Into the woodshed

Beefy muscle bear getting fucked in the woodshed by his hung, male farm hand.
Hung male farm hand ejaculating on the furry abs of his muscular boss.

Workmen – The Woodsmen
Starring Kayden Gray and Dirk Caber

Okay. Fucking on a pile wood surely can’t be comfortable, but is that really why we do it? Of course not.

We fuck in the woods and in tool sheds and all manner of natural spaces to reconnect with our primal animal instincts.

And because the chance of being caught is fucking hot!

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Time to go shopping!

Muscle men in tank tops shopping for Speedos and and underwear together.
Guys popping boners in the underwear store and fucking in the men dressing room.

Starring Rikk York and Hugh Hunter

It’s almost May and conversations are turning toward Gay Days. All the Last Minute Marys are hitting the gym, desperate to get in shape before the pool parties begin, and all I can say is: Too late, girl. You should have started 6 months ago…or more.

Not trying to be a hater, but please put down your phone and at least try to use the equipment you’re making me wait for. I’ve gotta wrap up this workout and go buy me some new Speedos…one size smaller.

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