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That’s mine

Friday, March 30th, 2018

Bald Daddy in a suit practices gay BDSM with his male intern.
Men in suits practicing gay BDSM with a mouth gag and belt spanking.

Sexual His Assment
Starring Jaxton Wheeler, John Magnum and Teddy Bryce

Maybe it’s the full moon that’s almost here, but I hooked up with this guy last night who really brought out the werewolf in me.

I’ve been off of the rough stuff for a while now, but there was something about this hairy, muscular stud that made me want to spank him. Then, when he let me know that he’s always secretly loved being manhandled and degraded, I opened my old playbook back up wide.

I stuffed a sock in this guy’s mouth, tied his hands behind his back and bent him over the couch. I made this big hairy hunk wait there, pants around his ankles, ass out, while I retrieved my favorite paddle from where it hangs in my home office.

Is there any sound sweeter than the muffled shrieks and moans of a man being used like the property he wants to be?

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Lots to share

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Hairy, muscular policemen having gay sex together.
Bearded men eating the ass of another man while his dick gets sucked.

Vice, Scene 5
Starring Daymin Voss, Kurtis Wolfe and Derek Bolt

My puppy is so generous. He brought home a muscular little fireplug last night and messaged me to see if I wanted to come over and share.

This guy was thick and veiny and eager to get stuffed, so he was pretty excited when I showed up to join them. We took turns feeding him our cocks and eating his ass while he buzzed with delight. When it came time to fuck him, the noises he made were intoxicating.

There’s definitely a difference in the way someone sucks your cock while he’s getting fucked…

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Reloading for boy

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

Mormon elder blindfolded and fucked bareback.
Blindfolded hairy boy getting fucked in the ass bareback by a thick Daddy dick.

Elder Ingles, Ch 6: Disciplinary Action
Starring President Lee and Elder Ingles

After a few days of flip-fucking, I’m ready to take a break.

Besides, I’ve got a new hairy boy moving to the front of the line, and Daddy wants to be ready to give it to him good…

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Bending over for Daddy

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Mormon Bishop strips an Elder boy out of his temple garment to have gay sex with him.
Mormon boy being fucked in the ass by a Bishop.

Elder Dalton Ch 2: The Calling
Starring Bishop Hart and Elder Dalton

I’ve got two boys on hold for today, one this morning and one this afternoon. Both are young, hung and about to be full of my cum. I tried to schedule them on separate days, but neither one wanted to wait.

What can I say? Millenial boys can’t wait for that Daddy dick…

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Come in Daddy

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Beefy Daddy getting fucked bareback by his pretty brown boy.
Beefy Daddy getting fucked bareback by his son.

Bareback Me Daddy
Featuring Simon and Leandro

A cute Puerto Rican boy I’ve been messaging with is coming into town this afternoon for a conference, so tonight should be interesting. If he can get away from his group, he’s going to swing by before going back to his hotel.

If he makes it back to his hotel…

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Caught red-handed

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Businessman catches a young man masturbating to his suit jacket smell.
Businessman fucking a guy who he caught smelling the armpit lining of his suit.

Bad Pup
Starring Denis Vega and Andy Star

It’s been a long time since I’ve caught someone sporting a hard-on and ended up fucking him. Sometimes it would happen at a cruisy park or beach. Sometimes with a guest in my own home.

So next time you visit, feel free to kick back on the couch stroking it while I’m at the bar fixing us drinks…

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Quality check

Monday, January 15th, 2018

Gay businessman having sex with his hunky male mentor.
Men in suits having gay sex in the office.

Starring Hector De Silva and Andy Star

So I didn’t get laid at all this weekend. Lots of making out and some really great dancing, but no sucking or fucking.

But you know, that’s okay. Even though I get more than my fair share, I’ve always been about quality over quantity…

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