The way his creamy little butt takes a huge dildo is impressive

Irish lad in leather ass-less pants is fucked with huge dildos by a hung, uncut, muscular Latino in a black leather jockstrap and boots.

I actually stumbled across this scene from Hole Busters 10 by mistake…probably tripping over one of the enormous dildos Jimmmy Durano uses to impale Liam Harkmoore, who I have a newfound respect for.

This shoot was way hotter than I thought it was going to be…

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Who wouldn’t want to make out with @CtopherDaniels?

Ginger beard hunk fucks a young British twink.

I know that at Eurocreme the focus is on younger guys like Luke Desmond, but every now and then they pair the twink up with someone a bit older (read: hotter) and more experienced like Christopher Daniels.

I mean, seriously. Don’t you just want to suck face with that handsome bearded man and his luscious lips…

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Two big dicks and one tight hole? Someone’s bruising their cock tonight.

Two young guys with huge cocks fuck a middle-aged balding man bareback.

Joey (SX) and Paul Marsalla’s double-fucking of pig bottom Lou Backster proves that when there’s too much cock involved, someone could get hurt. Even the guy I fucked yesterday had a hole so tight it bruised my dick!

And unless you’re into CBT, a crushed cock during sex is no fun…

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