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Will his ass take you to another dimension?

Young businessman can't ignore his gay urges and seeks anonymous gay sex in a public bathroom.

It’s that time of the year, when the holidays inspire adult studios to produce themed movies with ridiculous parody titles and setups. It’s nearly always a turn-off for me. I just don’t like corny porn.

Featuring Andres Moreno and Kurtis Wolfe, The Twilight Hole isn’t the worst offender I’ve seen, but it’s getting there. Why ruin a perfectly good straight guy tearoom sex scene with a thin black and white veil of foolishness…

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Outdoor hikes are so much more fun when you run across a guy jacking off

Hairy British guy out for a hike runs across a twink masturbating and has gay sex with him outdoors.

Mating Season Episode 7: Bradley Finds A Wanker To Fuck

Featuring Bradley Bishop running across Josh Jared as he beats off outdoors. He sucks and fucks him and cums on his face.

Ahh, fond memories of my younger years… And years to come!

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Military guy shooting a huge load all over his ripped abs

Tattooed guy in military fatigues with ripped abs pulls his pants down and jerks off, shooting a huge cum load on his ripped abs.

I have no problem creating a uniform fetish fantasy involving “Specialist Wolf” in my mind. He may not be conventionally handsome, but his body is sick, and I loved watching him spray his load all over his chiseled abs.

Tonight’s hook-up is definitely going to be all about the abs!

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Dirty gay Cazzo Films now available at Cazzo Club

Heavily tattooed slender German pig bottom is toyed with by a hairy Spanish leather Daddy.

Dark Euro favorite Cazzo Films has received a breath of new life with their reincarnation as Cazzo Club.

This means easier access to even more hot Western European men in dirty gay situations, like Lobo Bayard and Mark Metzger, who really should answer where he’s been all my life…

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