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Men At Play — Ross services Ted Colunga

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

Gotta love full-service shoe shines!

Anyone who reads my Dirty Gay Blog knows that I’ve got a major hard-on for both Ross Hurston and Ted Colunga. So when released Shoeshine yesterday, you know I was there!

These behemoths of masculine gay filth had me marveling at every suck and thrust (although it was almost like the suits got in the way, instead of purpling my boner like they usually do).

Who am I kidding… I blew my load in the first 60 seconds! < Get Dirty >

Men At Play — Cruising in Suits

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

From reviewing the press photos, I wasn’t that impressed by Cruising, the latest release from But after hearing I should watch Marvin and Erik Demko in action (and since I was extra horny this morning), I decided to fire it up and give them a second chance.

The reason I turned Cruising off is because Erik doesn’t turn me on. The heat is there, along with the extra moaning I dig. And I love the idea behind it. I’m just not happy with half the casting.

Marvin’s muscles, his sexual acrobatics and the suits themselves are the stars of this show. At least he knows how to get me off! < Get Dirty >

Alpha Male Fuckers — Another day at the office

Sunday, November 4th, 2018

Coffee break!

Yesterday’s update to Alpha Male Fuckers reminded me just how much fun I used to have at the office when the boss would go out of town! This hot suit action, clearly more staged than fantasy, still hits the cock on the head with its gritty masculine flavor.

It also doesn’t hurt that Jake, the subordinate getting do-si-do fucked by his superiors, is a dead ringer for my biggest college crush. What an office party! < Get Dirty >

UK Naked Men — Stockroom Smut

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Whether it happens in the library stacks, adult bookstore booth, tearoom stall or stockroom, semi-public sex is always a big turn-on for me. I’ve had an exhibitionist streak ever since the only gay sex I could get was through cruising public parks. And when I finally dated a guy who wanted to get fucked in places where we could get caught, my turn-on got taken to a whole new level.

There’s nothing like bending your fuck buddy over the hood of a station wagon in an outdoor parking lot, lit only by half-on, humming sodium lights, while guys across the street queue up to get into the leather bar. Or the next time you have to stay late taking inventory, why not tuck a few porno mags in the shelves for your hot co-worker (or boss!) to find and get off to! < Get Dirty >

Titan Men — The Initiation of Tyler Peter

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Take that cock, Doogie!

When I first spun up Folsom Undercover on DVD, the oddities, like my dripping cock, quickly arose:

  • Do all men in suits wear leather harnesses underneath them?
  • Why do these studs LOOK like air-brushed caricatures of butch men, but don’t actually seem to BE butch?
  • Are those tattoos real?
  • Is that Neil Patrick Harris?!

And as I skipped back to the initiation scene (repeatedly), I came to realize that there’s just too much muscled veiny-ness, too much amazingly huge cock, too much straight-up hot fucking, overt voyeurism and fantasy satisfaction to overthink this one. …Or is that what I just did? < Get Dirty >

[Note to my Brother Pigs: Fisting and watersports available on director’s expanded edit of DVD and on Blu-ray.]

Fetish Lad — Suitbear Aaron

Friday, September 14th, 2018

You're hired!

Ever wonder what would happen if your boss found all that porn you hide on your office computer? Or what the hot guy in the next office over is doing when he stays after work? Ever wonder why your keyboard is a little sticky in the morning? Let’s put it this way: they found your stash. And if any of them whacking their big, red, uncut cocks at your porn looks like Aaron, get on your knees and lick those keys. < Get Dirty >

Worship worthy

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

Hunky businessman having his feet worshiped by another man.
Hunky businessman masturbating while another man worships his feet.

My Friend’s Feet
Featuring Ray H and Ricky

Dovetailing on my sock fetish post from yesterday, I realize that if I want other men to truly worship my feet, I need to take better care of them. All of these summer days at the pool have really taken a toll.

I need foot softening cream, stat!

< Click here to watch the video >