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Ass-slapping sounds when you fuck him are great, but where’s the dirty talk?

Hairy, bearded muscleman fucks a tattooed muscle bear with his giant dick.

A little formulaic in spots, but I still enjoyed this hard ass fuck between Aybars and Martin Mazza, probably because I find them both extremely attractive (esp. Aybars).

What would have made this scene better? More dirty talk. Loosen those filthy minds, gentlemen, and let the smut fly!

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Briefs, bareback, muscles and moaning… It all adds up

Muscular, tattooed Native American guy fucks an older bald man bareback.

Although he needs to stop trimming so much, Sage Daniels has a good look and looks even better in briefs.

And Mason Garet? Not really my type, except for all the vocalizations. Plus, the fact that he’s like a dirty gay version of Woody Harrelson cracks me up!

Putting it all together works for me. And my boner.

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