Put a sock in it

Gay German youth sexually humiliated in a public toilet.
Gay guy forced to smell dirty white crew socks in a public bathroom.

Starring Peto Coast and Basti Winkler

I believe that often it’s the scenario that makes a video hot, regardless of the models. Sure, good looking models are nice, but a public hookup scene is always going to score big points with me.

Added bonus for sock fetish! I really need my socked feet worshiped in public again soon…

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Fountain of youth

Muscular college hunk in the shower pissing tons of urine all over himself in the shower.
College muscle hunk pissing on himself.

Boys Pissing
Starring Elijah Knight

Even after all these years and everything that I’ve tried, I’m still pee-shy enough that I can’t enjoy some warm, relaxing watersports with my partners. I’ve gotten better, and the two-man shower in my new house certainly helps, but I’d love to be at the level of Elijah Knight.

I mean, seriously. That kid knows his piss play…

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Heel, boy!

Greek muscle god dominates a young leather and rubber twink with sex toys and caning before fucking him.
Greek dom top leash-fucking a twink in leather and rubber.

Hangin’ Hardcore, Scene 2
Starring Jaxton Wheeler and Alexander Gustavo

My puppy is in town for one more day, and he’s let me know that he’s been bad and needs to be disciplined. Perfect!

After Saturday, I need my boots cleaned and polished, and I’ll definitely need an outlet for my stress after work today…

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There’s the beef

Leather stud worshipping a huge Latino underwear bulge.
Leather hunk fucked bareback by a Latino muscle stud with a huge uncut cock.

Bang Bang Boys
Starring Marcelo Mastro and Andy Star

Holy fuck, last night was fun. Yes, there were tons of guys out in leather, but even better, tons of guys were there in underwear, too.

And y’all know I have an underwear fetish.

Big muscle men with even bigger bulges parading around, brushing up against me with their massive pouches as they walked by. In no time I was leaking and heading back to the fences to check out the action, and it didn’t disappoint.

Three big guys back there had their huge cocks out, circle jerking over a hot hunk in leather who was kneeling on the ground. I joined in the fun, and the group quickly swelled. By the time the first guy started shooting, there must have been at least 10+ guys in the circle.

One load triggered another and another and another, until the whole group was cumming all over this guy. The millions of our sperm mixed all over his face as he lapped it up and a few more guys behind him shot all over his shoulders, dripping down his back pouring into his ass crack. One of the guys next to me dropped down and slurped the rest off my cock (and a few other guys) before zipping up.

Happy Pride!

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Turn it out

Tattooed hunk in OTC socks and assless leather biking shorts.
Bearded men in leather shorts having sex in an alley.

Cazzo Club
Starring Michael Selvaggio and Flo Carrera

It’s the last Saturday of the month, so leather/fetish night is back on tap. And with it being Pride weekend in a lot of cities in the United States, I expect the guys here are going to be extra eager to do it up and play.

I’ve got my harness, jock and boots out, all shined up and ready to go!

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Open wide

Furry bubble butt in assless bike shorts.
Pierced twink fucking another guy with an inflatable dildo before getting punch-fucked in an anal fisting video.

The Abysse Part 2, Scene 4
Starring Aiden Woods and Axel Abysse

Only one more week until I hop a plane to spend time with my Gay Days Husband. We’re both very eager to see each other again, but I’m also excited to see how the sex is going to play out.

Since we both identify as tops, the last time we were together I was the one who took it for the team. And although he says he wants me inside him, too, I’m not sure just how much of me he’s going to be able to take.

Good thing it’s going to be a nice long weekend, so there’s no rush for either of us to get it in. But I should probably be stretching out my hole this week!

Where’s that inflatable dildo??

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