Collin O’Neal — International Action

Jean Franco getting service from Jacko

Collin O’Neal himself gives me a big boner. Always has. And fortunately for all of us, is equally boner-making. Some porn just sticks one hot guy with whomever else they have in their rack, but has consistently added hot upon hot, like a delicious, deep-dish meat pie. His locations are unusual and the men definitely look and sound like they want to be there. There’s no holding back the pelvic ass-slap in these hot beef injections. < Get Dirty >

Big Cock Desires — Arpad Miklos

Hungry for Hungarian

I have to say that the only thing “amateur” about is the photography. They certainly couldn’t be talking about Arpad Miklos, the uncut, hairy Hungarian top who makes my mouth water whenever I see him. He’s far from amateur in most people’s books.

Seriously, these photos of Miklos are overexposed and out of focus… and is that a NYC skyline poster they’re using as a backdrop? I just don’t see the comedy in it, when all I want to see is Miklos’ meat and the rest of the big cock my ass desires. Still, I’ll admit there’s a sort of worn, dirty magazine quality to the pics (and models) on BCD. And with no men under 8 inches, there’s definitely something there to keep my hands busy. < Get Dirty >

Fisting Central — No one is an Arm of One

Stretch that hungry hole

Up for release this Wednesday is the next installment of Arm of One on Scene three features Trey Casteel, Ricky Sinz and Mason Garet in some noisy, greasy FF action (thankfully, Ricky wears a black knit cap to cover that crazy half-punk, half-balding head of his… very distracting). The filth pours from their mouths as Mason, the abused bottom of the scene, gets a big fistful of exactly what he’s been looking for. Fuck prepping the Jeep. Mason needs his rosebud fertilized. Here’s the dirty gay preview: < Get Dirty >

Mark Wolff — The #GiganticCock of Ted Colunga

Tube steak, anyone?

Some cocks are unmistakable, and on a recent visit to, I couldn’t miss THIS giant, uncut, hairy pipe. I’m a longtime fan of beefy fur pile Ted Colunga. He has a hefty handful of movies under his belt, and obviously more heft under his belt than your average Joe. We’re talking so much amazingly thick cock that some of his photos have been accused of being air-brushed. I’m here to tell you, guys, it’s all real. All you have to do is watch this majorly horse-hung stud in action and you’ll have your proof. < Get Dirty >


Hairy Boyz — Grunt Force Trauma

You want dirty? I’ll give you dirty. Try Jake Deckard’s nasty action by himself in the woods, greasing up his hairy foxhole with thick fingers while he’s bent over a log. Or get hard to the rough nipple play and deep grunts from this grunt, as he sloppily fucks a beat-it sleeve and blows a huge chunky load. That’s military action I LIKE to see. < Get Dirty >

Jock Butt — Big Roger Oils Up

I'd like my assburger rare, with a side of cream

I loves me some big muscle ass, and if you shove it in a jockstrap, I’m through. Where better to go, then, for huge muscle ass served up on a tight, oily platter than These guys are big, big, BIG, and they’ve got some of the most amazing glutes you’ve ever seen, in or out of the gym. I think I might catch an airbrush here or there, but it’s still every one of my dirty bodybuilder / veiny masculine cravings cum true. Hey, JockButt, I’d like to put in a personal request to borrow the jockstraps at the end of each shoot. I promise to have them back to you as soon as I’ve finished… using them. < Get Dirty >

STR8 Cam — Getting me off since 2002

I'd love to be underneath THAT

I’ve been watching Jeff on STR8Cam for years. He had the idea to get off on his webcam, just to be an exhibitionist and make money while he’s doing it, long before all those big names tried to do it and did it poorly. In fact, STR8Cam is one of the only webcam sites I still visit, and there are good reasons why Jeff’s been around for so long. One is that he’s polite. Another is that he’s a hot fucking stud with an incredible physique and a horny, sexy, kid-in-a-candy-store charm.

Ever since that amazing cumshot (included above), I’ve checked in on Jeff from time to time. With his huge catalog of content, you too can watch his body transform over the years both in size and hairiness, or interact with him live and watch him take direction during one of his alluring webcam shows. You won’t be disappointed. < Get Dirty >