Here cums Round Two

Hairy Daddy being fucked bareback by a tattooed muscle hunk.
Hairy Daddy sitting on the raw cock of a tattooed muscleman.

Horndogs, Scene 7
Starring Sergio Moreno and Xavi Garcia

I’m back on PrEP after switching to a new formulation of Truvada, and just in time for my buddy coming in from Colorado in a few days. We flip-fucked at a naked pool party earlier this summer, and plan on spending all day doing it again.

See, we both consider ourselves tops, but our sexual energy is totally compatible. And even when we weren’t prepared before, we still had a hot time enjoying each other’s big dicks.

This time we’ll both be ready…

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All hail the hairy-chested male!

Hairy-chested muscle hunks shirtless.
Hairy muscle men fucking bareback in a locker room.

Breed Me Raw
Starring Alessio Romero and Aarin Asker

I woke up this morning so horny, I couldn’t even think. So I jumped into a video chat room with a bunch of other guys, and lucky me, there were a bunch of hairy muscle dudes in there stroking it!

It didn’t take me long to shoot my huge load and get cleaned up for work, but thirty minutes later one of my neighbors texted me for a hookup. If only I had waited!

Maybe by this afternoon my balls with have refilled themselves. I do seem to be on a kick lately, and if I can find time to sneak off to the pool, you never know what will happen…

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Dripping with it

Hairy hunk masturbating in his boxer shorts on the couch.
Porn star Cameron Kincade masturbating.

Victor Cody XXX
Starring Cameron Kincade

I can tell right off the bat if I’m compatible with someone’s sexual energy, whether or not we’re a good physical fit.

But then there are guys like Cameron Kincade who just ooze sex and seem to be compatible with everyone. My Puerto Rican puppy is like that, and so is the horny little fuck I recently connected with. They can be a real challenge for someone with low self-confidence to handle.

Fortunately, I no longer have that problem…

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Bathroom preview

Muscle hunk in briefs exposing his hard cock in the bathroom.
Naked muscle hunk with an erection in the bathroom.

American Muscle Hunks
Starring Dustin Holloway

I recently ran into this horny little fuck I met years ago but never hooked up with. This time around is going to be different.

We met at a presidential debate viewing party and couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We even snuck off to the bathroom to get a closer inspection, but we both agreed that instead of a quickie, we’d rather wait until we have a lot of private time together.

He suggested five hours.

Um, fuck yeah!

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Because I can

21-year-old twink with sexy tan lines self-sucking.
Self-sucking twink in action.

Spunk Worthy
Starring Leigh

After a very satisfying otter romp yesterday, I kind of don’t feel like bothering trying to hook up with anyone today. So how will I solve my never-ending horniness?


With natural flexibility and a few years of yoga under my belt, it’s easy to do. Of course, having a really big dick helps me.

I don’t know how this kinda average-sized twink does it…

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Muscle Daddy and otter eating each other in the ass
Bearded otter getting his ass rimmed by a tattooed muscle hunk.

Bareback Cum Pigs
Starring Hugh Hunter and Stephen Harte

I love eating ass. Furry ass. Smooth ass. Tiny ass or big bubble butt. There’s always something I can find to enjoy.

Lately, I’ve especially been fascinated by taking a firm, open-mouthed bite on the egg-shaped mass of muscle at the base of the glute on either side.

It’s easier to find if the guy is face down, and not everyone likes it, but give it a try sometime. It really drives some guys totally fucking nuts.

In fact, I plan on using the trick (once again) on my young muscle otter pup just a few hours from now…

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Try this on for size

Gay bondage humiliations in the mechanic garage.
Mechanic in a jockstrap sits on a dildo held in the mouth of another man.

Bondage Garage
Starring Lance Hart and Micky Mackenzie

I woke up from the perviest dream this morning with a raging boner, so I think it’s finally time to call my dirty gay buddy who’s really into bondage.

I’d love to work him over with every tool in his toolbox, then finish the session off with the big finale of my load in his ass.

It’s going to be one hell of an edging session…

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