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STR8Cam — I want to suck his briefs

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

This is why I can’t workout at home. I’d go online to get some tips on exploding my arms and end up on STR8Cam, beating off to Jeff isolating his giant biceps, sweating through and pissing on his briefs, then shooting his sticky, hot load. I wouldn’t have any energy left for my own workout… unless whacking it counts as cardio. < Get Dirty >

Stallion Men — BIG beef from around the globe

Monday, October 8th, 2018

Hung black muscle makes me beg

StallionMen, huh? Sounds an awful lot like a certain house of raging horses might have been an influence in the name choice. But who am I to complain when this stable also is loaded with built, cocky guys who make me hard. More of an international group, more of a str8 flavor.

When it comes to muscle worship, as long as he’s big and domineering enough, I’ll gladly bend over and be his footstool, urinal or whatever. For example, Panther Rain is almost too friendly in the face, but his amazing physique and monster tool cum into play. I think I’ll reserve my final judgment until after the taste test.

[Website closed.]

STR8 Cam — Getting me off since 2002

Monday, September 24th, 2018

I'd love to be underneath THAT

I’ve been watching Jeff on STR8Cam for years. He had the idea to get off on his webcam, just to be an exhibitionist and make money while he’s doing it, long before all those big names tried to do it and did it poorly. In fact, STR8Cam is one of the only webcam sites I still visit, and there are good reasons why Jeff’s been around for so long. One is that he’s polite. Another is that he’s a hot fucking stud with an incredible physique and a horny, sexy, kid-in-a-candy-store charm.

Ever since that amazing cumshot (included above), I’ve checked in on Jeff from time to time. With his huge catalog of content, you too can watch his body transform over the years both in size and hairiness, or interact with him live and watch him take direction during one of his alluring webcam shows. You won’t be disappointed. < Get Dirty >

Cody Cummings — Cody’s Cummings

Saturday, September 15th, 2018

Does this guy use tanning oil for lube?

I don’t care what people say. Egomaniac Cody Cummings deserves his ego. He’s got a ruggedly handsome face, a killer body and a giant cock. So what if he won’t fuck guys and refuses to let anyone near his asshole. Cody getting a gay blow or even just beating his monster meat is enough to get me leaking. And if you get off on straight guys in (gay/bi/straight) action, he’s definitely worth your nickel. Stroke on, Cody. I’ll be right there alongside you. < Get Dirty >

Wrestle Hard — Julian Vincenzo v Renato Belaggio

Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

NO ONE sasses Julian Vincenzo

Perhaps you’ve seen him in one of the 30+ adult films he’s made, or maybe you just caught him on once. Either way, this swarthy, 6′ 3″ Hungarian is bound to make you bend over when you watch him get into the wrestling ring. His That-Feels-Good faces may be predictable, but he’s hardly a turn-off. Listen to the power in his voice as he dominates Renato and you’ll know one of the reasons he won “Best Top” in the 2008 European Gay Porn Awards.

Dirty Boy Video — Gay Dares for Straight Guys

Sunday, September 9th, 2018

I DARE you to do it!

Step one: Invite your buddy over to watch porn.
Step two: Convince him to jack off with you in front of a camera to make some money.
Step three: Joke with him about “it feels weird to be doing this.”
Step four: Furiously stroke each other.
Step five: Choke on his dick until you puke.
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Monday, August 13th, 2018

Hunky stud kicking back out of his flip flops and into his big bare feet.
Hunky stud kicked back on the couch with his big bare feet exposed.

My Friend’s Feet
Featuring Ray

Sometimes a cute boy or handsome man catches your eye and your neck just snaps to look…

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