Bound to get stretched

Muscle jock spread eagle in gay bondage setup with his asshole exposed through his jockstrap.
Muscle jock in OTC rugby socks and a yellow jockstrap spread eagle with bondage rope showing his freshly-rimmed asshole glistening with spit.
Muscle jock in bondage getting fucked by a tall, lean, ripped muscle athlete.

Bound Jocks
Starring Adrian Long and Marc Dylan

I went to a deep stretch yoga class today that involved tying straps to our feet and pulling our legs back and wide… but no one in the class was making sounds like Marc Dylan.

Of course, no one in the class was getting ass- and face-fucked by Adrian Long.

Just listen to those sweet, juicy sounds…

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Right between the goalposts

Burly Daddy making out with his smooth tattooed twink.
Bear Daddy barebacking a smooth young man.
Beefy muscle bear and smooth young man fucking bareback and shooting their cum loads.

Cocksure Men
Starring Brad Kalvo and Jed Athens

I have a feeling I’m getting fucked this weekend.

The Super Bowl is on and even though I expect my team to win (go ‘Hawks!), my bearfriend is joining me for the hyper-masculine fun. I’m horny and I know the whole situation will turn him on, but he’s had an upset stomach lately.

And we all know what that means when it comes to being fucked.

So I’ll be putting out a killer game day spread… in more ways than one!

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Spread ’em!

Straight male boxer stripped by three older men in suits.
Straight male boxer stripped nude and spread eagle while three older men in suits fondle him.

Clothed Males vs. Nude Male
Starring Henry

You know those straight guys at the gym who don’t know that what they’re doing arouses the gay guys? Not the ones who think so much of themselves that they think even gay guys want them, but the oblivious hot ones who bend over at the waist to pick up the bar. The same ones who lift up their shirts to wipe their faces or do squats like they’re sitting on a big dick?

Well, one of them at my gym (a soccer coach, I think) wore a sleeveless shirt today and it was like watching a Michelangelo sculpture exercise. Damn. I’d love to see him stripped and manhandled by me and a couple of my friends…

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All gain, no pain

Tattooed muscle Daddy fucks his scruffy pup in his perfect bubble butt.
Tattooed muscle stud bent over the bed and being fucked from behind.

Dirty Tony
Starring Alessio Romero and Max Cameron

Maybe I have yoga on the brain, but it looks like Max Cameron has learned some very accommodating poses. And really, if he’s that good, he should have no problem taking a big dick.

It’s called acting, my friends, and he’s doing a darn good job at it. After all, I do like a good pained expression from time to time as a hot muscle bottom struggles to take my cock…

There’s more than one way to do legs

Hunky muscle jock getting his huge uncut cock sucked.
Tattooed Spanish muscle hunk in a jockstrap being fucked by a hung, hairy man he picked up at the gym.
Muscle jocks fucking in the kitchen in their athletic gear and jockstraps.

Bulldog Pit
Starring Craig Daniel and Bruno Bernal

I was supposed to do legs at the gym this afternoon, but after a morning of deep stretch yoga, I opted for chest and shoulders instead.

I know my calves really need the work, though, so whoever I fuck tonight, I’m putting him up on the kitchen counter to do it…

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