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Golden showers bring May flowers

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

Well-hung boy pissing on himself outdoors.
Well-hung boy pissing on himself outdoors.

Boys Pissing
Featuring Alex Greene

It’s hard to believe that it’s already April! Pool parties and naked events are back on the schedule in full force, and Gay Days is just a couple of months away. I’m so excited, I could piss myself!

Or watch Alexander Greene do it…

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Celebrate #Pride with @SpunkLube!

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Dirty Gay Blog proudly endorses Spunk Lube!

Spunk Hybrid Lube with Gay Pride support
Spunk Hybrid Lube with Gay Pride support

“As we enter another year of PRIDE celebrations, we are reminded of those who paved the way for our ability to celebrate openly. The Equality March for Unity and Pride in Washington DC kicked off PRIDE events nationwide, and solidified our excitement and commitment to achieving equality for all. SPUNK Lube stands strong with all people, especially our friends in the LGBTQ community. If your celebration takes a more intimate turn, we take PRIDE in being your personal lubricant of choice. Happy PRIDE to all and to all a good time. This special commemorative pride edition is in limited supply.

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Equality March for Unity and Pride. This exclusive item is only available in 8 oz/236ml size since this is a special commemorative label.

SPUNK Lube 2017 PRIDE is white, creamy & fun to use. It’s “water based silicone” that’s non staining & safe to use with all sex toy materials. It cleans up easily & is not sticky or tacky. It also reactivates with sweat or spit. It’s the perfect personal lubricant for PRIDE and for any occasion.

Available as SPUNK Lube HYBRID in our regular non commemorative label in multiple sizes.”

Get me some Spunk!

Give it to Daddy

Saturday, April 8th, 2017

Muscular silver Daddy in gay bondage with a horse bit in his mouth.
Blonde muscle stud turns a muscular silver Daddy into his donkey through gay BDSM.

Brutal Tops
Featuring Master Brad

My hookup with the bearded muscle stud yesterday was surprisingly dirty. He’s an extrovert in a job that requires tons of upbeat public interaction, so I was a little thrown off my game when he told me he wanted to be Daddy’s slut pig.

It started when I was eating his ass, and his verbal game began exceeding mine. I spanked him hard and spit in his face, and he started telling me about how he wanted me to bury multiple loads inside him and be my cum dump.

By the end of the second hour, he was repeating, “Daddy can do whatever he wants with me.” So after punching his chest while fucking him again, I laid back and made him hover his giant, tattooed shoulders over me while he sucked my big dick and swallowed my last load.

More of that is definitely going to happen, but I’m going to have to pull out some of my more hardcore tricks next time…

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Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

Voyeur gets caught sniffing a jockstrap and is tied up and pissed on for it.
Bound man forced to drink the piss of his captor.

Brutal Tops
Featuring Master Derek

Day two without sex. I think this is weighing on me more than usual because it’s out of my control. I can’t bring someone home versus not hooking up because I’m busy or haven’t found someone I want to fuck.

Of course, it’s when I’m unavailable that all the hot guys I meet are flirting like crazy with me. My sister thinks it’s hilarious. Me, not so much. ARGH!

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Fun in the sun

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Nude muscle Daddy pissing and relaxing in the pool.
Muscle Daddy shooting his huge load of cum.

Island Studs
Starring Miller

This new work schedule of mine is definitely a lot to handle, but I’m grateful to have the work. And even though today may be the last official day of summer, there are still some hot days left I can get out to enjoy.

And hot Daddies to pick up at the pool…

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While they watch

Saturday, September 10th, 2016

Suburban Dad masturbating in a park bathroom while two cops watch behind a one-way mirror.
Bearded man masturbating in a public bathroom in front of a one-way mirror.

Show Hard, Scene 1
Featuring Dirk Caber

I’ve always had a little exhibitionist streak, but I feel like it’s becoming stronger every day. I’ve really been enjoying jacking it in video chat rooms, for example. It’s the modern, safe way to show off.

But I do miss the thrill of the danger of getting caught masturbating in public. I haven’t stroked one out in a public park or bathroom for furtive viewers in a long time.

Hmmm… I think I’ll add a bathroom stop to my bike ride this morning…

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Yellow hanky night

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Middle Eastern German stud in yellow briefs and OTC rugby socks.
Spanish muscle bear pissing on a bearded hunk and fucking him in the ass.

Cazzo Club
Starring Alberto Esposito and Samir Landser

I finally did it. I got over my pee-shyness. At least for a night. Underwear night, specifically.

I was out back having my last beer last night when a hot guy I didn’t know asked me if I needed to piss. When I said that I did, he motioned me back behind one of the fences where he got down on his knees, opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue.

Since I’d had quite a few, I needed to piss really badly…and my internal sensor was pretty well shut off. After taking a quick look around to make sure we were alone, I hauled out my cock and immediately starting pissing into this guy’s mouth.

It was a lot of piss, and after his first swallow, the guy lifted up his shirt and leaned forward to get my horse stream all over his chest. He was completely soaked on his torso and the front of his jeans. It looked like he’d pissed himself, too.

When I finished, he turned around and pulled his pants down, exposing his cute little butt. He spread his cheeks and gazed back at me with an expectant look in his eyes. So I shook the piss off my dick, spit in his hole and after a few strokes I was hard enough to slide inside him. I fucked him doggy style right there and somehow he muffled his moans so that our encounter stayed private.

I quickly came inside him, after which he hopped up, zipped up and headed out the back exit with a wink and a smile. Definitely a great introduction to public watersports…

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