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I like my men firm

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Short, furry cub sucks a huge uncut cock, then gets fucked deep by him.
Adorable gay cub getting a cum facial from a guy with a huge uncut cock.

Hard Brit Lads
Featuring Tom Long and Sam Bishop

I’m a well-hung guy, but I never rely on that to carry me. I feel that Tom Long, although very sexual, is a bit too out of shape for my liking in this scene. He’s tall (as am I), but he’s not really carrying the weight very well.

That said, I like beefy men. I just like them firm. I consider Sam Bishop to be more along those lines.

Heck, I’d fuck that cubby little power bottom in a heartbeat…

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My costume this year

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Ripped Dutch soccer player with his shirt off showing his tattoos, piercings and muscular legs.
Ripped, tattooed soccer player stroking his erection with his Prince Albert and fucking himself with a black dildo.

UK Hot Jocks
Featuring Alexx Desley

Since I didn’t take the time to come up with a costume for tonight, it looks like I’ll be going out in my socks and underwear. Add a ball, and it’s a sexy soccer player.

But aren’t all soccer players sexy…

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Making me wet

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Hung Daddy swapping piss loads with a hunky Frenchman.
Daddy's big cock pissing in another guy's eager mouth.

Gay Piss and Water Sports
Featuring Rocco Steele and Nigel Banks

Even though this hot, beefy guy pissed on me during some super sex last weekend, I have to say that watersports alone still leaves me feeling unfulfilled.

Of course, it might have made more of an impact if I had known he was pissing on me when it happened. I found out the next day.

We were really high.

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I fucked the hell out of him, like a gentleman

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Fit, furry men who meet in the park go back to his house for some afternoon gay sex.
Hairy muscle guy fingering his asshole to get himself ready to be fucked.
Scruffy ginger fucking a hairy guy in the ass until he cums.

Central Park Cruising, Part 4
Featuring Connor Maguire and Jimmy Fanz

What an afternoon! I thought I was going to be stuck working at home all day, when one of my furry friends stopped by to say hi. I was so horny that I literally fucked him across the room. Then I treated him to lunch.

It’s what a gentleman does…

Suit pocket muscle

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Spanish muscle boss fucks his Argentine male employee in the ass while they wear their suits.
Hunky businessman fucks another suit in his perfect bubble butt.

Featuring Flex and Caleb Roca

The more I watch of Flex, the more I love. I just didn’t realize how short he is until now.

Considering Caleb Roca is just under 5′ 6″, that makes Flex what? 5′ 4″?? Hot!!

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Time to get serviced

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Black and Italian car mechanics naked under their coveralls.
Muscular garage attendant groping a car mechanic while he's working.
Black mechanic fucking an Italian mechanic on the hood of a car.

Cazzo Club
Featuring Chris Brown and Jack Janus

I’ve had a long-standing lust for car mechanics. There’s something hyper-sexual about the environment, the tools, the smells, the testosterone. And some of the first porn mags I ever discovered were inside a tool box in a garage.

So even though these two really should be much hairier, this scene still made me leak…

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Beef you can braid

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Two cubs and one otter starting a gay threeway.
Three hairy men suck and fuck each other in multiple unique gay sex positions.

The Tourist, Scene 2
Featuring Donato Reyes, Dario Beck and Alessio Veneziano

And I thought Dario Beck had a hairy ass. Check out the backside on Alessio Veneziano.

I’d love to bury my face in that!

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