His place was the shit

Muscle bears making out by the windows overlooking the pool.
Muscle bears having hardcore gay sex over the pool.

Catch 22, Scene 3
Starring Eddy CeeTee and Hugh Hunter

I don’t know what came over me last night. I met this muscle bear at a photography show in the afternoon. We hit it off, went out to dinner and ended up back at his place.

He had a hot tub out on his deck, which is where we got naked with a couple of drinks. We soaked and laughed and sipped and kissed. It was really fun, considering how much I typically dislike hot tubs. How could I not like this?

Suddenly we’re making out, spilling bourbon into chest hair, pawing at wet, chlorinated muscles. He leads me out of the water, bends over the edge of the tub and demands that I fuck him. Again, how could I not like this??

He spreads his furry muscle butt, and I slide inside him. All the way. This guy is a pro. He calls me “Daddy” and tells me to fuck him…hard. I start banging deep inside him, and he keeps telling me to fuck him harder. It’s like I’ve got ‘roid rage, I’m fucking this guy so hard.

We’re on the hot tub, on the patio furniture, against the wall and even down in the back yard, fucking like animals. Did I mention he has a chocolate Lab? And that’s where it went wrong.

No, the dog didn’t get involved. Not in person anyway. You know that smell when you’re fucking a guy that let’s you know he wasn’t quite “ready” for you? Kiiiinda like that. We had rolled in dog shit.

That’s what happens when you’re gone all day, and doggie uses the doggie door to go outside and relieve himself. You’re not there to clean up the yard before bringing home a surprise trick (that would be me) and having him fuck you all over the place. Literally.

We had a good laugh and a thorough outdoor shower before kissing goodnight and me heading home. I’ll have to check out the master bedroom another time…

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Like puzzle pieces

Heavily tattooed young muscle men fucking bareback.
Heavily tattooed young muscle men fucking bareback.

Dirty Tony
Starring Max Cameron and Miles

When I was with my last ex, we talked about getting tattoos that fit together. We each wanted forearm tattoos, and the designs we wanted just happened to be able to link if they were side by side…you know, like when we held hands. Awwwwww.

Glad I never did that.

Especially with all the fun I can have trying out different inked guys and seeing how they fit…

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In search of furry muscle

Hairy surfer strips naked outdoors and gets an erection in front of his surfboard.
Ripped, muscular surfer ejaculating on his rock hard hairy abs.

Island Studs
Starring Gibson

Finally back on track after the verrry long weekend, just in time for the next weekend. I thought my muscle-y, furry puppy was going to be here to play with, but since he’s out of town, I’m going to have to find another petting zoo.

Maybe paddleboarding, naked yoga or even a pool party. Whatever.

Just as long as there are hairy pecs and abs involved…

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A tight fit

Gorgeous young hairy muscle stud with chest tattoo in a green Speedo swim brief.
Young guys in Speedos fucking bareback outside are interrupted by a Latino muscle stud who uses a double-headed dildo on them.

Lucas Entertainment
Starring Jackson Fillmore and Jimmie Slater, with Pedro Andreas

The Speedos have started pouring in from every corner of the globe as I make my final selections for Gay Days upcoming pool parties. The built-in cockrings and enhancing cups just get in the way of my junk, and a couple of the suits clearly are cut for a man with a much more substantial butt than I have.

For a brief cut fetishist like myself, it’s hard not to get hard trying them all on so I can make sure I look right both stiff and soft. Believe it or not, I occasionally will be soft once or twice that weekend. So I try to take breaks and cold showers in between fittings.

I just can’t help thinking about all the attention I’ll be getting (and giving!) while I’m out there sporting it, and all the dirty gay action that’s going to go down…

See! Boner!!

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Is this my best side?

Muscle Daddy frees his caged stud so he can get fucked bareback by him.
Muscular leatherman in a jockstrap fucked a muscle Daddy bareback in his bubble butt.

Fucked By the Prince
Starring Ethan Wolfe and Buzz Isaac

I spent the whole day today looking at all the dirty pics from IML my friends weren’t able to post on Facebook (they were all elbow-deep in someone at the time) and hearing all the dirty stories from my friends who were too busy “socializing” to take pics of their own. It was a lot to take in.

Or so they said!

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Up in the cockpit

Bearded muscle cub showing off the tattoo above his smelly armpit.
Uncut Latino muscle bear fucks his hairy cub in the ass.

Butch Dixon
Starring Alessandro del Toro and Jon Shield

I’m feeling a little blue this morning. Get it?? Jon Shield is little…with a sexy blue tattoo…uhh, nevermind.

Actually I’m feeling pretty excited! Although I’m really not looking forward to the drive home, that was a crazy fun weekend, and I’ve got plenty to look forward to. A ton of great new music in the car and the number of a hot, smelly (woof!) muscle cub who wants me to fuck him the next time I come down.

Or he comes up…

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