STR8 Cam — Getting me off since 2002

I'd love to be underneath THAT

I’ve been watching Jeff on STR8Cam for years. He had the idea to get off on his webcam, just to be an exhibitionist and make money while he’s doing it, long before all those big names tried to do it and did it poorly. In fact, STR8Cam is one of the only webcam sites I still visit, and there are good reasons why Jeff’s been around for so long. One is that he’s polite. Another is that he’s a hot fucking stud with an incredible physique and a horny, sexy, kid-in-a-candy-store charm.

Ever since that amazing cumshot (included above), I’ve checked in on Jeff from time to time. With his huge catalog of content, you too can watch his body transform over the years both in size and hairiness, or interact with him live and watch him take direction during one of his alluring webcam shows. You won’t be disappointed. < Get Dirty >

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