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This muscular rough trade is REALLY turned on by tickling

Ripped, muscular white gangsta bound, tickled and blown by another man.

At first I wasn’t into this “gangsta” Joe D. Wood. But once the tickling began and you could see just how erotic he found it, I was hooked.

And that hot body writhing in ecstasy is definitely something you’ll want to enjoy…

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Smell my finger… I know him!

Hairy older man from Amsterdam pulls his big uncut dick out of his briefs and jacks off while fingering his asshole.

I love the scent of a good ass on my finger as much as Chris A’Dam does and probably more. A good, healthy ass has sort of a graphite smell, like fresh pencil shavings.

Of course, there are a variety of tasty and desirable ass flavors and scents depending on the man. But when his ass starts smelling like beef short ribs and root beer, it’s time to move on. Or tell him to fucking douche already…

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