Get into those feet

Beefy straight guy bound and tickle tortured.
Straight muscle nerd jacking his big dick in the nude.

Tickled Hard
Starring Franco Dax and Mitch

Over the years, my underwear fetish has gradually generalized to include a sock fetish, but bare feet still didn’t do it for me. That may be changing now as my new fetish for tickling men is developing.

It’s the sounds that certain men like Mitch make when they’re being tickled that really do it for me. His loud moaning is sooo sexual that I can’t help but get a hard-on. And if I can make a guy make those sounds by tickling his feet, I’m sure feet are going to be on the menu for me in the future…

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Sometimes the fantasy is better

Muscular leathermen in a three-way with a sling and huge dildo.
Hairy muscle stud shooting his load while two leather muscle Daddies shove a giant dildo in his ass in a sling.

Rough Trade, Scene 3
Starring Nick Prescott, Dirk Caber and David Benjamin

As I suspected, the threesome I was supposed to have yesterday didn’t go off. We were talking and laughing and flirting, but I could tell that the chemistry just wasn’t right. So I drifted off, made out with another guy, got a couple of numbers and headed out.

Later that night, the married guy messaged me, apologizing for not following through. He then sent me some extra dirty pics of himself (in gear, with toys, etc.) and begged for my cock, promising to give up his ass to me someday soon. It left me so hard and leaking that I happily accepted his apology…and promise.

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Share the love

Beefy men having a gay bareback 3-way.
Cumslut bottom feeding a black man his load with his mouth.

Bareback Cum Pigs
Starring Vinnie Stefano, Alex Mason and Ray Diesel

Today’s the day that I meet the married couple for drinks at afternoon tea and decide whether or not to take it home. After all the build up, my answer is yes, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they’re going to back out. They know that I like one a lot more than the other.

Or maybe I’ll fuck the one while the other watches…

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From the back

Muscle fucking a furry muscle cub in an alley.
Muscle cub in a jockstrap getting fucked in an alley by a nude, muscular man.

Cruising Grounds
Starring JJ Knight and Chris Bines

Ask and you shall receive.

Last night at the huge performance arts festival that’s been running all week, I met a furry little lumberjack from Canada with pretty eyes, a sweet smile and a big ol’ ass of solid muscle. His show finished early in the evening, and we got talking over cocktails in a tent by the outdoor stage.

I live close to where the festival is held, so after a couple of drinks, we snuck off to my place for a crazy quickie, cleaned up and got right back. Neither his co-performers or my friends were any the wiser!

That ass. Mmm…

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I just need a little ass

Short muscle hunk nude with tattoos and a cute little butt.
Tall muscle stud fucking a short, tattooed hunk in his muscular ass.

Hot As Fuck, Scene 3
Starring Austin Wolfe and Skippy Baxter

I thought I was done with little guys after the last couple didn’t work out, but it seems I was too close to see what was going on. Now that I have a little objective distance, I realize that the problem wasn’t discomfort with the size disparity or power dynamic. It was that both of them got too serious too fast with the dating stuff.

What I need is a stable of short men with tight little muscle butts who I can fuck, no strings attached. Hunky fireplugs who just want some big Daddy dick and that’s it…

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Me gusta tu culo

Muscular gym buddies tag team a third ripped muscle man in the locker room.
Giant muscle hunk getting his asshole licked by another man.

Ripped Threesome
Starring Pedro Andreas, Daniel Marvin and Ross Hurston

I just got messaged by a hunky friend of someone I recently stopped seeing, asking if I might be interested in hooking up with him and his husband this weekend. I’m not that into the husband, but the hunk is an insatiable bottom with an amazing muscle ass (he sent pictures) that won’t quit (he told stories).

It’s an offer I don’t think I can refuse…

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