He loves a monster

Fit power bottom being fucked raw by a Latin monster cock.
Fit power bottom sitting on a giant Latin cock raw.

Tim Tales
Featuring Franklin Avecedo and Lukas Daken

I met this horny little 26-year-old at the pool the other day who was not shy about being a size queen. I say, more power to him!

From the way he was dancing, it was obvious he could work a dick, but I wondered exactly how much he could take. He’s super fit, but his frame is really small.

I’ll let you know when I find out. I got his number, after all…

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Join us!

Gay couple making out in an Uber add the male driver to their threeway.
Two white muscle hunks spit-roast a muscular, tattooed black man.

Rideshare, Scene 5
Starring Austin Wolf, Pheonix Fellington and Kurtis Wolfe

It’s hard to believe that it’s nearing the end of the early hotel reservation period for Gay Days 2019, especially since the event has been moved to mid-August.

Should I take the year off, or go ahead and buy into another year of debauchery with friendly strangers just as horny and crazy as me…

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Swimming in it

Gay hunks in Speedos sucking cock and fucking bareback.
Hairy hunk getting fucked in the ass bareback.

DJ’s Cup
Starring DJ and Alex Hawk

Well, I called it. Last night, I hooked up with one of the Speedo-clad dancers at the Daddy event.

He was more of an otter than a muscle Daddy, but sexy as fuck. He led me under the stairs where we made out hard, then he pulled out my cock, got on his knees and gave me an incredible blowjob before turning around and pulling down his Speedo. He whispered, “fuck me.” And I did.

His hole was so amazing that he had me close to cumming in no time. It was so hot and dangerous. “Breed me, Daddy!” And I did…

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Snack Dad

Hung muscle Daddies sucking each others enormous uncut cocks.
Hung muscle Daddy cumming on another muscular stud.

Daddy’s Good Boy
Featuring Tomas Brand and Manuel Skye

Tonight’s the night when the muscle Daddies gather to dance and sweat and lose themselves, and I will be there on the hunt.

It seems like every time I go to one of these events, I end up in a bathroom stall or in the storage area under the stairs (no cameras there either), doing something super gay like sucking cock or getting bred.

And tonight surely will be no exception…

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Can’t stop the petting

Hairy, bearded straight guy strips, pisses and gets his uncut cock hard.
Bearded straight guy nude showing off his rock-hard uncut dick.

Island Studs
Featuring Andre

It’s hard to find someone as hairy as me, but my boy yesterday stepped right up. He was sooo cute and sooo cuddly. It’s been a long time since I’ve had that much fun just petting and nuzzling with someone.

Of course, I eventually ate out his furry hole and fucked his sweet, round ass, too. I’m not going to leave that untouched after all it took to get together. And I get the sense it’s going to be a long time before we ever do it again, if ever.

He’s more of a date-him-first Millenial, whereas I’m a fuck-him-first Daddy…

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Spicy son

Skinny ginger twink fucking another guy bareback
Sexy young man in a jockstrap being fucked bareback by a tattooed ginger twink.

I Never Miss
Starring Declan Moore and Jackson Reed

I was just talking about ginger Daddies yesterday, and now I’ve got plans to hook up with a ginger twink today.

We’ve been poking each other on Facebook for a while (I know, I know. Don’t judge.) And after a few very flirtatious crossing of paths in person, we’ve finally got a make-out session on the schedule.

I’m curious just how spicy he’ll turn out to be…

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