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Hairy, salt-and-pepper muscle Daddies need their balls drained

Tuesday, April 19th, 2022

Furry, muscular, mature Daddies wearing white athletic socks get each other off, even though they're straight.

It’s agreed that the pictures and screenshots from this impromptu shoot aren’t the best, but they’re definitely enough to get the dirty gay gist… and get me off!

I just can’t resist hairy, salt and pepper pecs…

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The male coaches always gave me a boner

Sunday, April 3rd, 2022

Hairy, muscular coach in black shorts and a jockstrap uses gay bondage on a football player with a visible penis line.

Dean Monroe in tight pants all tied up is a good beginning, but Dirk Caber really stole the show as the dirty gay coach.

My athletic shorts, jockstrap and sports socks fetishes are in full effect!

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Raw perverted leathermen… in white socks?

Friday, January 21st, 2022

Bald, German leather Daddy gets fucked bareback by a younger guy in chaps with a huge veiny dick.

Sometimes you just know a dirty gay pig when you see him, the crooked smile on his face as he hoists his legs in the air, exposing his ass-less chaps hole to the young, hung, uncut cock barreling down on him bareback.

So why in the hell would you ruin it for us with your stupid white socks!

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My jock and sock fetish continues

Wednesday, January 12th, 2022

Bearded muscle man breaks free of his rope bondage to jack off on his green OTC socks.

I’d love to unload balls deep in the hot hole of Morgan Black, but who wouldn’t.

Bearded, muscular, jockstrap and my continuing sport sock fetish?

Totally fuckable.

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@MorganBlackXXX and @SpencerReedXXX save another gay porn shoot

Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Bearded men in wrestling singlets and over-the-calf socks participating in gay sex bondage.

Poor camera work and bad lighting can’t take away the fact that Morgan Black and Spencer Reed are porn professionals. Despite the obvious technical problems, it’s another bonerrific performance for each, especially Black.

Let’s face it. Bondage sells, especially when you use real men and actual porn stars. Just try to look past the director’s choice of crappy restraints and shooting with an unadjusted, unstable camera…

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Can anyone convince our gay Daddies to stop wearing white socks at raunch events?

Wednesday, November 24th, 2021

A group of horny older leather men having bareback gay group sex.

There’s always room for extra meat in our raunchy Daddy stew. Just leave the white socks at home, please.

Sidebar: The bottom can keep his socks, but only because they’re imprinted with the words “FUCK” and “ME”. Awesome!

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Raunchy Daddy sex always uses good dirty talk

Sunday, November 14th, 2021

Mature Daddy fucks the tight muscular ass of his male friend bareback, both of the wearing nothing but white athletic ankle socks.

Where are Jayson Park and Adam Erickson fucking exactly? In a sweat lodge at the back of the bathhouse?

I’m not really turned on by top man Erickson’s look, but with Park’s guidance, he sure talks and moans a good game. Plus, the situation is so dirty, and Park is such a fuckable pig, I couldn’t help getting hard.

You really have to hear the audio…

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