Classic Peter Berlin, beating off in a lake

Gay porn star Peter Berlin masturbating nude in thigh-high water and a trucker hat.

I’m not sure why this Vintage Gay Loop turns me on so much, since it’s not typical of the stuff that puts wood in my chipper.

Hmmm. Porn and culture icon Peter Berlin is in it (and shot it?), for one. And there’s something about a guy in a lake wearing nothing but a trucker hat and beating off that definitely shouts “dirty!”

Or maybe there’s just nothing like watching a guy outdoors, in the open, wanking it for all to see…

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Self-sucking blonde hustler & his sweaty jockstrap

Dirty blonde straight male street hustler gets paid for masturbation, auto-fellatio and smelling his rank jockstrap.

Some of my earliest dirty gay memories happened in the locker room of the gym where I grew up. Guys in sweaty jockstraps getting undressed would sometimes leave their underwear in the sauna to dry… dirty… which I then stole to sniff, wear and beat off in later.

This scene with Nick is so much of that memory to me, right down to the self-sucking!

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Taking it like a man – @JohnnyHazzard

Two male gangsters celebrate their heist with gay anal sex.

Normally we love ridiculous plots and dialogue as much as the sex in porn movies, but in this case, skip straight to the sucking and (especially) the fucking.

You won’t want to waste tape when Johnny Hazzard mounts Goran like a hot, horny monkey, and Goran replies with his sexy, piledriver brand of pig top ass-pumping.

Rent it. There won’t be a dry crotch in the house…

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