A big exception to the manscaping rule

Smooth muscle hunks with perfect male bodies suck cock, rim and finger assholes and cum on each other after man-on-man anal.

At first, I didn’t even recognize D.O. now that’s he’s cut off his horse mane, trimmed off most of his beard and shaved the rest of his body. It’s a rare case of extreme manscaping where the end result is actually better than where he started.

Add veiny, studly and slutty Trenton Ducati to the shoot and voila… a beef stew you want to slurp down.

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Did he just put that entire traffic cone up his ass?

Burly construction worker help a young motorcyclist shove a traffic cone up his ass.

Here’s a blast from the past… 1987, to be exact. I ran across this classic traffic-cone-up-the-ass video this morning and had to share it with our dirty gay readers.

Wonderbottom Bryce Colby is impressive to watch, but it’s the tan-lined muscle ass on Trent Reed that really pops my wood.

Nice cumface!

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Muscular, olive-skinned fisting top with a thick mustache and greasy forearm

Mature, muscular guy gets fisted in his ass by the forearm of a hot hairy Greek man with a thick mustache.

Although Champ’s bottoming is impressive, it’s not the fisting itself in this scene that turns me on.

It’s Big Mike with his hot, furry body, thick mustache and dark, swarthy good looks that makes my dick stand at attention. And those thick, hairy legs in tight boxer briefs? By the time his cock was out, I’d already cum twice!

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