Owning it

Blonde power bottom sucking big Latin dick and being fucked bareback.
Blonde muscle power bottom spreading his legs to get fucked bareback by a giant Latin cock.

Bottom Boy Bitches, Scene 4
Starring Alejandro Castillo and Cody Winter

I met a French Canadian guy at the beach last week, and we’ve been keeping in touch. We had watched the sunset together and rode our bikes into town for pizza and drinks and had a great time talking. Then we ended up back at my place where the sweet cuddling and making out snowballed sexually until he was calling me Daddy while twerking on my cock and telling me he wanted me to own him as property.

The chemistry was all there, and we had a spectacular time fucking. We fell asleep with him wrapped up in my arms, waking in the morning to more great sex. When we were spent, we just couldn’t stop snuggling, chatting and kissing each other.

Soooo, of course he lives in another state. Damnit!

And now I miss the little guy…

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Enough to share

Straight military man strips off his underwear and squeezes his huge, thick, uncut cock.
Inked military stud showing off his thick purple hard-on.

Straight Off Base
Featuring Aamon

Well, damn. Here we are back at Monday, and I’m still horny. I’ve been flipping so much with so much thick cock over the past week that I’m kinda missing it.

Maybe I’ll take a long lunch today and enjoy that one monster dildo I’ve got stashed away…and invite someone to share it with…

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Staying flexible

Furry blonde twink fucking a young bearded British lad.
Gay bearded yogi getting fucked upside-down.

Featuring Gabriel Phoenix and Sam Wallis

It’s hard to believe I’m back home. Since our flight was late, my bearfriend stayed over at my place last night, but he’s already on the road headed back to South Florida.

Now I’ve got to get ready for a birthday party that starts this afternoon and goes all night long. Oof. I don’t know how I’m going to make it after so much drinking and fucking all week.

I need to get to the gym, sweat it out, take a yoga class to calm down and pull it together.

Those holes aren’t going to fuck themselves…

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Mission accomplished

Two gay muscle hunks humiliate a third guy and spit-roast him.
Gay guy getting spit-roasted by two musclemen.

Domination Diner, Scene 3
Starring Jaxton Wheeler, Lance Hart and Eli Hunter

After a late dinner last night, we went back out dancing…and prowling. It didn’t take long for me to find someone my bearfriend and I both liked, so we brought him back to the condo and got right to it.

Bearfriend has always wanted to watch me “at work,” and I gave him the full show. Although I didn’t pack my paddle, my huge hands are formidable. I had our catch kneel on the floor in front of my friend and start sucking my friend’s cock while I pulled down his shorts and prepared his bubble butt with a few gentle pats.

Then I had bearfriend bend over the bed while the boy ate his ass and I spanked the hell out of him. I told him what a bad boy he had been and that he better eat that ass to bearfriend’s satisfaction. To my surprise, bearfriend told me he wanted to switch places, so I dropped my shorts and briefs and shoved my hairy hole in the boy’s face. I listened in amazement as my normally non-verbal friend picked up where I left off and let out a torrent of filth while spanking the kid’s ass.

I flipped over and shoved my big dick down the guy’s throat, making him gag, while bearfriend lubed up his thick cock and stuffed it inside. I know that when bearfriend cums, he’s done, so when I realized he was getting close, I had him to switch positions with me. I then opened up the boy even more with my dick while bearfriend stood in front, fucking his face.

The two of us leaned forward and made out while we spit-roasted the little cum dump. We both came inside him at the same time, and with a dumb look on his face, we said goodnight and I ushered him out. I came back to bearfriend’s room, and we cuddled, leaking post-cum all over each other and the messed up bed. After a quick shower, we went to my room and passed out holding each other.

It’s a good thing we’re catching the late ferry back…

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At the ready

Muscular, tattooed studs having a gay sex threeway with a cowboy.
Bearded ginger hunk sucking cock while riding a dick.

One Night At The Ready, Scene 4
Starring Dakota Rivers, Johnny V and Jack Vidra

It’s hard to believe that today is the last full day of vacation, but we’re going to make the most of it. Breakfast and yoga this morning, bike ride next, then a little shopping and lunch before tea dance.

And tonight is the night to make my bearfriend’s fantasy come true. He wants a threeway, and a threeway he will get…

It’s unreal

Muscular video games characters come to life and have gay sex together.
Extremely hairy blatino bodybuilder being fucked by a furry muscle Daddy.

Gaymers, Scene 2
Starring Daymin Voss and Eddy Ceetee

My bearfriend is from the Miami area, and he’s used to seeing giant muscle studs all the time. It’s a little more rare to find this amount of solid beef in my neck of the woods, so I’ve been practically rolling my tongue back into my mouth at the sight of all the muscular hunks here.

They’re everywhere!

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