This airport tearoom could make do in a pinch

Three hung studs breed a horny Latino bottom in a jockstrap in their leather dungeon dark room.

Since I’m traveling this weekend, I really need to find some good sleazy action. Something along the lines of Dominic Sol being used by Antonio Biaggi, Chase Coxxx and Saxon West in a bareback darkroom scenario.

Actually, any one of them would make this trip worthwhile…

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Is that a cumshot compilation in the VHS bargain bin?

Hairy, tattooed musclemen in a collection of over 100 huge cumshots.

Back when I used to buy porn on VHS, I frequently chose cumshot compilations. I wanted to see men shooting their loads back to back to back. I was probably high on coke.

It’s been a while seen I’ve seen a cumshot compilation that I liked so much it made me want to go out and get an 8 ball and a quart of lube. But I’ve found one now.

TitanMen Cumshots: Volume 1 features so many hot guys, big dick and huge cumshots that I’m beside myself…with dripping cock at the ready!

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