of action lately, I still haven’t made it back around to my little fantasy man. I’ve been thinking about him so much that the last couple of times I had sex, I imagined I was fucking him instead. It got me off super hard!

So if you’re reading this, sexy, I’d love to have the real thing soon…

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Free space

Muscular tattooed men having gay bareback group sex together.
Gay bareback group sex among tattooed muscular men.

Raw Double Penetrations 4: Stuffed
Starring Adam Killian, Marq Daniels, Brian Bonds and Michael Roman

For some reason I woke up thinking it was Monday. It wasn’t until people started messaging me about going to the beach and pool that I realized today is actually Sunday.

Free day! Or as my friend calls that one messy THOT still playing balcony bingo from the night before…Free Space!!

Let’s see just how much fuckery I can fit in…

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Is that Greek wrestling?

Hairy muscle hunks nude having gay sex.
Hairy, muscular gladiators having gay anal sex.

Starring Jaxton Wheeler and Teddy Torres

Tonight there’s a fetish fair at the gay resort that I’m looking forward to attending. I’m not that interested in the porn stars who are going to be there, but I am interested in the retro foam party they’re going to have.

Big, hairy men pawing at each other while wet and shiny? I need that in my life…

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