Call me Papi

Bearded Latino muscle bear shirtless and showing off his huge arms.
Businessman muscle bear seduced by a male co-worker in the office and caught on camera.

Starring Jose Quevedo and James Castle

I may not have converted any straight guys at the pool party yesterday, but I did catch a hot, bearded stud in my net. He was in town on business from Mexico. Yes, another hairy muscle god from Mexico! I’ll take that above some drunken straight guy any day.

He was furry and gorgeous with ripped abs and a full, compact, muscular body. I made my way over to him as soon as I spied him in the pool. A few laughs and smiles and we’re brushing up against each other under the water. We didn’t even finish our drinks because we both knew we needed to get out of there before scraing the straight people with our Speedo bulges.

I told the guys to watch my stuff, grabbed the room key and hightailed it out of there and to the elevators. The smell was a mix of sweaty man, chlorine and hotel bedding as we made out in the icy cold room. I opened the curtains to let in the sun and fucked him from behind right on the spot. Based on the texts I got last night, I guess you could see the front of him, naked and banging against the glass! LOL!

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