Hungry for dick

Three muscle hunks having gay sex together.
Hairy Spanish muscle stud being fucked by a ginger while he sucks cock.

Skins: Posing Trunks
Starring Alex Brando, Tom Vojak and Jose Quevedo

Last night, I decided that a threeway was a much better option than going home and masturbating.

I had connected with a guy online near the airport who invited me over to fuck him and his partner. Usually, I’m not into groups, but both him and his partner are hot muscle guys who love a big dick. And my dick was about to explode after being off the market for a few days, so I took them up on their offer.

I found them equally hot, but the partner kept bogarting my dick, so I didn’t get equal time with the guy who made initial contact.

But isn’t that always how it happens with a threeway…

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Breeding him made an impression

Cum slut fucked bareback
Cum leaking out of his jockstrapped hole.

Bang Bang Boys
Starring Tony Dias and Andy Star

Okay. I’ve got rug burn on my inner thigh.

I picked up this guy at a cocktail party last night and gave him and his housemates a ride home. Housemates go upstairs and off go our clothes. We’re making out. He’s begging me to fuck him. How can I resist?

But then we kind of get stuck in second gear. I’m fucking him hard on his back. I’ve got one leg on the bed and the other on the floor. Harder and harder I’m fucking him, and I start feeling my inner thigh getting hot as it rubs along the edge of the mattress.

Finally, I pick him up and flip him over so I can fuck him straight on from behind. He swore at me in Spanish while I wrecked his hole (and his housemates listened in the other room!), then we showered together and off I went.

It wasn’t until this morning that I discovered the burns and bruises on my right inner thigh. LOL. Totally worth it!

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