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What the twunk?

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Hung Eastern European twink playing with his hard, uncut dick.
Nude Czech boy in the bathtub.

Bel Ami
Featuring Mario Texiera

I’m not sure why this sexy Slovakian twink chose a porn name that’s straight out of Columbia, any more than why he would choose to shave off what’s clearly beautiful, natural body hair.

Ugh. Why???? (Not the name. The shaving.)

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Making it in

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

Tall guy with a monster cock at a bathroom stall gloryhole.
Short muscle guy sucking a monster cock at a bathroom gloryhole, then getting fucked by it.

Big Cock Glory
Starring Alexander Garrett and Alex Gray

After having quite a few drinks at the pool yesterday, I got it in my head that it would be fun to visit one of the gloryholes around town. It only took a few minutes to find one on Craigslist that sounded promising, and once I sent him a dick pic, he replied with the address and told me I should come over.

The address sounded familiar to me, and as soon as I turned onto the street, I realized that I was following the GPS to a friend’s house! He had told me there was a camera pointed at his driveway so he could see me when I walked up. If he approved, he would open the automatic garage door and I was to come inside where the hole is located.

I knew he’d recognize me, but my friend is super hot, so I thought, why the fuck not? I parked on the street and slowly walked up the driveway, looking into the camera mounted on the side of the house. For a second nothing happened. Then I heard the motor of the garage door opener turn on.

I walked in and spotted the hole, waiting for the garage door to lower behind me. My cock was already rock hard from knowing my hot friend was about to suck me off.

And boy, did he ever! Easily one of the best blowjobs of my life. He sucked me completely dry and licked my cock clean in a matter of minutes. I stuffed my swollen dick back in my shorts just as the garage door began to lift back up.

Not knowing what to do next, I went back to my car and waited for a few minutes checking messages. Nothing. And still nothing this morning.

I wonder what it’s going to be like the next time I see him at a party…

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Not on the floor!

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Interracial gay flip-fucking at a glory hole bathroom.
Interracial gay sex on the bathroom floor of a store.

Glory Hole Flip
Starring Damian Taylor and Hoytt Walker

I do love me some public sex. Not that long ago, I flirted with a guy at the movies and we ended up going outside and fucking under the building’s exterior staircase.

Danger is fun. Gloryholes are fun. But I draw the line at getting on a strange bathroom floor to fuck. That’s just nasty…

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Hold on, #Daddy

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

Short muscle Daddy getting nude and showing off his tattoos and muscular white butt.
Short, tattooed muscle Daddy in the kitchen nude and erect.

Island Studs
Featuring Shorty

Ok. My love of short men is well-known. I love holding them, protecting them, making them feel safe. And I love their eager looks up at me when they latch on and pull me close.

But a short muscle Daddy? OMG. I met one at the pool yesterday and couldn’t keep my hands off of him. He was too adorable. If I didn’t have to leave early, I would have loved to stay and fuck him in his hotel room.

While his husband held the camera…

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Celebrate #Pride with @SpunkLube!

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Dirty Gay Blog proudly endorses Spunk Lube!

Spunk Hybrid Lube with Gay Pride support
Spunk Hybrid Lube with Gay Pride support

“As we enter another year of PRIDE celebrations, we are reminded of those who paved the way for our ability to celebrate openly. The Equality March for Unity and Pride in Washington DC kicked off PRIDE events nationwide, and solidified our excitement and commitment to achieving equality for all. SPUNK Lube stands strong with all people, especially our friends in the LGBTQ community. If your celebration takes a more intimate turn, we take PRIDE in being your personal lubricant of choice. Happy PRIDE to all and to all a good time. This special commemorative pride edition is in limited supply.

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Equality March for Unity and Pride. This exclusive item is only available in 8 oz/236ml size since this is a special commemorative label.

SPUNK Lube 2017 PRIDE is white, creamy & fun to use. It’s “water based silicone” that’s non staining & safe to use with all sex toy materials. It cleans up easily & is not sticky or tacky. It also reactivates with sweat or spit. It’s the perfect personal lubricant for PRIDE and for any occasion.

Available as SPUNK Lube HYBRID in our regular non commemorative label in multiple sizes.”

Get me some Spunk!

May showers

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Hairy muscle Daddy in the shower nude with another man.
Hairy muscle Daddy feeding his big uncut cock to another man in the shower.

Butch Dixon
Featuring Ely Chain and Geo Dovek

Although I didn’t hook up with that Canadian (or anyone else) from the festival, I did pick up someone from the gym and brought him home this morning.

His sweaty body was so fucking sexy sliding around on mine as we made out. It wasn’t long before he was on his hands and knees begging me to fuck him with my big dick.

Then we went to shower together, and the fun continued. He sucked my cock while he jacked off, swallowing my second load and shooting his at the same time.

And now I’ve got one more afternoon of festival shows to enjoy. Maybe that Canadian will turn up. After all, when it rains, it pours…

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Nice wet suit

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Bearded stud in a business suit climbs into a Jacuzzi fully clothed so he can fuck a hunk in there.
Bearded man fucking a sexy hunk in a Jacuzzi while still wearing his entire business suit.

Cool It
Starring Logan Moore and Sunny Colucci

This is what happens when my sexual daydreaming at work can’t be fully visualized because I’m stuck in a meeting.

Still hot, though…

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