When getting off with straight guys goes to the next level

Straight guys experiment with their first anal sex and first gay kiss.

Bottoming for Milo only adds to my fascination with Michael, the recent Straight Fraternity guy with the very open mind and very forgiving girlfriend.

What turns me on most is that, even though he’s smooth and could use a better haircut, it’s like Michael is willing to do anything to get off and to watch other people get off. You can see it in his eyes.

It’s the same look I used to see in the eyes of my actual fraternity brothers whenever we’d have pizza and porn night…

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Lucas Entertainment signs its first bareback exclusive

Tattooed, ripped, muscular man with a big dick fucks a smooth twink bareback and feeds him his cum.

So, Lucas Entertainment has it’s first bareback exclusive in Trenton Ducati. Based on their recent publishing pattern, we could all see this position coming, but I was surprised that it was Ducati who took it. Pleasantly surprised.

Now we just have to wait and see if he’ll be paired with manlier men than Blue Bailey. Sorry, dude. Too boyish for me…

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Inked, hairy Daddy jacking off his 8-inch cock

Extremely hairy, heavily tattooed Daddy  masturbates his large cut cock to completion.

A Nick Moretti solo? Seems like a waste of a perfectly dirty hunk of man. At least he could have been armed with some toys or given a more comfortable seat for his performance.

Only at the very end, when he pops his load and gives us the thumbs up does it seem like he’s actually enjoying himself.

And that’s what makes me want to watch…

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This time it starts with the way he sucks dick

Very hairy man with an extremely thick uncut cock fucks a smooth blonde man outside on a metal table.

At first I glossed over this scene with Felix Barca and Kevin Lee. There was hardly anything on the surface to catch my attention. Too smooth, too average. Nothing special.

But then I got into Kevin Lee and the way he sucks dick. Also, the sounds he makes when he’s getting fucked get a thumbs up, as well as his projectile cumming while he’s having his ass banged. Grow in some body hair and a fuller beard, and I’m in…

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