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Summer fuckin’

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

Muscular studs having gay sex outdoors in the desert island climate of Ibiza.
Muscle stud being fucked in the ass by a hairy, muscular man with a huge cock.

Men In Ibiza, Part 3
Featuring Paddy O’Brian and Tony Gys

Labor Day Weekend and the weather is perfect for screwing outside. So go out, and get you some tail while you’re out!

Or, at the very least, go someplace where you can watch other men fucking outside…

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Thick beards and muscle butts

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

Muscular men with thick beards and strong legs and thighs naked.

Muscle stud with a thick beard fucking a Latino with gorgeous eyes and a big, muscular butt.

Affairs, Part 1
Featuring Colby Keller and Dato Foland

I’m sure my neighbors got an earful last night as I was fucking this bearded stud I brought home out in the utility room.

At least today they’ll get a break. Today I’ll be fucking at my friend’s house. I wonder who the lucky muscle man will be…

Pool party!

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That muscle ass, those socks!

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

One muscle jock in rugby socks sucking another stud's big dick through his jockstrap.
Muscular men in jockstraps and over-the-calf athletic socks having gay sex in their sports gear.

Dirty Fuckers, Scene 1
Featuring Johnny V and Sean Zevran

Although I was initially in it for Sean Zevran, I kind of fell in love with Johnny V in this scene. Dedicated performance, slammin’ body and some vocals that really made me leak.

Plus, he reminds me of this one blonde guy I fucked once who was super hot, before he went nuts on crystal meth…

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Doing it up military style

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Bearded male soldier taking a huge black dildo up his ass.
Bear bottom in a military uniform takes a huge dildo then an army officer's fist.

Enlist Your Fist, Scene 3
Featuring Rogue Status and Matt Hart

It may not be as hot at this latest scene from Enlist Your Fist, but leather night tonight should be filled with plenty of dirty gay fun.

And I did trim my nails this morning…

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TGIMen in suits

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Man in a wet business suit with a huge curved erection.
Muscle man fucking a guy in a suit in the showers at the gym.

On the Tiles
Featuring Logan Moore and Jay Roberts

This was a long-ass week, and the only thing sad about it ending is the men in suits I leave behind.

Finally, a reason to look forward to Mondays…

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Blowing that hot guy from the gym

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Hairy muscular stud getting a blowjob from a bald man.
Hairy young muscle man receiving a blowjob from an older bald man.

Thankfully, I have some excellent cum-guzzlers like Bruce Jordan in my pocket, but I have to say that Rio Francisco looks exactly like this hot new guy at the gym I met this afternoon.

Now that’s a back pocket I’d like to get into…

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Military men fetish and gay incest

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Military superior participates in a circle jerk while his son watches from the shadows.

Joe Gage Sex Files Vol. #17: Doctors and Dads 3
Featuring: Dirk Caber, Bryan Slater, Joe Parker, Kyler Ash, Tom Nero, Mike Chambers, Scott Reynolds, Austin Ryan, Devin Moss and Sailor Blue

Just about everything I love. Military uniforms, fathers and sons, brothers, underwear, big dicks, big loads and lots of hairy men.

And the dirty gay dialogue definitely adds to the experience…

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