Owning it

Blonde power bottom sucking big Latin dick and being fucked bareback.
Blonde muscle power bottom spreading his legs to get fucked bareback by a giant Latin cock.

Bottom Boy Bitches, Scene 4
Starring Alejandro Castillo and Cody Winter

I met a French Canadian guy at the beach last week, and we’ve been keeping in touch. We had watched the sunset together and rode our bikes into town for pizza and drinks and had a great time talking. Then we ended up back at my place where the sweet cuddling and making out snowballed sexually until he was calling me Daddy while twerking on my cock and telling me he wanted me to own him as property.

The chemistry was all there, and we had a spectacular time fucking. We fell asleep with him wrapped up in my arms, waking in the morning to more great sex. When we were spent, we just couldn’t stop snuggling, chatting and kissing each other.

Soooo, of course he lives in another state. Damnit!

And now I miss the little guy…

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