Too many cocks spoil the bareback broth

Two bearded men have bareback group sex with two Latino men.

This scene reminds me of what happened at the bar last night.

I’m trying to enjoy some mutual masturbation with a straight dude in a dark corner, and these other guys keep butting in. I’m all for a good group scene, but sometimes one-on-one is enough. And back off my kill!

So, not to rip on Marco Mateo and Miguel Temon too much, but Derek Parker and Seth Fisher barebacking is enough for me…

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One thought on “Too many cocks spoil the bareback broth”

  1. I swear some (many) of these directors do not have a clue how to make a sex scene much less a bareback one. Crappy camera angles, bad lighting, atrocious editing, and yes awkward groupings of people are what we have to deal with in gay porn.

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