Hungry for hairy

February 25th, 2018

Hairy muscle hunk sucking uncut cock and getting fucked in the ass.
Hairy muscle hunk being fucked in the ass by a muscular Latino man.

Cruising for Cock
Starring Cesar Rossi and Fernando Del Rio

Even though my black son blew me this morning before he left, my sex drive is really cranking today and I’m on the hunt for more.

I’m feeling like a hairy boy next. Maybe my Puerto Rican puppy is in town…

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Whiskey in the front, party in the back

February 24th, 2018

Beefy Daddy fucking a ripped fuzzy ginger boy bareback.
Beefy Daddy fucking a ginger boy bareback while he strokes his hard dick.

Chaos Men
Featuring Barton and Thompson

Although I’ve been making plans with a new ginger boy for next week, today is Daddy Day with my black son. And son, is he in for a treat.

Besides the fact that I haven’t fucked anyone in a week, I’m taking him to a whiskey pairing dinner tonight, where he will be accompanying Daddy with a huge load in his ass…

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Sitting pretty

February 23rd, 2018

Hairy muscle hunk sucking a huge cock and getting fucked in the ass.
Hairy muscle hunk taking a huge cock in his ass.

Hard Brit Lads
Featuring Damian Boss and Yohann Banks

Ok, so maybe I made out with someone at the bar last night. And maaaybe he sucked my cock in the bathroom. And maaaaaaybe he offered to ride my cock.

But I had to draw the line there.

If we’re fucking, you’re going to be on your back…

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Magic underwear!

February 22nd, 2018

Mormon Elder having gay sex with one of his followers.
Mormon Elder having gay sex with a hairy younger man.

Bishop Gibson Ch 9: Bonds of Brotherhood
Starring Bishop Gibson and President Faust

Although organized religion (or the defiance of it) has never really turned my crank, I encourage you to check out MormonBoyz if you’re into power play and Daddy/son fetish scenes.

And also for the magic underwear…

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And throw away the key

February 21st, 2018

Hairy, muscular ginger sporting an erection in jail.Hairy, muscular ginger having gay sex in jail.

Vice, Scene 1
Starring Colby Keller and Damian Taylor

Sadly, I’ve got nothing going on for Hump Day today, but that doesn’t mean I won’t get off.

Especially after finding this video of Colby Keller getting dirty behind bars. Woof.

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Back on my feet

February 20th, 2018

Hairy muscle hunk worshiping the feet of a hung man while he masturbates.
Tattooed muscle hunk licking the big feet of another man while he masturbates on the couch.

Justin’s Feet and Socks Worshiped
Starring Justin Case and Ricky Larkin

This morning was weird. I got online to write about having my feet worshiped, and my blog was down. I recently moved DGB to a better server, but apparently one of the transfer verifications had fallen through the digital cracks.

But I’m already back up, so I can return to fantasizing about having my giant feet worshiped. I’ve been taking great care of them, and I’m planning to show them off poolside this afternoon.

We’ll see just how many foot rubs will be on offer, but there’s a big, meaty muscle bear I met last night who I hope shows up for the win…

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Go ahead, pull it out

February 19th, 2018

Fit straight guy pulls his big hard cock out of his sweatpants.
Fit straight guy showing off his big boner.

Straight Naked Thugs
Featuring Hunter

Unlike some people, I don’t have today off, but I’ll still take a break to stroke my big dick.

After all the play I got this weekend, it’s hard not to keep my balls rolling…

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