Randy Blue — Not Your Daddy’s Locker Room

September 20th, 2018

A site I typically pass on, major player RandyBlue, finally put something together that would get my substantial, discriminating rocks off. Locker room scenes always remind me of the dirty action that takes place between horny men in saunas and steam rooms around the world. The smell of ripe jockstraps, dark shower stalls and sweaty dry heat always gets me hard quickly. Leo Giamani is naturally my top pick for stud of the scene. And the rest of the cast certainly convinced me that they were truly enjoying their randy man play. If only there had been a couple of non-Pretty Boys in the mix, I would have been completely satisfied. One boner up! < Get Dirty >

Titan Men — The Initiation of Tyler Peter

September 19th, 2018

Take that cock, Doogie!

When I first spun up Folsom Undercover on DVD, the oddities, like my dripping cock, quickly arose:

  • Do all men in suits wear leather harnesses underneath them?
  • Why do these studs LOOK like air-brushed caricatures of butch men, but don’t actually seem to BE butch?
  • Are those tattoos real?
  • Is that Neil Patrick Harris?!

And as I skipped back to the initiation scene (repeatedly), I came to realize that there’s just too much muscled veiny-ness, too much amazingly huge cock, too much straight-up hot fucking, overt voyeurism and fantasy satisfaction to overthink this one. …Or is that what I just did? < Get Dirty >

[Note to my Brother Pigs: Fisting and watersports available on director’s expanded edit of DVD and on Blu-ray.]

Club Inferno Dungeon — Communion Bonus Scene

September 18th, 2018

Post-Thanksgiving turkey gets stuffed

Kent North steals another scene and easily takes the gold star for Hungriest Hole of the Month. His incredible bunghole stretches magnificently as he lowers himself onto the greasy, entwined fists of Josh Weston and Alex Collack. And with some kind of superhero resiliency, he snaps it back into a juicy, sweaty man purse deserving of a kiss. Seriously, this is the best post-fisting anal lip I’ve seen in a god’s age. < Get Dirty >

Dirty Boy Video — The No Tell Motel

September 17th, 2018

You never know what's on those sheets

These aren’t your average twinks, at least not this time around. Is it me or is DirtyBoyVideo finally giving us some filth to be happy about? While their public sex and “straight dares” caught my eye early on, if they continue putting out seedier shoots like this one with Jesse and Toby, I might actually become a regular. I just can’t resist piggy, tattooed bottoms who know what they want… and that’s to be ass-licked and coated with cum! < Get Dirty with Jesse & Toby >

Men Over 30 — Poolhouse Roughhouse

September 16th, 2018

The Missing Link Between Twinks and Bears!

I’m proud to be in the prime of life, somewhere over 30. My 20’s were fun… what I can remember of them… but being over 30 is like a masculine wet dream. In my experience, older men smell better, taste better and certainly fuck better. I’d take a self-confident older man any day of the week. In fact, I try to take a self-confident older man EVERY day of the week! < Get Dirty with Men Over 30 >

Cody Cummings — Cody’s Cummings

September 15th, 2018

Does this guy use tanning oil for lube?

I don’t care what people say. Egomaniac Cody Cummings deserves his ego. He’s got a ruggedly handsome face, a killer body and a giant cock. So what if he won’t fuck guys and refuses to let anyone near his asshole. Cody getting a gay blow or even just beating his monster meat is enough to get me leaking. And if you get off on straight guys in (gay/bi/straight) action, he’s definitely worth your nickel. Stroke on, Cody. I’ll be right there alongside you. < Get Dirty >

Fetish Lad — Suitbear Aaron

September 14th, 2018

You're hired!

Ever wonder what would happen if your boss found all that porn you hide on your office computer? Or what the hot guy in the next office over is doing when he stays after work? Ever wonder why your keyboard is a little sticky in the morning? Let’s put it this way: they found your stash. And if any of them whacking their big, red, uncut cocks at your porn looks like Aaron, get on your knees and lick those keys. < Get Dirty >