These straight(?) muscle men sure have great chemistry together

Two straight bodybuilders getting off together after the gym with a gay flip-fuck.

Ok. I’ve produced and watched a lot of porn where it’s a straight guy’s first time, so let’s clear the air real quick. I don’t buy that Elio is straight, and this certainly doesn’t look like his first time being fucked, as the studio claims.

That said, he’s reasonably hot, with an impressive body, a beautiful ass and a lot of charm. And Manuel Deboxer, who also was once called straight, has always been a pleasure to watch getting fucked. It’s nice to see he makes one heckuva top, too…

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Horny top ISO beefy men with tattooed butts

Tanned, beefy, heavily tattooed older man in a jockstrap jacking off on the couch.

Yesterday I ran into a heavily tattooed, older male friend of mine at the gym who I hadn’t seen in a while. We’ve never had the pleasure of screwing together, but it definitely got me thinking about it again.

I’d love to fuck a guy with a tattooed ass like him or Bo Bangor. I can’t believe I’ve never done that before!

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A new sling is just what the doctor ordered

Men in a leather bar take turns fucking a power bottom in a leather sling.

My hamstrings have been so tight and sore lately from fucking in kneeling and half-standing positions that I asked my massage therapist for an extra session. At the end, he recommended I install a sling in my house, and I have to agree.

Gotta keep those muscles stretched out…

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