What can I say? I find bareback romantic.

Hairy, muscular men flip-fucking bareback and cumming on each other's holes.

Even though I had one primary and two back-up hookups lined up for today, I still came up empty handed. Well, because of people having to work for a living, I actually came up full-handed.

And while masturbation can be great (it was!), this bareback fuck scene between Fernando Torres and Valentino Medici was really what I was looking for…

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Short British lad with a tight body and a huge, uncut cock

British lad with a huge, uncut cock jacks off in his jockstrap and tight white athletic shorts.

Hard Brit Lads
Starring Oscar Roberts

Everyone knows that foreskin isn’t really my thing, but I definitely love a short guy with a big dick and a tight ass. Oscar Roberts fits that bill pretty nicely.

In fact, I think it’s time to update my online profiles to scare up some short men of my own for the weekend. As long as they can handle a giant like me…

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