Performing for Daddy

Spanish muscle Daddy fucking a twink wrestler bareback.
Giant muscle Daddy fucking a twink through his ass-less boxer jock.

Butch Dixon
Featuring Rafa and David Luca

My end-of-summer boy and I have been talking about the things we’re going to do the next time we’re together, and part of that includes him wanting to indulge my underwear fetish.

I expect a parade of briefs, jocks, Speedos and singlets coming my way. I just don’t know how much longer I can wait…

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That’s a lotta dick!

Male bodybuilder getting fucked by a massive uncut cock.
Muscular bodybuilder sitting on a massive Argentinian cock.

Tim Tales
Starring Cristian Sam and Jake Cook

Since my prostate seemed to be in need of some stimulation, I took the opportunity yesterday to go for a ride. You see, that boy only gets fucked by me, but he’s a top with everyone else. So after I fucked his brains out, I blew his mind by climbing on top and sliding his big raw dick inside me.

The look on his face was priceless as I flipped on my back with his cock still in me. He came as soon as he pumped the second load out of me…hands-free!

Fuck, I haven’t taken a dick that big in a very long time…

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Dedicated hole

Young power bottom getting fucked by a big Daddy dick.
Hairy boy hole stretching to take a big white dick.

Looking for the Big One, Scene 3
Starring Alex Mecum and Casey Jacks

It’s Hump Day, and once again we’ve got hot sun in the weather forecast. Good thing I worked my schedule to have the day off! Biking to pool, a couple of cocktails and a nap, and I’ll be relaxed, recharged and ready for my date tonight.

He’s got a ripped body, a tight little muscle butt and a furry hole that he only lets my big dick fill…

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Boy, oh boy

Muscle geek fucking a slender twink bareback.
Horny twink sitting on the raw dick of a veiny muscle nerd.

Rental Crush
Starring Markie More and Grayson Lange

Waking up with an aching boner made it hard to stay asleep this morning, so I decided to rub one out to help me relax. I was coming right out of a crazy sex dream, after all.

With all the fucking I’ve been doing, I haven’t masturbated in a while, and it felt pretty amazing to pleasure myself. But the strange thing was that when I finally came, my load was almost non-existent. Maybe I should stick to fucking all the boys that have been crossing my path lately.

It looks like I’ll have an opening for an opening tomorrow…

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He really delivers

Muscular men in suits having gay sex at the office.
Muscular men in suits fucking in an office.

Deal Breaker
Starring Nick North and Andy Star

It’s hard to believe it’s Monday again, but today should go pretty smoothly for me. I have a lot to do, but getting to the office isn’t on my list. I’m happily working at home.

Of course, my tune would change if I had hunky, muscular co-workers like Nick North and Andy Star parading around in their suits, whispering dirty gay promises in my ear…

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Bare bears

Gay otter fucking a redhead male cub bareback.
Hairy otter fucking a redhead cub bareback.

Guy Bone
Featuring Jay Davis and Zack Acland

Really excellent weather again today for the naked pool party this afternoon. Attendees of this party tend to be a bit hairier and more on the bear side, with a smattering of otters for playfulness.

I’m glad I took home an otter of my own yesterday because this party also tends to be more in the friend zone. Although now that I think about it, I did hook up with someone from the last one…

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