May showers

Hairy muscle Daddy in the shower nude with another man.
Hairy muscle Daddy feeding his big uncut cock to another man in the shower.

Butch Dixon
Featuring Ely Chain and Geo Dovek

Although I didn’t hook up with that Canadian (or anyone else) from the festival, I did pick up someone from the gym and brought him home this morning.

His sweaty body was so fucking sexy sliding around on mine as we made out. It wasn’t long before he was on his hands and knees begging me to fuck him with my big dick.

Then we went to shower together, and the fun continued. He sucked my cock while he jacked off, swallowing my second load and shooting his at the same time.

And now I’ve got one more afternoon of festival shows to enjoy. Maybe that Canadian will turn up. After all, when it rains, it pours…

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Performance enhancement

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Hairy muscle hunk getting fucked bareback by a muscular man.

Raw Hires
Starring Barton and Vander

Between shows last night, I met this hairy Canadian hunk at the drink tent and we started chatting. He’s a performer in one of the other shows and doesn’t have a lot of time to play, but we did exchange numbers.

I’m going to try to sneak him offsite to my house today for some naked fun. It’s a good thing I only live two miles from the venue where his troupe is performing…

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Starving artist

Tattooed muscle hunk sucking an enormous black cock.
Tattooed muscle hunk being fucked bareback by a black monster cock.

Tim Tales
Featuring Devon Lebron and Andy Star

The Fringe Festival is back, and as always, it brings artists from all over flooding into town. And artists need to get fucked, too.

So in addition to seeing a bunch of crazy shows this weekend, I’ll be on the lookout for horny men in need of relief. I know I don’t work well when I need to get my rocks off.

Think of it as my contribution to the arts…

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